RM Hamm Benfica

List of leagues and cups where team RM Hamm Benfica plays this season.
 LuxembourgNational Division 2017/2018108612

Year-to-date games

Luxembourg - National Division 2017/2018
19.5. 2018RM Hamm Benfica2:0Union Titus Petange
13.5. 2018Una Strassen6:0RM Hamm Benfica
06.5. 2018RM Hamm Benfica2:5CS Fola Esch
28.4. 2018Racing FC Union Luxembourg1:0RM Hamm Benfica
22.4. 2018RM Hamm Benfica1:2FC Progres Niedercorn
15.4. 2018FC Victoria Rosport1:1RM Hamm Benfica
11.4. 2018F91 Dudelange4:0RM Hamm Benfica
08.4. 2018RM Hamm Benfica2:0FC Rodange 91
31.3. 2018US Hostert3:1RM Hamm Benfica
18.3. 2018AS Jeunesse Esch3:0RM Hamm Benfica
14.3. 2018RM Hamm Benfica0:1FC Differdange 03
11.3. 2018RM Hamm Benfica0:0US Mondorf les Bains
07.3. 2018Union Esch FC2:3RM Hamm Benfica
18.2. 2018RM Hamm Benfica0:3Racing FC Union Luxembourg
26.11. 2017RM Hamm Benfica1:1Una Strassen
19.11. 2017CS Fola Esch2:1RM Hamm Benfica
04.11. 2017FC Progres Niedercorn1:3RM Hamm Benfica
22.10. 2017RM Hamm Benfica1:2FC Victoria Rosport
14.10. 2017FC Rodange 912:2RM Hamm Benfica
01.10. 2017RM Hamm Benfica2:0US Hostert
15.9. 2017RM Hamm Benfica2:1AS Jeunesse Esch
10.9. 2017US Mondorf les Bains1:1RM Hamm Benfica
24.8. 2017RM Hamm Benfica1:3F91 Dudelange
18.8. 2017FC Differdange 030:0RM Hamm Benfica
13.8. 2017RM Hamm Benfica3:1Union Esch FC
06.8. 2017Union Titus Petange0:1RM Hamm Benfica

Year-to-date performance

Draws: 6
Loses: 12
Score: 30:45

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