FC Koebenhavn Reserves

List of leagues and cups where team FC Koebenhavn Reserves plays this season.
 DenmarkReserve League Second Stage group 1 2015/20161000
 DenmarkReserve League First stage grp. 1 2015/20163404
 DenmarkReserve League Second Stage Championship Playoff 2014/20154325

Year-to-date games

Denmark - Reserve League First stage grp. 1 2015/2016
30.11. 2015FC Koebenhavn Reserves3:2FC Nordsjaelland Reserves
17.11. 2015Broendby Reserves1:0FC Koebenhavn Reserves
05.10. 2015Lyngby Reserves2:0FC Koebenhavn Reserves
28.9. 2015FC Vestsjaelland Reserves0:3FC Koebenhavn Reserves
08.9. 2015FC Koebenhavn Reserves3:0FC Vestsjaelland Reserves
31.8. 2015FC Nordsjaelland Reserves2:1FC Koebenhavn Reserves
10.8. 2015FC Koebenhavn Reserves0:2Broendby Reserves
03.8. 2015FC Koebenhavn Reserves2:0Lyngby Reserves
01.6. 2015FC Midtjylland Reserves4:0FC Koebenhavn Reserves
26.5. 2015FC Nordsjaelland Reserves2:2FC Koebenhavn Reserves
05.5. 2015Randers FC Reserves0:1FC Koebenhavn Reserves
20.4. 2015FC Koebenhavn Reserves3:0AaB Reserves
07.4. 2015Silkeborg Reserves2:0FC Koebenhavn Reserves
23.3. 2015FC Koebenhavn Reserves0:0FC Midtjylland Reserves
17.3. 2015AaB Reserves1:0FC Koebenhavn Reserves
09.3. 2015FC Koebenhavn Reserves1:2FC Nordsjaelland Reserves
23.2. 2015FC Koebenhavn Reserves2:0Silkeborg Reserves
16.2. 2015FC Koebenhavn Reserves0:1Randers FC Reserves

Year-to-date performance

Draws: 2
Loses: 9
Score: 21:21

Upcoming matches

Denmark - Reserve League Second Stage group 1 2015/2016
22.2. 2016FC Koebenhavn Reserves:Vejle Boldklub Reserves
07.3. 2016FC Koebenhavn Reserves:Lyngby Reserves
21.3. 2016FC Koebenhavn Reserves:SoenderjyskE Reserves
11.4. 2016SoenderjyskE Reserves:FC Koebenhavn Reserves
25.4. 2016Vejle Boldklub Reserves:FC Koebenhavn Reserves
17.5. 2016Lyngby Reserves:FC Koebenhavn Reserves