Shanghai Greenland Shenhua

List of leagues and cups where team Shanghai Greenland Shenhua plays this season.
 ChinaSuper League 20156957
 ChinaSuper League 2014981111
 InternationalLeague for Various/Mixed Matches 2015

Year-to-date games

China - Super League 2015
27.7. 2015Shanghai Greenland Shenhua1:0Henan Jianye
19.7. 2015Chongqing Lifan0:2Shanghai Greenland Shenhua
15.7. 2015Shanghai Greenland Shenhua3:1Beijing Guoan
11.7. 2015Tianjin Teda1:1Shanghai Greenland Shenhua
International - League for Various/Mixed Matches 2015
08.7. 2015Qingdao Jonoon0:3Shanghai Greenland Shenhua
China - Super League 2015
04.7. 2015Shanghai Greenland Shenhua1:0Guangzhou R&F F.C.
28.6. 2015Shanghai Shenxin1:1Shanghai Greenland Shenhua
24.6. 2015Jiangsu Guoxin-Sainty3:2Shanghai Greenland Shenhua
20.6. 2015Shanghai Greenland Shenhua3:1Liaoning Hongyun
03.6. 2015Changchun Yatai3:1Shanghai Greenland Shenhua
30.5. 2015Shanghai Greenland Shenhua0:0Shijiazhuang Ever Bright
23.5. 2015Shandong Luneng2:0Shanghai Greenland Shenhua
17.5. 2015Shanghai Greenland Shenhua1:1Guizhou Renhe
09.5. 2015Shanghai East Asia FC5:0Shanghai Greenland Shenhua
01.5. 2015Shanghai Greenland Shenhua0:3Guangzhou Evergrande
25.4. 2015Shanghai Greenland Shenhua2:0Hangzhou Greentown
19.4. 2015Henan Jianye2:1Shanghai Greenland Shenhua
11.4. 2015Shanghai Greenland Shenhua2:2Chongqing Lifan
03.4. 2015Beijing Guoan2:0Shanghai Greenland Shenhua
22.3. 2015Shanghai Greenland Shenhua1:0Tianjin Teda
13.3. 2015Guangzhou R&F F.C.0:1Shanghai Greenland Shenhua
08.3. 2015Shanghai Greenland Shenhua6:2Shanghai Shenxin
02.11. 2014Liaoning Hongyun1:1Shanghai Greenland Shenhua
26.10. 2014Shanghai Greenland Shenhua2:5Tianjin Teda
18.10. 2014Jiangsu Guoxin-Sainty1:1Shanghai Greenland Shenhua
04.10. 2014Shanghai Greenland Shenhua2:1Harbin Yiteng
27.9. 2014Shandong Luneng2:0Shanghai Greenland Shenhua
20.9. 2014Shanghai Greenland Shenhua1:0Guizhou Renhe
14.9. 2014Guangzhou R&F F.C.4:0Shanghai Greenland Shenhua
31.8. 2014Shanghai Greenland Shenhua1:1Shanghai East Asia FC
17.8. 2014Dalian Aerbin0:1Shanghai Greenland Shenhua
14.8. 2014Shanghai Greenland Shenhua2:3Changchun Yatai
10.8. 2014Henan Jianye2:2Shanghai Greenland Shenhua

Year-to-date performance

Draws: 9
Loses: 11
Score: 45:49

Upcoming matches

China - Super League 2015
11.8. 2015Hangzhou Greentown:Shanghai Greenland Shenhua
15.8. 2015Guangzhou Evergrande:Shanghai Greenland Shenhua
23.8. 2015Shanghai Greenland Shenhua:Shanghai East Asia FC
12.9. 2015Guizhou Renhe:Shanghai Greenland Shenhua
20.9. 2015Shanghai Greenland Shenhua:Shandong Luneng
26.9. 2015Shijiazhuang Ever Bright:Shanghai Greenland Shenhua
18.10. 2015Shanghai Greenland Shenhua:Changchun Yatai
25.10. 2015Liaoning Hongyun:Shanghai Greenland Shenhua
31.10. 2015Shanghai Greenland Shenhua:Jiangsu Guoxin-Sainty