US Le Pontet

List of leagues and cups where team US Le Pontet plays this season.
 FranceCFA Grp. D 2016/2017165916

Year-to-date games

France - CFA Grp. D 2016/2017
20.5. 2017US Le Pontet2:4Marignane
13.5. 2017Montpellier B2:1US Le Pontet
29.4. 2017US Le Pontet0:2Etoile Frejus Saint-Raphael
22.4. 2017US Le Pontet2:0Stade Montois
15.4. 2017Rodez1:0US Le Pontet
08.4. 2017US Le Pontet1:1ES Paulhan Pezenas
25.3. 2017Hyeres3:2US Le Pontet
18.3. 2017US Le Pontet0:1Martigues
11.3. 2017Monaco B2:1US Le Pontet
04.3. 2017US Le Pontet0:0Marseille B
18.2. 2017Nice B1:0US Le Pontet
11.2. 2017US Le Pontet0:0Sete
04.2. 2017Tarbes2:2US Le Pontet
21.1. 2017US Le Pontet1:2US Colomiers
14.1. 2017SC Toulon3:0US Le Pontet
07.1. 2017US Le Pontet1:0Rodez
21.12. 2016US Le Pontet1:1Montpellier B
17.12. 2016Etoile Frejus Saint-Raphael3:2US Le Pontet
10.12. 2016Stade Montois1:1US Le Pontet
19.11. 2016ES Paulhan Pezenas0:1US Le Pontet
05.11. 2016US Le Pontet1:1Hyeres
29.10. 2016Martigues0:1US Le Pontet

Year-to-date performance

Draws: 7
Loses: 11
Score: 20:30