Thagafi Tulkarm

List of leagues and cups where team Thagafi Tulkarm plays this season.
 PalestineWest Bank Premier League 2015/20165796

Year-to-date games

Palestine - West Bank Premier League 2015/2016
14.5. 2016Shabab Althahrea0:3Thagafi Tulkarm
07.5. 2016Thagafi Tulkarm0:0Hilal AL Quds
19.4. 2016Ahli Alkhaleel3:1Thagafi Tulkarm
15.4. 2016Shabab Al Khader6:3Thagafi Tulkarm
08.4. 2016Thagafi Tulkarm3:1Shabab Alsamu
01.4. 2016Shabab Al-Amaari0:3Thagafi Tulkarm
02.3. 2016Shabab Alkhaleel2:1Thagafi Tulkarm
26.2. 2016Thagafi Tulkarm0:0Shabab Dora
06.2. 2016Thagafi Tulkarm1:1Markz Balata
03.2. 2016Silwan0:0Thagafi Tulkarm
29.1. 2016Thagafi Tulkarm1:3Taraji Wade AL Nees

Year-to-date performance

Draws: 4
Loses: 4
Score: 16:16