Pride of Gall Hill

List of leagues and cups where team Pride of Gall Hill plays this season.
 BarbadosPremier Division 20159117
 BarbadosPremier Division 201431134

Year-to-date games

Barbados - Premier Division 2015
12.4. 2015Pride of Gall Hill1:2Silver Sands Football Club
08.4. 2015BDF2:0Pride of Gall Hill
30.3. 2015Pride of Gall Hill4:0Brittons Hill
15.3. 2015Pride of Gall Hill0:0Paradise
13.3. 2015Pride of Gall Hill0:3UWI Blackbirds
01.3. 2015Pinelands2:0Pride of Gall Hill
23.2. 2015Weymouth Wales2:1Pride of Gall Hill
20.2. 2015Notre Dame3:0Pride of Gall Hill
09.2. 2015Rendezvous FC5:0Pride of Gall Hill
20.6. 2014Cosmos FC2:3Pride of Gall Hill
13.6. 2014Weymouth Wales1:0Pride of Gall Hill
08.6. 2014Pinelands2:4Pride of Gall Hill
26.5. 2014Paradise3:1Pride of Gall Hill
19.5. 2014Pride of Gall Hill1:2BDF
09.5. 2014Pride of Gall Hill2:0Dayrells Road
05.5. 2014Brittons Hill0:1Pride of Gall Hill
30.4. 2014Pride of Gall Hill2:2Notre Dame

Year-to-date performance

Draws: 2
Loses: 10
Score: 20:31

Upcoming matches

Barbados - Premier Division 2015
04.5. 2015Pride of Gall Hill:Notre Dame
11.5. 2015Pride of Gall Hill:Weymouth Wales
15.5. 2015Pride of Gall Hill:Rendezvous FC
05.6. 2015Paradise:Pride of Gall Hill
12.6. 2015Silver Sands Football Club:Pride of Gall Hill
17.6. 2015UWI Blackbirds:Pride of Gall Hill
22.6. 2015Brittons Hill:Pride of Gall Hill
28.6. 2015Pride of Gall Hill:BDF