Queens Park Rangers

List of leagues and cups where team Queens Park Rangers plays this season.
 GranadaPremier Division 20155927

Year-to-date games

Granada - Premier Division 2015
24.10. 2015Carib Hurricane2:0Queens Park Rangers
04.10. 2015Queens Park Rangers2:3Hard Rock
23.9. 2015Fontenoy United0:4Queens Park Rangers
20.9. 2015Boca Juniors3:1Queens Park Rangers
12.9. 2015Queens Park Rangers3:0Hampshire United
30.8. 2015Queens Park Rangers7:1Grenada Boys
22.8. 2015Queens Park Rangers4:1ASOMS Paradise
16.8. 2015St. John's1:1Queens Park Rangers
01.8. 2015Chantimelle2:0Queens Park Rangers
11.7. 2015Queens Park Rangers3:2Chantimelle
04.7. 2015Queens Park Rangers3:1Fontenoy United
28.6. 2015ASOMS Paradise3:0Queens Park Rangers
20.6. 2015Queens Park Rangers4:0St. John's
17.6. 2015Queens Park Rangers1:3Carib Hurricane
07.6. 2015Grenada Boys2:1Queens Park Rangers
03.6. 2015Queens Park Rangers1:1Boca Juniors
31.5. 2015Hampshire United1:2Queens Park Rangers

Year-to-date performance

Draws: 2
Loses: 7
Score: 37:26