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Soccer leagues ordered by number of goals per game.

Group 1Number of goals in these leagues is extremely high.
Group 2Number of goals is higher than average in these leagues.
Group 3Number of goals per game is in average.
Group 4Number of goals is lower in these leagues.
Group 5In these leagues number of goals is very low.

 countryleagueGoals per game
1Norway3. Divisjon avd. 105.13
2FinlandKolmonen Northern Finland4.89
3AustraliaNPL Youth Western4.88
4Norway3. Divisjon avd. 24.8
5AustraliaNPL Youth Queensland4.74
6AustraliaTasmania Victory League4.63
7Norway3. Divisjon avd. 114.61
8SwedenSuperettan Norra U214.53
9New ZealandPremier League South4.52
11FinlandKolmonen Helsinki and Uusimaa II4.3
12SwedenSuperettan Soedra U214.3
13Norway3. Divisjon avd. 44.3
14New ZealandPremier League North4.25
16FinlandKolmonen Helsinki and Uusimaa I4.19
17Norway3. Divisjon avd. 84.18
18SwitzerlandErste Liga Classic Grp. 24.18
19New ZealandPremier League Central4.13
21IranHazfi Cup4.1
22Latvia1. Division4.08
23AustraliaNPL Youth Victoria4.05
24SwedenAllsvenskan Norra U214
25Norway3. Divisjon avd. 73.98
26Norway3. Divisjon avd. 53.98
27AustraliaSouthern State League3.96
28FinlandKolmonen Helsinki and Uusimaa III3.94
29PhilippinesUnited Football League3.91
30Norway3. Divisjon avd. 93.9
31Armenia1. Division3.88
32NorwayInterkretsserien U193.83
33Norway3. Divisjon avd. 123.83
34Norway3. Divisjon avd. 13.8
35AustraliaNorthern New South Wales3.77
36FinlandKolmonen Eastern and Central Finland3.71
37FinlandKolmonen Turku and Ahvenanmaa3.71
38Norway3. Divisjon avd. 63.69
39FinlandKolmonen Tampere and Satakunta3.68
40Norway3. Divisjon avd. 33.68
42DenmarkLigaen U173.66
43AustraliaNew South Wales3.64
44Norway2. Divisjon avd. 33.64
45DenmarkDanmarksserien Grp. 23.59
46Norway2. Divisjon avd. 23.55
47AustraliaVictorian Premier League One3.55
48GermanyOberliga Mittelrhein3.53
49FinlandKolmonen Vaasa and Central Ostrobothnia3.52
51Denmark2. Division West3.51
52FinlandKakkonen Western3.5
54InternationalEURO qualification grp. D3.47
56BarbadosPremier Division3.43
57Sweden2. Division Norra Goetaland3.43
58Norway2. Divisjon avd. 13.43
59Lithuania1. Division3.42
60Sweden2. Division Norrland3.39
61FinlandKolmonen South-East Finland3.38
62RussiaPFL Zone South 2nd stage Grp. B3.36
63DenmarkDanmarksserien Grp. 33.36
64GermanyOberliga Niederrhein3.35
65DenmarkLigaen U193.35
66SwedenAllsvenskan Soedra U213.34
67AustraliaBrisbane Capital League Division One3.34
68Faroe IslandsPremier League3.32
69DenmarkDanmarksserien Grp. 13.32
71St. Kitts and NevisSKNFA League3.3
73RomaniaLiga II Serie A promotion group3.27
74GermanyOberliga Hessen3.25
75MartiniqueDivision d´Honneur3.23
76SwitzerlandErste Liga Classic Grp. 33.23
77SwitzerlandErste Liga Promotion3.23
78DenmarkReserve League Second Stage group 23.22
79DenmarkReserve League Second Stage group 13.22
80GermanyOberliga NOFV-Nord3.2
81AustraliaNew South Wales Premier League 23.19
83FinlandKakkonen Eastern3.16
84AustriaRegionalliga East3.16
85AustriaRegionalliga West3.15
86GermanyOberliga Westfalen3.12
87Slovenia2. Division3.1
88MalaysiaPremier League3.07
89InternationalEURO qualification grp. A3.07
90IndonesiaSuper League3.05
91Sweden2. Division Soedra Svealand3.04
92FinlandKakkonen Northern3.03
93SwitzerlandErste Liga Classic Grp. 13.03
94Norway2. Divisjon avd. 43.02
96InternationalEURO qualification grp. B3
97GermanyOberliga NOFV-Sud2.98
98Denmark2. Division East2.97
100LithuaniaA Lyga2.96
101Sweden2. Division Norra Svealand2.96
102AustriaRegionalliga Middle2.96
105Uzbekistan1. Division West2.9
106MalaysiaSuper Liga2.9
107UruguayPrimera Division Clausura2.87
108InternationalEURO qualification grp. C2.87
109Sweden1. Division North2.86
110Croatia1. Division2.86
112TurkeySuper Lig2.85
113New ZealandPremier League Mainland2.84
114JapanLeague Cup Group B2.83
116SwitzerlandSuper League2.81
117ArmeniaPremier League2.8
118ParaguayDivision Profesional - Apertura2.79
119Thailand1. Division2.79
120Iceland1. Deild2.78
121RussiaPFL Zone West2.78
122Sweden2. Division Soedra Goetaland2.77
124MauritiusPremier League2.77
125ChinaSuper League2.76
126HungaryNB II2.76
127South KoreaK. League Challenge2.75
128DenmarkReserve League Second Stage Championship2.75
129FinlandKakkonen Southern2.74
130Kazakhstan1. Division2.74
132Norway1. Divisjon2.74
133BahrainPremier League2.74
134SwitzerlandChallenge League2.74
135InternationalEURO qualification grp. H2.73
136ArgentinaFederal A Zona 12.7
137Czech RepublicFNL2.7
138Belarus1. Division2.69
139PolandEkstraklasa Relegation Group2.68
140PolandEkstraklasa Championship Group2.68
141FijiNational League2.68
142Sweden2. Division Vaestra Goetaland2.68
143UkrainePremier League2.67
144SlovakiaSuper Liga2.67
145InternationalEURO qualification grp. E2.67
146RussiaPFL Zone East2.66
147Uzbekistan1. Division East2.64
148ArgentinaFederal A Zona 32.64
149ColombiaPrimera B2.64
150ItalySerie A2.64
151Czech Republic1. Division2.64
152Ireland1. Division2.62
153ThailandPremier League2.62
154AustriaErste Liga2.62
156USANASL Spring Season2.6
157ChinaChina League2.58
159EcuadorSerie A - Apertura2.56
160UzbekistanUzbek League2.55
161Montenegro1. CFL2.55
162Poland2. Division2.55
163SloveniaPrva Liga2.54
164BulgariaA Grupa2.54
165Slovakia2. Liga Promotion Group2.53
166Sweden1. Division South2.53
167JapanJ. League 1st stage2.51
169Slovakia2. Liga Relegation Group2.5
170IsraelLigat-Al playoff champions group2.5
172BrazilSerie B2.48
173EcuadorSerie B2.48
174RussiaPFL Zone South 2nd stage Grp. A2.47
175JapanJapan Football League 1st stage2.46
176PeruPrimera División - Apertura2.46
177AzerbaijanPremier League2.46
178Ukraine1. Division2.46
179MalawiSuper League2.45
180PortugalSegunda Liga2.45
181RussiaPFL Zone Center2.45
182Poland1. Division2.45
183IrelandPremier Division2.44
184SpainSegunda Division2.44
185RussiaPFL Zone Ural-Povolzhye 2nd stage Grp. B2.43
186HungaryNB I2.43
187BulgariaB PFG2.42
189RussiaPremier League2.41
190RussiaNational Football League2.41
191EgyptPremier League2.36
192Montenegro2. Division2.36
193USAMajor League Soccer2.34
194Croatia2. Division2.34
195KenyaPremier League2.32
197Denmark1. Division2.32
198CubaCampeonato Nacional2.31
199GabonChampionnat National de D12.3
200ParaguayDivision Intermedia2.3
201South KoreaK. League Classic2.3
202Bosnia-Herzegovina1. Division RS2.29
203RussiaPFL Zone Ural-Povolzhye 2nd stage Grp. A2.28
204JapanLeague Cup Group A2.28
206ArgentinaPrimera Division2.27
207RomaniaLiga I2.27
208TunisiaLigue II Promotion Playoff2.25
209Bosnia-HerzegovinaPremier League2.23
210South KoreaNational League2.22
212JapanJ. League 22.22
213KazakhstanPremier League2.21
214ArgentinaFederal A Zona 42.2
216RomaniaLiga II Serie B promotion group2.18
217ArgentinaFederal A Zona 22.18
218JapanJ. League 32.18
219ArgentinaPrimera C2.17
220ZimbabwePremier Soccer League2.16
221ArgentinaPrimera B Nacional2.16
222KenyaFKF Premier League2.13
223VietnamV-league 22.13
224InternationalEURO qualification grp. G2.13
225GhanaPremier League2.12
226CongoLigue 12.08
227ArgentinaPrimera B Metropolitana2.07
228MaliChampionnat National2.07
229GreeceFootball League promotion group2.06
230UgandaSuper League2.06
231Bosnia-Herzegovina1. Division FBiH2.06
232TunisiaLigue I2.05
233DR CongoSuper League Championship Group2.04
234NigeriaProfessional Football League2.02
235GreeceFootball League relegation group South2
236GreeceFootball League relegation group North2
237ZambiaPremier League2
238BrazilSerie A2
239SudanPremier League2
240SyriaPremier League Group B1.96
241AlgeriaLigue 11.94
242SenegalChampionnat National1.9
243HaitiPremiere Division Serie de Ouverture1.89
244BelarusPremier League1.86
245RwandaChampionnat National1.86
246InternationalEURO qualification grp. F1.8
247GuineaChampionnat National de Ligue 11.79
248CameroonLigue 11.75
249BeninChampionnat National1.72
250Burkina FasoChampionnat National1.62
251Ivory CoastChampionnat National1.61