Serbian White Eagles

List of leagues and cups where team Serbian White Eagles plays this season.
 CanadaCSL 20149456
 CanadaCSL final stage 2013
 CanadaCSL 201388212

Year-to-date games

Canada - CSL 2014
14.9. 2014Serbian White Eagles1:3Kingston FC
08.9. 2014SC Burlington0:0Serbian White Eagles
31.8. 2014Serbian White Eagles1:1York Region Shooters
24.8. 2014Serbian White Eagles1:1Astros Vasas FC
17.8. 2014Serbian White Eagles1:1Brampton United
03.8. 2014Toronto Croatia2:1Serbian White Eagles
28.7. 2014York Region Shooters1:0Serbian White Eagles
20.7. 2014Kingston FC0:1Serbian White Eagles
07.7. 2014SC Waterloo0:4Serbian White Eagles
29.6. 2014Serbian White Eagles1:2SC Waterloo
15.6. 2014Serbian White Eagles6:0SC Burlington
08.6. 2014Niagara United1:1Serbian White Eagles
01.6. 2014Serbian White Eagles1:2Toronto Croatia
25.5. 2014Astros Vasas FC0:2Serbian White Eagles
13.10. 2013Kingston FC2:1Serbian White Eagles
05.10. 2013Serbian White Eagles3:1Windsor Stars
03.10. 2013Serbian White Eagles1:0Toronto Croatia
28.9. 2013SC Burlington2:1Serbian White Eagles
26.9. 2013Serbian White Eagles1:2SC Waterloo
21.9. 2013Serbian White Eagles1:1Kingston FC
19.9. 2013Serbian White Eagles6:2SC Burlington

Year-to-date performance

Draws: 6
Loses: 8
Score: 35:24

Upcoming matches

Canada - CSL 2014
19.9. 2014London City:Serbian White Eagles
21.9. 2014Brampton United:Serbian White Eagles
28.9. 2014Serbian White Eagles:Niagara United
05.10. 2014Serbian White Eagles:London City