Austria - Regionalliga East


ASK Ebreichsdorf


Admira Moedling (A)




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Date Friday 25th May 2018
Time 19:30 CEST
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ASK EbreichsdorfAdmira Moedling (A)
LOST in last 1 Regionalliga East's games.WON in last 1 Regionalliga East's games.
NOT WON in last 2 Regionalliga East's games.NOT DRAW in last 5 Regionalliga East's games.

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2.League position12.
  7pts.Last five games  6pts.
  12pts.last 5 home/away only  7pts.

10 on ASK Ebreichsdorf

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 3:0
»Head to Head matches
27th Mar 20 Austria - Regionalliga EastASK Ebreichsdorf : Admira Moedling (A) 0:0
08th Sep 19 Austria - Regionalliga EastAdmira Moedling (A) : ASK Ebreichsdorf 2:2
05th May 19 Austria - Regionalliga EastAdmira Moedling (A) : ASK Ebreichsdorf 0:4
07th Oct 18 Austria - Regionalliga EastASK Ebreichsdorf : Admira Moedling (A) 2:0
25th May 18 Austria - Regionalliga EastASK Ebreichsdorf : Admira Moedling (A) 2:3
11th Nov 17 Austria - Regionalliga EastAdmira Moedling (A) : ASK Ebreichsdorf 0:0
»Latest games
ASK Ebreichsdorf
Austria - Regionalliga East 2019/2020
06.3.Wiener SK1:2ASK Ebreichsdorf
28.2.ASK Ebreichsdorf0:0SC Team Wiener Linien
15.11.ASK-BSC Bruck/Leitha1:0ASK Ebreichsdorf
08.11.ASK Ebreichsdorf1:0SV Leobendorf
02.11.Wiener Neustadt1:0ASK Ebreichsdorf
Austria - Cup 2019/2020
30.10.ASK Ebreichsdorf0:5Salzburg
Austria - Regionalliga East 2019/2020
25.10.ASK Ebreichsdorf1:1FC Mauerwerk
18.10.ASV Drassburg0:0ASK Ebreichsdorf
11.10.ASK Ebreichsdorf0:0FC Marchfeld Donauauen
04.10.Rapid Wien (A)0:0ASK Ebreichsdorf
28.9.ASK Ebreichsdorf6:1SC Wiener Viktoria
Austria - Cup 2019/2020
24.9.ASK Ebreichsdorf2:1Admira Moedling
Austria - Regionalliga East 2019/2020
20.9.SC Neusiedl am See 19190:3ASK Ebreichsdorf
13.9.ASK Ebreichsdorf3:1FCM Traiskirchen
08.9.Admira Moedling (A)2:2ASK Ebreichsdorf
30.8.ASK Ebreichsdorf2:2Mattersburg (A)
24.8.SV Stripfing0:1ASK Ebreichsdorf
16.8.ASK Ebreichsdorf3:1Wiener SK
09.8.SC Team Wiener Linien0:2ASK Ebreichsdorf
02.8.ASK Ebreichsdorf2:0ASK-BSC Bruck/Leitha
Admira Moedling (A)
Austria - Regionalliga East 2019/2020
08.3.Admira Moedling (A)1:2ASV Drassburg
29.2.FC Marchfeld Donauauen1:1Admira Moedling (A)
15.11.Admira Moedling (A)1:1Rapid Wien (A)
10.11.Admira Moedling (A)1:3SC Wiener Viktoria
01.11.SC Neusiedl am See 19191:5Admira Moedling (A)
27.10.Admira Moedling (A)0:1FCM Traiskirchen
19.10.SV Leobendorf0:1Admira Moedling (A)
11.10.Mattersburg (A)2:1Admira Moedling (A)
06.10.Admira Moedling (A)0:0SV Stripfing
27.9.Wiener SK3:0Admira Moedling (A)
20.9.Admira Moedling (A)1:1SC Team Wiener Linien
13.9.ASK-BSC Bruck/Leitha4:2Admira Moedling (A)
08.9.Admira Moedling (A)2:2ASK Ebreichsdorf
31.8.Wiener Neustadt2:1Admira Moedling (A)
27.8.Rapid Wien (A)2:1Admira Moedling (A)
23.8.Admira Moedling (A)2:1FC Mauerwerk
16.8.ASV Drassburg1:0Admira Moedling (A)
11.8.Admira Moedling (A)0:1FC Marchfeld Donauauen
07.6.Rapid Wien (A)1:1Admira Moedling (A)
30.5.Admira Moedling (A)3:1Schwechat
24.5.FC Marchfeld Donauauen5:1Admira Moedling (A)
19.5.Admira Moedling (A)4:0SKN St. Poelten (A)
10.5.Parndorf1:1Admira Moedling (A)
05.5.Admira Moedling (A)0:4ASK Ebreichsdorf


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1SV Horn30205561:2565
2ASK Ebreichsdorf30195657:2662
4Austria Wien (A)30176759:3657
5FC Mauerwerk30175861:4456
6Rapid Wien (A)301371056:4846
7FC Marchfeld Donauauen301210846:4446
8FCM Traiskirchen301251336:4641
9ASK-BSC Bruck/Leitha301161347:5539
10FC Stadlau301051534:4035
11SC Neusiedl am See 191930951638:5832
12Admira Moedling (A)30871542:5131
13First Vienna FC1738622:2517
14SKN St. Poelten (A)30771636:5128
15Wiener SK30771639:6228
 promotion promotion   relegation relegation  

1SV Horn15131138:940
3ASK Ebreichsdorf15101430:1531
4FC Mauerwerk1584324:1228
5Austria Wien (A)1584335:1928
6FCM Traiskirchen1583422:1627
7ASK-BSC Bruck/Leitha1565424:1923
8FC Marchfeld Donauauen1564525:2522
9SKN St. Poelten (A)1563621:2021
10Rapid Wien (A)1563630:2621
11Admira Moedling (A)1562725:2220
13FC Stadlau1553720:2118
14SC Neusiedl am See 19191553722:3118
15Wiener SK1544721:3416
17First Vienna FC733112:612
1ASK Ebreichsdorf1594227:1131
2Austria Wien (A)1592424:1729
3FC Mauerwerk1591537:3228
5SV Horn1574423:1625
6Rapid Wien (A)1574426:2225
7FC Marchfeld Donauauen1566321:1924
8FC Stadlau1552814:1917
9ASK-BSC Bruck/Leitha1551923:3616
10FCM Traiskirchen1542914:3014
11SC Neusiedl am See 19191542916:2714
12Wiener SK1533918:2812
14Admira Moedling (A)1525817:2911
15SKN St. Poelten (A)15141015:317
17First Vienna FC1005510:195

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1FC Mauerwerk540111:912
3Wiener SK532013:811
4Austria Wien (A)531111:410
5SV Horn531112:810
6ASK Ebreichsdorf521210:87
7FC Stadlau52126:57
9FC Marchfeld Donauauen51318:106
10Admira Moedling (A)52038:116
11SKN St. Poelten (A)51228:95
12Rapid Wien (A)51226:95
13FCM Traiskirchen51135:124
14SC Neusiedl am See 1919511311:154
15ASK-BSC Bruck/Leitha50234:152
17First Vienna FC00000:00

1FC Mauerwerk541010:113
2SV Horn541011:413
3ASK Ebreichsdorf540114:612
5Austria Wien (A)531115:310
6FC Stadlau53119:410
7FC Marchfeld Donauauen52128:97
8SC Neusiedl am See 1919521211:127
10Rapid Wien (A)521212:77
11Admira Moedling (A)52037:96
12ASK-BSC Bruck/Leitha51226:85
14Wiener SK512210:145
15FCM Traiskirchen51135:64
16SKN St. Poelten (A)51137:114
17First Vienna FC00000:00
1FC Mauerwerk540115:1212
2ASK Ebreichsdorf53118:510
3Austria Wien (A)53117:510
5SV Horn530211:79
6FC Stadlau52214:38
7Admira Moedling (A)52128:87
8Wiener SK52129:107
9Rapid Wien (A)52127:97
10FC Marchfeld Donauauen51316:86
11FCM Traiskirchen51136:154
12ASK-BSC Bruck/Leitha51046:173
13SKN St. Poelten (A)50236:102
14SC Neusiedl am See 191950144:111
17First Vienna FC00000:00

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