Kaohsiung County Taipower

List of leagues and cups where team Kaohsiung County Taipower plays this season.
 InternationalAFC Cup Grp. I 20172000
 TaiwanNational League 201721952

Year-to-date games

Taiwan - National League 2017
16.10. 2017Taipei City Tatung2:1Kaohsiung County Taipower
14.10. 2017HangYuen/Fujen2:3Kaohsiung County Taipower
20.9. 2017Kaohsiung County Taipower11:0NSTC
16.9. 2017Kaohsiung County Taipower0:2Ming Chuan University
13.9. 2017Kaohsiung County Taipower3:1Taichung City Dragon
09.9. 2017Royal Blue0:3Kaohsiung County Taipower
18.6. 2017Taipei City Tatung2:2Kaohsiung County Taipower
16.6. 2017Kaohsiung County Taipower0:0HangYuen/Fujen
14.6. 2017Kaohsiung County Taipower5:1Ming Chuan University
22.5. 2017Kaohsiung County Taipower5:0Taichung City Dragon
20.5. 2017Kaohsiung County Taipower8:1HangYuen/Fujen
13.5. 2017Kaohsiung County Taipower1:0Taipei City Tatung
10.5. 2017Tainan City1:2Kaohsiung County Taipower
06.5. 2017Kaohsiung County Taipower2:0Ming Chuan University
03.5. 2017Kaohsiung County Taipower3:0NSTC
29.4. 2017Royal Blue0:4Kaohsiung County Taipower
26.4. 2017Tainan City0:1Kaohsiung County Taipower
22.4. 2017HangYuen/Fujen0:6Kaohsiung County Taipower
19.4. 2017NSTC1:1Kaohsiung County Taipower
15.4. 2017Taichung City Dragon1:1Kaohsiung County Taipower
08.4. 2017Royal Blue1:5Kaohsiung County Taipower
01.4. 2017Ming Chuan University0:4Kaohsiung County Taipower
18.1. 2017Kaohsiung County Taipower1:0NSTC
14.1. 2017Kaohsiung County Taipower2:1Taichung City Dragon
11.1. 2017Tainan City0:6Kaohsiung County Taipower
07.1. 2017Taipei City Tatung2:2Kaohsiung County Taipower

Year-to-date performance

Draws: 5
Loses: 2
Score: 82:18

Upcoming matches

Taiwan - National League 2017
29.10. 2017Royal Blue:Kaohsiung County Taipower
01.11. 2017Tainan City:Kaohsiung County Taipower