Cercle Mberi Sportif

List of leagues and cups where team Cercle Mberi Sportif plays this season.
 GabonChampionnat National de D1 2014/201511114
 GabonChampionnat National de D1 2013/201461079

Year-to-date games

Gabon - Championnat National de D1 2014/2015
24.4. 2015Cercle Mberi Sportif0:1AS Pelican
18.4. 2015US Bitam2:0Cercle Mberi Sportif
15.4. 2015Cercle Mberi Sportif0:0Stade Migoveen de Lambarene
12.4. 2015Port-Gentil FC1:0Cercle Mberi Sportif
04.4. 2015Cercle Mberi Sportif0:2Missile FC
01.4. 2015O'Mbilanziami FC0:1Cercle Mberi Sportif
23.5. 2014Akanda FC3:1Cercle Mberi Sportif
18.5. 2014Cercle Mberi Sportif1:0Port-Gentil FC
15.5. 2014AS Pelican0:0Cercle Mberi Sportif
07.5. 2014Solidarite1:0Cercle Mberi Sportif
04.5. 2014Mangasport1:0Cercle Mberi Sportif
30.4. 2014Cercle Mberi Sportif1:1US Bitam
27.4. 2014Cercle Mberi Sportif2:2Ocean Club Nyanga

Year-to-date performance

Draws: 4
Loses: 7
Score: 6:14

Upcoming matches

Gabon - Championnat National de D1 2014/2015
28.4. 2015Akanda FC:Cercle Mberi Sportif
10.5. 2015Cercle Mberi Sportif:F Canon 105