Tanjong Pagar United FC

List of leagues and cups where team Tanjong Pagar United FC plays this season.
 SingaporeS.League 2014104411
 SingaporeS.League 20136999
 SingaporeCup 2014
 SingaporeCup 2013
 SingaporeLeague Cup 2014
 SingaporeLeague Cup 2013

Year-to-date games

Singapore - S.League 2014
30.7. 2014Tanjong Pagar United FC1:2Home United FC
Singapore - League Cup 2014
25.7. 2014Tanjong Pagar United FC0:2Brunei DPMM
21.7. 2014Tanjong Pagar United FC4:2Hougang United FC
18.7. 2014Tanjong Pagar United FC1:0Warriors FC
Singapore - Cup 2014
01.7. 2014Tanjong Pagar United FC1:4Tampines Rovers FC
27.6. 2014Tampines Rovers FC4:2Tanjong Pagar United FC
Singapore - S.League 2014
23.6. 2014Warriors FC4:1Tanjong Pagar United FC
18.6. 2014Tanjong Pagar United FC1:2Albirex Niigata FC
12.6. 2014Tanjong Pagar United FC3:0Courts Young Lions
07.6. 2014Woodlands Wellington FC0:2Tanjong Pagar United FC
04.6. 2014Tanjong Pagar United FC0:3Balestier Khalsa FC
Singapore - Cup 2014
26.5. 2014Tanjong Pagar United FC1:0Hougang United FC
Singapore - S.League 2014
21.5. 2014Hougang United FC1:1Tanjong Pagar United FC
16.5. 2014Tanjong Pagar United FC1:2Harimau Muda B
09.5. 2014Brunei DPMM4:0Tanjong Pagar United FC
01.5. 2014Geylang International FC1:1Tanjong Pagar United FC
25.4. 2014Tanjong Pagar United FC1:1Tampines Rovers FC
17.4. 2014Home United FC4:0Tanjong Pagar United FC
10.4. 2014Tanjong Pagar United FC1:1Warriors FC
04.4. 2014Albirex Niigata FC2:1Tanjong Pagar United FC
26.3. 2014Courts Young Lions2:3Tanjong Pagar United FC
21.3. 2014Tanjong Pagar United FC0:1Woodlands Wellington FC
13.3. 2014Balestier Khalsa FC1:0Tanjong Pagar United FC
27.2. 2014Tanjong Pagar United FC1:2Hougang United FC
24.2. 2014Harimau Muda B1:2Tanjong Pagar United FC
Singapore - Cup 2013
08.11. 2013Home United FC4:1Tanjong Pagar United FC
Singapore - S.League 2013
04.11. 2013Tanjong Pagar United FC0:1Balestier Khalsa FC
30.10. 2013Tanjong Pagar United FC0:1Home United FC
26.10. 2013Tampines Rovers FC1:1Tanjong Pagar United FC
18.10. 2013Woodlands Wellington FC2:2Tanjong Pagar United FC
Singapore - Cup 2013
04.10. 2013Global F.C1:2Tanjong Pagar United FC
01.10. 2013Tanjong Pagar United FC2:2Global F.C
Singapore - S.League 2013
24.9. 2013Tanjong Pagar United FC0:2Albirex Niigata FC
20.9. 2013Tampines Rovers FC3:1Tanjong Pagar United FC
28.8. 2013Tanjong Pagar United FC1:1Geylang International FC
25.8. 2013Tanjong Pagar United FC0:1Courts Young Lions

Year-to-date performance

Draws: 8
Loses: 20
Score: 39:65

Upcoming matches

Singapore - S.League 2014
22.8. 2014Tampines Rovers FC:Tanjong Pagar United FC
25.8. 2014Tanjong Pagar United FC:Geylang International FC
30.8. 2014Tanjong Pagar United FC:Brunei DPMM