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Number of goals Leagues ordered by average number of goals.
Under Over 1.5 Leagues ordered by occurrence of games with more than two goals.
Under Over 2.5 Leagues ordered by occurrence of games with more than three goals.
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Soccer leagues ordered by under/over 2.5 goals occurrence.

Group 1Number of games with three or more goals in these leagues is extremely high.
Group 2Number of games with three or more goals is higher than average in these leagues.
Group 3Number of games with three or more goals is in average.
Group 4Number of games with three or more goals is lower in these leagues.
Group 5In these leagues number of games with three or more goals is very low.

 countryleagueGamesOver 2.5 goals%
2InternationalWorld Cup Qualification UEFA grp. 7232086.96
3AustraliaTasmania Victory League605185
4Norway3. Division avd. 11665684.85
5Norway3. Division avd. 10917784.62
8Norway3. Division avd. 9917481.32
9InternationalEURO U-21 qualification grp. 3161381.25
10NorwayOddsen-ligaen avd. 1846880.95
11Norway3. Division avd. 5877080.46
12TaiwanDivision A252080
13Norway3. Division avd. 2967679.17
14Norway3. Division avd. 1856778.82
15InternationalWorld Cup Qualification UEFA grp. 6231878.26
16Norway3. Division avd. 6846476.19
17Norway3. Division avd. 7927076.09
18Norway3. Division avd. 12654975.38
19InternationalEURO U-21 qualification grp. 7161275
20FinlandKakkonen Southern725475
21Norway3. Division avd. 4846273.81
22Norway3. Division avd. 8916773.63
23AustraliaVictorian Premier League One1178572.65
24Sweden2. Division Vaestra Goetaland1057672.38
25InternationalWorld Cup Qualification UEFA grp. 5241770.83
26Norway3. Division avd. 3966870.83
27InternationalEURO U-21 qualification grp. 10161168.75
28InternationalEURO U-21 qualification grp. 6161168.75
29Latvia1. Division1127768.75
30FinlandKakkonen Eastern765268.42
31NorwayOddsen-ligaen avd. 3916268.13
32GermanyOberliga Bayern South281967.86
35AustraliaNorthern New South Wales755066.67
36Sweden1. Division South916065.93
38InternationalWorld Cup Qualification UEFA grp. 3231565.22
40Sweden2. Division Norra Svealand986364.29
41Faroe IslandsEffodeildin754864
42NorwayOddsen-ligaen avd. 2915863.74
43AustraliaNew South Wales Premier League 21026563.73
44InternationalWorld Cup Qualification UEFA grp. 1221463.64
45FinlandKakkonen Western774963.64
47NorwayOddsen-ligaen avd. 4845363.1
50EstoniaPremium liiga1026462.75
51InternationalEURO U-21 qualification grp. 5161062.5
52InternationalEURO U-21 qualification grp. 2241562.5
53Sweden2. Division Soedra Svealand986162.24
54InternationalWorld Cup Qualification UEFA grp. 2231460.87
55Sweden2. Division Norrland985960.2
56InternationalEURO U-21 qualification grp. 815960
57GermanyRegionalliga Bayern301860
59Sweden2. Division Norra Goetaland995959.6
60SlovakiaFortuna Liga12758.33
61RussiaProfessional Football League Zone West241458.33
62AustraliaNew South Wales1086358.33
63Lithuania1. Division1046057.69
64VanuatuTVL Premier League563257.14
65Iceland1. Deild764356.58
67InternationalEURO U-21 qualification grp. 416956.25
69Sweden1. Division North915156.04
70GranadaPremier Division341955.88
71Kazakhstan1. Division1055855.24
72Norway1. Divisjon1277055.12
73InternationalWorld Cup Qualification UEFA grp. 4221254.55
74Sweden2. Division Oestra Goetaland975253.61
76FijiNational League341852.94
77IcelandPEPSI deildin723852.78
78Belarus1. Division1206352.5
79USAMajor League Soccer1829552.2
80KenyaFKF Girls Premier League12650
81InternationalEURO U-21 qualification grp. 916850
82USAUSL Pro League1326650
83IndonesiaSuper League First Round West834149.4
84IrelandAirtricity League1205949.17
85LithuaniaA Lyga964748.96
86MartiniqueDivision d´Honneur1828848.35
87IndonesiaSuper League First Round East834048.19
89InternationalEURO U-21 qualification grp. 1251248
90South KoreaK league924447.83
91ChinaSuper League1215747.11
92ThailandPremier League24911746.99
93BrazilSerie C grp. A351645.71
94South KoreaNational League703245.71
95USANASL Fall Season11545.45
96PeruPrimera División - Apertura663045.45
97JapanJ. League 31084945.37
98ChinaChina League1205445
99BrazilSerie B1235443.9
100JapanJ. League1446343.75
101JapanJ. League 224210342.56
102EcuadorSerie A - Apertura1205142.5
103PeruSegunda Division1044442.31
104FinlandKakkonen Nothern763242.11
105UzbekistanUzbek League913841.76
106ParaguayDivision Intermedia1285341.41
107EcuadorSerie B1385741.3
108KenyaNational Super League Zone B662740.91
109RussiaNational Football League271140.74
111MalawiSuper League1024140.2
112Ireland1. Division753040
113KazakhstanPremier League1204840
114CongoLigue 11355339.26
115SudanPremier League1024039.22
116ZimbabwePremier Soccer League1214738.84
117GermanyOberliga Bayern North311238.71
118South KoreaK. League Classic1023938.24
119RussiaProfessional Football League Zone Center24937.5
120BelarusPremier Division1084037.04
121BrazilSerie A1093733.94
122NigeriaProfessional Football League1906333.16
124GambiaGFA Premier League1324332.58
126KenyaNational Super League Zone A662131.82
127CameroonLigue 12006331.5
128Sierra LeonePremier League912830.77
129KenyaPremier League1444329.86
130SenegalChampionnat National1825329.12
131BrazilSerie C grp. B351028.57
132HaitiPremiere Division561526.79
133GuineaChampionnat National de Ligue 11213226.45
134Burkina FasoChampionnat National2325523.71