Cameroon - Elite One


AS Fortuna


Eding Sport FC

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Date Wednesday 13th June 2018
Time 14:30 CEST
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AS FortunaEding Sport FC
DRAW in last 1 Elite One's games.WON in last 1 Elite One's games.
NOT WON in last 2 Elite One's games.NOT LOST in last 2 Elite One's games.

13.League position8.
  8pts.Last five games  7pts.
  8pts.last 5 home/away only  7pts.


under 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:1
»Head to Head matches
13th Jun 18 Cameroon - Elite OneAS Fortuna : Eding Sport FC 0:2
18th Mar 18 Cameroon - Elite OneEding Sport FC : AS Fortuna 3:0
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Eding Sport FC
Cameroon - Elite One 2018
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03.4.Coton Sport1:1Eding Sport FCMore details about Coton Sport-Eding Sport FC game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Coton Sport341912359:2469
2UMS de Loum341413725:1655
4New Stars341471329:3149
5Fovu Club341391230:3248
6Young Sports Academy341017720:1547
7Union Douala3411131035:3446
8Eding Sport FC3411131037:3546
12APEJES FC3411111243:4244
13AS Fortuna341191436:4142
14Les Astres3410121231:2942
15Stade Renard3410121227:2942
17Aigle Royal34881826:4232
18Yafoot 234682017:4626
 relegation relegation  

1Coton Sport17124139:1140
2New Stars17105219:1135
4Eding Sport FC1794424:1631
5UMS de Loum1778210:329
6Young Sports Academy1778213:829
7Stade Renard1777316:728
10Fovu Club1769217:1127
11Union Douala1775518:1826
14Les Astres1766517:1324
15APEJES FC1765626:2423
16Aigle Royal1765613:1423
17AS Fortuna1755720:2220
18Yafoot 21754811:2019
1Coton Sport1778220:1329
2UMS de Loum1775515:1326
4AS Fortuna1764716:1922
6APEJES FC1756617:1821
7Fovu Club17701013:2121
8Union Douala1748517:1620
9Young Sports Academy173957:718
10Les Astres1746714:1618
13Eding Sport FC1729613:1915
14Stade Renard1735911:2214
15New Stars17421110:2014
17Aigle Royal17231213:289
18Yafoot 21714126:267

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
2Coton Sport531112:210
4AS Fortuna522111:68
5UMS de Loum52213:28
6New Stars52219:88
8Les Astres52217:38
9Eding Sport FC52125:47
10Union Douala51406:57
12Stade Renard51226:85
13APEJES FC51223:55
14Young Sports Academy50411:24
15Fovu Club51133:74
16Yafoot 251043:113
18Aigle Royal50233:92

1Coton Sport550018:215
5Les Astres53115:210
6AS Fortuna522112:88
8Stade Renard52216:38
9Aigle Royal52214:48
10Eding Sport FC52127:67
11UMS de Loum51401:07
12APEJES FC52129:87
13Fovu Club51402:17
14Yafoot 252035:66
15New Stars51316:66
17Union Douala51315:56
18Young Sports Academy51224:55
2Eding Sport FC52124:47
3UMS de Loum52124:67
4APEJES FC51403:27
5New Stars52125:57
6Fovu Club52035:86
7Les Astres51315:36
9Young Sports Academy50500:05
10Union Douala51225:55
11Coton Sport51224:65
12AS Fortuna51136:84
15Stade Renard50233:102
17Aigle Royal50144:111
18Yafoot 250051:130

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