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Number of goals Leagues ordered by average number of goals.
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Soccer leagues ordered by number of goals per game.

Group 1Number of goals in these leagues is extremely high.
Group 2Number of goals is higher than average in these leagues.
Group 3Number of goals per game is in average.
Group 4Number of goals is lower in these leagues.
Group 5In these leagues number of goals is very low.

 countryleagueGoals per game
1Uzbekistan1. Division Promotion Group5.14
2TaiwanDivision A4.83
3Norway3. Division avd. 54.78
4Norway3. Division avd. 104.77
5Latvia1. Division4.57
6Norway3. Division avd. 94.56
7Norway3. Division avd. 44.43
8Norway3. Division avd. 114.42
9Norway3. Division avd. 24.38
10Norway3. Division avd. 74.36
11Norway3. Division avd. 14.36
12GermanyOberliga Bremen4.18
13DenmarkU19 Ligaen4.13
14DenmarkU17 Ligaen4.12
15Norway3. Division avd. 34.09
16NorwayOddsen-ligaen avd. 14.06
17Norway3. Division avd. 84.03
18WalesCymru Alliance4.02
19DenmarkReserve League First stage grp. 24
21Norway3. Division avd. 123.98
22Norway3. Division avd. 63.95
23NetherlandsTopklasse Sunday3.91
24DenmarkDanmarksserien Grp. 23.86
25WalesWelsh Football League Division One3.83
26GermanyOberliga Schleswig-Holstein3.8
27NorwayOddsen-ligaen avd. 43.71
28Denmark2. Division West3.7
29Armenia1. Division3.67
30SwitzerlandErste Liga Classic Grp. 23.67
31Sweden2. Division Vaestra Goetaland3.65
32WalesPremier Division3.64
33KuwaitPremier League3.63
34AustraliaVictorian Premier League One3.61
35EstoniaPremium liiga3.57
36GermanyOberliga NOFV-Nord3.53
37GeorgiaPirveli Liga grp. A3.5
38Belgium3. Division Grp. B3.48
39NorwayOddsen-ligaen avd. 33.48
41Sweden2. Division Norra Svealand3.46
42SwazilandPremier League3.45
44GermanyOberliga Hamburg3.44
45UruguayPrimera Division Apertura3.43
46GermanyOberliga Niederrhein3.43
47SwitzerlandErste Liga Classic Grp. 13.43
48NorwayOddsen-ligaen avd. 23.39
49Costa RicaLiga de Ascenso Apertura grp. B3.37
50DenmarkDanmarksserien Grp. 13.37
51Lithuania1. Division3.36
52FinlandKakkonen Eastern3.36
53FinlandKakkonen Southern3.34
54FinlandKakkonen Western3.34
55Sweden2. Division Norrland3.31
56MoldovaDivision A3.3
57GermanyOberliga Mittelrhein3.28
58PortugalCampeonato Nacional de Seniores grp. C3.27
59GermanyOberliga Westfalen3.27
60Croatia1. Division3.27
61Sweden2. Division Soedra Svealand3.27
62Sweden2. Division Norra Goetaland3.27
64EnglandPremier League U21 Division B3.25
65N. Ireland1. Division3.25
66HondurasLiga Nacional - Apertura3.24
67GermanyOberliga Bayern South3.24
68NetherlandsTopklasse Saturday3.21
69Sweden2. Division Oestra Goetaland3.21
70GermanyOberliga Rheinland-Pfalz/Saar3.2
71Slovenia2. Division3.19
72SwitzerlandErste Liga Promotion3.18
73Iceland1. Deild3.16
74Denmark2. Division East3.14
76EnglandPremier League U21 Division A3.1
77NetherlandsJupiler League3.09
78DenmarkDanmarksserien Grp. 33.08
79LithuaniaA Lyga3.08
81GermanyOberliga Hessen3.05
82AustriaRegionalliga Middle3.05
83QatarQatar Stars League3.04
84Faroe IslandsEffodeildin3.03
85Sweden1. Division South3.02
86Sweden1. Division North3.01
87GermanyOberliga Bayern North3
88N. IrelandPremiership3
89SwitzerlandErste Liga Classic Grp. 33
90EnglandSouthern Premier League2.99
92GermanyOberliga Baden-Wurttemberg2.97
93GermanyRegionalliga West2.96
94IcelandPEPSI deildin2.96
95BrazilSerie D grp. A22.94
96NicaraguaCampeonato Nacional Apertura2.93
97EnglandIsthmian League2.93
99Norway1. Divisjon2.93
100USAMajor League Soccer2.93
101AustriaRegionalliga West2.92
102GermanyOberliga Niedersachsen2.91
103LuxembourgNational Division2.91
104AustriaRegionalliga East2.9
105GuatemalaLiga Nacional Apertura2.9
107HungaryNB II2.89
108EnglandConference South2.89
109GranadaPremier Division2.89
111BotswanaPremier League2.88
112El SalvadorPrimera Division - Apertura2.88
113GermanyRegionalliga Southwest2.88
114SwitzerlandSuper League2.88
115GermanyRegionalliga Bayern2.87
116GermanyRegionalliga North2.85
118Belgium3. Division Grp. A2.84
119EnglandConference North2.83
120ScotlandLeague Two2.83
121GermanyRegionalliga Northeast2.81
122Cyprus1. Division2.81
123BelgiumJupiler League2.81
124GermanyOberliga NOFV-Sud2.8
125Germany3. Liga2.8
126EnglandPremier League2.8
127Slovakia1. Division West2.79
128Kazakhstan1. Division2.75
129SpainTercera Division - Grp. 132.74
130EnglandNorthern Premier League2.74
131BrazilSerie D grp. A42.74
132RussiaProfessional Football League Zone West2.74
133Saudi ArabiaPremier League2.74
134PortugalCampeonato Nacional de Seniores grp. F2.73
136SpainTercera Division - Grp. 142.72
137USANASL Fall Season2.72
138RomaniaLiga II Seria 12.71
139Slovakia1. Division East2.71
140BelgiumSecond Division2.71
141AustriaErste Liga2.71
142MexicoAscenso MX Apertura2.71
143ChinaSuper League2.71
144UzbekistanUzbek League2.71
145IrelandAirtricity League2.71
146GuatemalaPrimera Division - Apertura - Group B2.7
147EnglandConference Premier2.7
148Belarus1. Division2.7
149Czech RepublicDruha League2.69
150SpainTercera Division - Grp. 92.68
151Costa RicaPrimera Torneo de Invierno2.68
152ChilePrimera Division Apertura2.68
153RussiaProfessional Football League Zone East2.68
154Germany1. Bundesliga2.68
155FinlandKakkonen Nothern2.68
156ThailandPremier League2.68
157Germany2. Bundesliga2.67
158GeorgiaPirveli Liga grp. B2.65
159SpainSegunda B Group II2.65
160Costa RicaLiga de Ascenso Apertura grp. A2.63
161BrazilSerie D grp. A12.63
162SpainSegunda B Group I2.62
163BrazilSerie D grp. A52.61
164TurkeySpor Toto 3. Lig Grp. 12.61
165VenezuelaSegunda Division - Apertura - Grupo Occi2.6
166ScotlandLeague One2.6
168RussiaPremier League2.6
170ArgentinaFederal A Torneo de Transiciоn Zona 52.59
171YemenPremier League2.58
172KenyaFKF Girls Premier League2.58
173SwitzerlandChallenge League2.58
174South KoreaK league2.58
175Poland1. Division2.56
176EnglandLeague 12.56
177JapanJ. League2.56
178SpainTercera Division - Grp. 62.54
179AzerbaijanPremier League2.54
180MoldovaNational Division2.54
181RomaniaLiga I2.54
182Czech Republic1. Division2.54
183ArgentinaPrimera Torneo de Transiciоn2.54
184South KoreaNational League2.54
185SpainTercera Division - Grp. 72.53
186UkrainePremier League2.53
187IsraelLeumit League2.52
188DenmarkNordicBet Ligaen2.52
190SloveniaPrva Liga2.51
191BoliviaPrimera Division - Apertura2.5
192GuatemalaPrimera Division - Apertura - Group A2.5
193MaltaPremier League2.5
194Ireland1. Division2.5
195SpainTercera Division - Grp. 162.49
196FranceCFA Grp. C2.48
197PortugalCampeonato Nacional de Seniores grp. A2.47
198Croatia2. Division2.47
199BulgariaA Grupa2.47
200ChinaChina League2.47
201MacedoniaPrva Liga2.46
202BulgariaB PFG2.46
203SlovakiaFortuna Liga2.46
204ParaguayDivision Profesional - Clausura2.46
205JapanJ. League 32.46
206SpainTercera Division - Grp. 112.45
207SpainTercera Division - Grp. 52.45
208SpainLIGA Adelante2.45
209Poland2. Division2.45
210MalawiSuper League2.45
211BrazilSerie B2.45
212BrazilSerie D grp. A82.44
213RussiaProfessional Football League Ural-Povolz2.44
214SerbiaSuper Liga2.44
216SpainTercera Division - Grp. 12.43
217RussiaNational Football League2.42
218ArgentinaFederal A Torneo de Transiciоn Zona 12.41
219RussiaProfessional Football League Zone South2.41
220ColombiaLiga Postobón Clausura2.41
221JapanJ. League 22.41
222SpainTercera Division - Grp. 182.4
223ItalySerie A2.4
224FranceCFA Grp. A2.4
226BelarusPremier League Championship Group2.39
227Lesotho Premier League2.39
228KazakhstanPremier League Championship Group2.39
229GreeceSuper League2.39
230FranceLigue 12.39
231PeruSegunda Division2.39
232OmanOmantel Professional League2.38
233SpainTercera Division - Grp. 152.38
234Ukraine1. Division2.38
235PortugalPrimeira Liga2.38
236MontenegroTelekom 1. CFL2.38
237ChilePrimera B Apertura2.37
238MacedoniaVtora Liga2.36
239ItalySerie B2.36
240HungaryOTP BANK Liga2.36
241EnglandLeague 22.36
242SpainLIGA BBVA2.35
243RussiaProfessional Football League Zone Center2.35
244ItalyLega Pro Grp C2.34
245SpainTercera Division - Grp. 172.33
246BrazilSerie D grp. A62.33
247BrazilSerie D grp. A72.33
248EcuadorSerie B2.33
249KazakhstanPremier League Relegation Group2.31
250EcuadorSerie A - Clausura2.31
251SpainTercera Division - Grp. 82.3
252ArgentinaFederal A Torneo de Transiciоn Zona 22.29
253MexicoLiga MX Apertura2.29
254VenezuelaSegunda Division - Apertura - Grupo Orie2.28
255SpainTercera Division - Grp. 22.28
256BrazilSerie D grp. A32.28
257JamaicaPremier League2.27
258Azerbaijan1. Division2.27
259TurkeySpor Toto 2. Lig - Red group2.26
260PortugalSegunda Liga2.26
261SpainTercera Division - Grp. 42.25
262FranceCFA Grp. B2.25
263Bosnia-HerzegovinaPremier League2.25
264ParaguayDivision Intermedia2.25
265FranceLigue 22.24
266SudanPremier League2.24
267GeorgiaUmaglesi Liga2.23
268South KoreaK. League Classic2.23
269ZambiaPremier League2.22
270PortugalCampeonato Nacional de Seniores grp. H2.21
271TurkeySpor Toto Super Lig2.21
272South AfricaPremier Soccer League2.21
273PortugalCampeonato Nacional de Seniores grp. B2.2
274TurkeyPTT 1. Lig2.2
275Montenegro2. Division2.19
276AlgeriaLigue 12.19
277SpainSegunda B Group III2.18
278ItalyLega Pro Grp B2.17
279BelarusPremier League Relegation Group2.15
280ItalyLega Pro Grp A2.15
281VenezuelaPrimera Division - Apertura2.15
282BrazilSerie C grp. A2.15
283BrazilSerie A2.15
285ArmeniaPremier League2.14
286ZimbabwePremier Soccer League2.14
287SpainSegunda B Group IV2.13
288SpainTercera Division - Grp. 32.13
289PeruPrimera División - Clausura2.13
290SpainTercera Division - Grp. 122.12
291FranceCFA Grp. D2.12
292MoroccoBotola Pro2.11
293TurkeySpor Toto 2. Lig - White group2.11
294KenyaNational Super League Zone B2.11
295IranPro League2.1
296ColombiaTorneo Postobon Clausura2.09
297SerbiaPrva Liga2.08
298NigeriaProfessional Football League2.07
300ArgentinaFederal A Torneo de Transiciоn Zona 32.06
301Bosnia-Herzegovina1. Division RS2.06
302South AfricaNational First Division2.04
303SpainTercera Division - Grp. 102.04
304PanamaANAPROF Apertura2.04
305TunisiaLigue I2.03
306Bosnia-Herzegovina1. Division FBiH2.02
307ArgentinaPrimera B Nacional Torneo de Transicion2.01
308PortugalCampeonato Nacional de Seniores grp. D2
309CongoLigue 11.99
310ArgentinaPrimera B Metropolitana Torneo de Transi1.96
312AlgeriaLigue 21.94
313CameroonLigue 11.92
314KenyaNational Super League Zone A1.91
315TurkeySpor Toto 3. Lig Grp. 31.89
316BrazilSerie C grp. B1.88
317RomaniaLiga II Seria 21.85
318AlbaniaKategoria Superiore1.82
319KenyaPremier League1.76
320TogoChampionnat National1.75
321ArgentinaFederal A Torneo de Transiciоn Zona 41.67
322PortugalCampeonato Nacional de Seniores grp. G1.67
323TurkeySpor Toto 3. Lig Grp. 21.61
324PortugalCampeonato Nacional de Seniores grp. E1.47
325MoroccoElite 21.44