Wofoo Tai Po

List of leagues and cups where team Wofoo Tai Po plays this season.
 Hong KongFirst Division 2014/20159001

Year-to-date games

Hong Kong - First Division 2014/2015
12.9. 2014Kitchee4:1Wofoo Tai Po

Year-to-date performance

Draws: 0
Loses: 1
Score: 1:4

Upcoming matches

Hong Kong - First Division 2014/2015
21.9. 2014Biu Chun Rangers:Wofoo Tai Po
28.9. 2014Wofoo Tai Po:South China
04.10. 2014I-Sky Yuen Long:Wofoo Tai Po
19.10. 2014Wofoo Tai Po:Wong Tai Sin
22.11. 2014Wofoo Tai Po:Sun Pegasus FC
07.12. 2014Eastern Salon:Wofoo Tai Po
10.1. 2015Sun Pegasus FC:Wofoo Tai Po
24.1. 2015Wofoo Tai Po:Yokohama FC Hong Kong
07.2. 2015South China:Wofoo Tai Po
07.3. 2015Wofoo Tai Po:Eastern Salon
05.4. 2015Wofoo Tai Po:I-Sky Yuen Long
18.4. 2015Wong Tai Sin:Wofoo Tai Po
02.5. 2015Wofoo Tai Po:Kitchee
10.5. 2015Wofoo Tai Po:Biu Chun Rangers