Central Cordoba

List of leagues and cups where team Central Cordoba plays this season.
 ArgentinaFederal A Torneo de Transiciоn Zona 3 2014/20152000
 ArgentinaArgentino A 3rd stage 2013/2014
 ArgentinaArgentino A Relegation Group B 2013/20141431
 ArgentinaArgentino A Zona Norte 2013/20145877

Year-to-date games

Argentina - Argentino A 3rd stage 2013/2014
10.5. 2014Juventud Unida Universitario1:0Central Cordoba
04.5. 2014Central Cordoba0:2Juventud Unida Universitario
27.4. 2014CD Libertad0:0Central Cordoba
23.4. 2014Central Cordoba5:1Racing Olavarría
19.4. 2014Gimnasia y Esgrima de Concepción2:0Central Cordoba
13.4. 2014Central Cordoba2:0Club Atletico Alvarado
05.4. 2014Central Cordoba1:1CD Libertad
30.3. 2014Racing Olavarría0:1Central Cordoba
27.3. 2014Central Cordoba1:0Gimnasia y Esgrima de Concepción
22.3. 2014Club Atletico Alvarado2:2Central Cordoba
09.3. 2014Deportivo San Jorge Tucuman3:2Central Cordoba
02.3. 2014Central Cordoba2:2CA Chaco For Ever
23.2. 2014CD Libertad0:1Central Cordoba
17.2. 2014Central Cordoba2:0Juventud Antoniana
09.2. 2014Gimnasia y Tiro3:0Central Cordoba
09.12. 2013Central Cordoba0:0Tiro Federal
01.12. 2013San Martin de Tucuman1:1Central Cordoba
25.11. 2013Central Cordoba4:0Guarani Antonio Franco
17.11. 2013Juv.Unida Gualeguaychu2:1Central Cordoba
10.11. 2013Central Cordoba1:0Central Norte
03.11. 2013Central Cordoba1:0Gimnasia y Esgrima de Concepción
30.10. 2013Central Cordoba1:1Deportivo San Jorge Tucuman
19.10. 2013CA Chaco For Ever1:0Central Cordoba
13.10. 2013Central Cordoba1:3CD Libertad
05.10. 2013Juventud Antoniana0:0Central Cordoba
29.9. 2013Central Cordoba1:0Gimnasia y Tiro
22.9. 2013Tiro Federal2:2Central Cordoba
15.9. 2013Central Cordoba0:0San Martin de Tucuman
08.9. 2013Guarani Antonio Franco4:1Central Cordoba
01.9. 2013Central Cordoba1:0Juv.Unida Gualeguaychu
25.8. 2013Central Norte0:1Central Cordoba

Year-to-date performance

Draws: 10
Loses: 9
Score: 35:31

Upcoming matches

Argentina - Federal A Torneo de Transiciоn Zona 3 2014/2015
24.8. 2014Altos Hornos Zapla:Central Cordoba
31.8. 2014Central Cordoba:Juventud Antoniana
07.9. 2014Club Atletico Mitre:Central Cordoba
14.9. 2014Central Cordoba:Deportivo San Jorge Tucuman
20.9. 2014Union Aconquija:Central Cordoba
24.9. 2014Central Cordoba:Gimnasia y Tiro
28.9. 2014Central Cordoba:San Martin de Tucuman
05.10. 2014Central Cordoba:Altos Hornos Zapla
11.10. 2014Juventud Antoniana:Central Cordoba
15.10. 2014Central Cordoba:Club Atletico Mitre
19.10. 2014Deportivo San Jorge Tucuman:Central Cordoba
26.10. 2014Central Cordoba:Union Aconquija
02.11. 2014Gimnasia y Tiro:Central Cordoba
09.11. 2014San Martin de Tucuman:Central Cordoba