Moto Club MA

List of leagues and cups where team Moto Club MA plays this season.
 BrazilSerie D grp. A2 20142340
 BrazilMaranhense 2nd group stage playoff 2014
 BrazilMaranhense 2nd group stage 20141401
 BrazilMaranhense 1st group stage playoff 2014
 BrazilMaranhense 1st Group Stage Group A 20141301

Year-to-date games

Brazil - Serie D grp. A2 2014
14.9. 2014Interporto2:4Moto Club MA
06.9. 2014Guarany de Sobral0:1Moto Club MA
31.8. 2014Moto Club MA2:2River AC
10.8. 2014River AC0:0Moto Club MA
03.8. 2014Moto Club MA3:1Guarany de Sobral
27.7. 2014Moto Club MA2:2Interporto
20.7. 2014Remo1:1Moto Club MA
Brazil - Maranhense 2nd group stage playoff 2014
06.4. 2014Moto Club MA1:0Sampaio Correa
04.4. 2014Sampaio Correa2:0Moto Club MA
30.3. 2014Moto Club MA3:3Santa Quiteria
27.3. 2014Santa Quiteria1:4Moto Club MA
23.3. 2014Moto Club MA1:0Sampaio Correa
16.3. 2014Balsas EC1:4Moto Club MA
09.3. 2014Moto Club MA0:1Santa Quiteria
07.3. 2014Maranhao0:1Moto Club MA
27.2. 2014Moto Club MA3:1Bacabal
23.2. 2014Sampaio Correa2:2Moto Club MA
20.2. 2014Moto Club MA1:1Sampaio Correa
16.2. 2014Moto Club MA3:2Santa Quiteria
13.2. 2014Santa Quiteria1:0Moto Club MA
09.2. 2014Moto Club MA1:0EC Cordino
05.2. 2014Araioses4:0Moto Club MA
31.1. 2014Sao Jose MA0:5Moto Club MA
28.1. 2014Moto Club MA3:2Imperatriz

Year-to-date performance

Draws: 7
Loses: 4
Score: 45:29

Upcoming matches

Brazil - Serie D grp. A2 2014
21.9. 2014Moto Club MA:Remo