Al Ahly Shendi

List of leagues and cups where team Al Ahly Shendi plays this season.
 InternationalKagame Inter-Club Cup final stage 2015
 SudanPremier League 201631236
 SudanPremier League 201531585

Year-to-date games

Sudan - Premier League 2016
29.7. 2016Merreikh Nyala2:2Al Ahly Shendi
23.7. 2016Al-Ahli1:2Al Ahly Shendi
19.7. 2016Al Ahly Shendi0:1Al-Hilal Kaduqli
15.7. 2016Al Ahly Shendi2:0Hilal Obayed
15.6. 2016Al Ahly Shendi0:2Al-Merreikh
10.5. 2016El-Ahli Atbara0:2Al Ahly Shendi
06.5. 2016Al-Amal2:1Al Ahly Shendi
02.5. 2016Al Ahly Shendi1:1Al Khartoum Al Watani
29.4. 2016Ahli Al Khartoum1:3Al Ahly Shendi
26.4. 2016Al Ahly Shendi1:1Merreikh El-Fasher
24.4. 2016Al Ahly Shendi2:0Hilal Al-Fasher
04.4. 2016Al-Nil0:3Al Ahly Shendi
01.4. 2016Al Ahly Shendi6:0El Nsoor
01.3. 2016Al Ahly Shendi4:0Al Amir
25.2. 2016Al-Rabta Kosti1:2Al Ahly Shendi
20.2. 2016Merikh Kosti4:2Al Ahly Shendi
11.2. 2016Al Hilal Omdurman1:0Al Ahly Shendi
08.2. 2016Al Ahly Shendi1:0Merreikh Nyala
04.2. 2016Al Ahly Shendi2:1Al-Ahli
30.1. 2016Al-Hilal Kaduqli0:1Al Ahly Shendi
26.1. 2016Hilal Obayed2:0Al Ahly Shendi
21.10. 2015Al-Mergheni0:2Al Ahly Shendi
12.10. 2015Al-Merreikh4:1Al Ahly Shendi
06.10. 2015Hilal Obayed2:1Al Ahly Shendi
30.9. 2015Al Ahly Shendi4:2El Nsoor
22.9. 2015Al Ahly Shendi2:0Al-Ahli
31.8. 2015Al Ahly Shendi1:0Al-Hilal Kaduqli
25.8. 2015Al Khartoum Al Watani2:2Al Ahly Shendi
18.8. 2015Al Ahly Shendi3:2Al-Amal
15.8. 2015Al Ahly Shendi1:0Merreikh El-Fasher
10.8. 2015Hilal Al-Fasher0:2Al Ahly Shendi

Year-to-date performance

Draws: 4
Loses: 8
Score: 56:32

Upcoming matches

Sudan - Premier League 2016
02.8. 2016Al Ahly Shendi:Al Hilal Omdurman
10.8. 2016Al Ahly Shendi:Merikh Kosti
14.8. 2016Al Ahly Shendi:Al-Rabta Kosti
20.8. 2016Al Amir:Al Ahly Shendi