Ethad All Ramtha

List of leagues and cups where team Ethad All Ramtha plays this season.
 JordanPremier League 2014/2015120616
 InternationalLeague for Various/Mixed Matches 2015

Year-to-date games

International - League for Various/Mixed Matches 2015
14.10. 2015Ethad All Ramtha1:2Mansheiat Bani Hasan
09.10. 2015Etehad ALzarqah0:2Ethad All Ramtha
02.10. 2015Ethad All Ramtha0:0Al Tora
Jordan - Premier League 2014/2015
06.5. 2015Ethad All Ramtha1:2Al-Baqa'a

Year-to-date performance

Draws: 1
Loses: 2
Score: 4:4