England U17

List of leagues and cups where team England U17 plays this season.
 InternationalEURO U17 Final 2017
 InternationalEURO U17 Semi Finals 2017
 InternationalEURO U17 Quarter Finals 2017
 InternationalEURO U17 Grp. D 20171300
 InternationalEURO U17 Qualification Elite Round Grp. 7 2016/20171300
 InternationalWorld Cup U17 Final Stage 2017
 InternationalWorld Cup U17 Grp. F 20171300

Year-to-date games

International - World Cup U17 Final Stage 2017
28.10. 2017England U175:2Spain U17
25.10. 2017Brazil U171:3England U17
21.10. 2017USA U171:4England U17
17.10. 2017England U175:3Japan U17
14.10. 2017England U174:0Iraq U17
11.10. 2017England U173:2Mexico U17
08.10. 2017Chile U170:4England U17
International - EURO U17 Final 2017
19.5. 2017Spain U176:3England U17
16.5. 2017Turkey U171:2England U17
13.5. 2017England U171:0Ireland U17
10.5. 2017England U173:0Netherlands U17
07.5. 2017England U174:0Ukraine U17
04.5. 2017Norway U171:3England U17
28.3. 2017Bosnia and Herzegovina U170:1England U17
25.3. 2017England U174:0Slovenia U17
23.3. 2017England U175:3Czech Republic U17

Year-to-date performance

Draws: 0
Loses: 1
Score: 54:20

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