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El Tanque Sisley

List of leagues and cups where team El Tanque Sisley plays this season.
 UruguayPrimera Division Relegation Playoff 2017
 UruguayPrimera Division Clausura 201714375
 UruguayPrimera Division Intermedio 201716025
 UruguayPrimera Division Apertura 20179618

Year-to-date games

Uruguay - Primera Division Relegation Playoff 2017
09.12. 2017El Tanque Sisley3:2Sud America
03.12. 2017River Plate1:0El Tanque Sisley
26.11. 2017El Tanque Sisley1:1Plaza Colonia
23.11. 2017Danubio2:2El Tanque Sisley
18.11. 2017El Tanque Sisley2:2Juventud de las Piedras
15.11. 2017Sud America1:1El Tanque Sisley
12.11. 2017El Tanque Sisley0:2Defensor Sporting
09.11. 2017Rampla Juniors1:1El Tanque Sisley
05.11. 2017El Tanque Sisley1:1Fenix
15.10. 2017Nacional1:2El Tanque Sisley
08.10. 2017El Tanque Sisley1:1Montevideo Wanderers
18.9. 2017Boston River1:0El Tanque Sisley
12.9. 2017El Tanque Sisley0:3Liverpool FC
03.9. 2017El Tanque Sisley2:1Cerro
27.8. 2017Racing0:2El Tanque Sisley
20.8. 2017El Tanque Sisley0:4Club Atletico Penarol
08.7. 2017Fenix2:1El Tanque Sisley
02.7. 2017El Tanque Sisley1:2Rampla Juniors
25.6. 2017Boston River3:1El Tanque Sisley
18.6. 2017El Tanque Sisley1:2Club Atletico Penarol
10.6. 2017Liverpool FC2:0El Tanque Sisley
04.6. 2017El Tanque Sisley0:0Plaza Colonia
27.5. 2017Defensor Sporting2:2El Tanque Sisley
14.5. 2017El Tanque Sisley2:2River Plate
06.5. 2017Plaza Colonia1:0El Tanque Sisley
30.4. 2017El Tanque Sisley2:4Danubio
22.4. 2017Juventud de las Piedras3:0El Tanque Sisley
16.4. 2017El Tanque Sisley2:1Sud America
08.4. 2017Defensor Sporting3:0El Tanque Sisley
02.4. 2017El Tanque Sisley2:0Rampla Juniors
25.3. 2017Fenix2:1El Tanque Sisley
19.3. 2017El Tanque Sisley0:1Nacional
12.3. 2017Montevideo Wanderers1:2El Tanque Sisley
05.3. 2017El Tanque Sisley1:0Boston River
26.2. 2017Liverpool FC1:2El Tanque Sisley
19.2. 2017Cerro4:3El Tanque Sisley
11.2. 2017El Tanque Sisley3:2Racing
05.2. 2017Club Atletico Penarol4:0El Tanque Sisley

Year-to-date performance

Draws: 10
Loses: 18
Score: 44:66

Upcoming matches

Uruguay - Primera Division Relegation Playoff 2017
13.12. 2017Sud America:El Tanque Sisley

Legal Age   Adults only. Don't let gambling become a problem in your life. Check our responsible gambling page for more info.