Japan - J. League 3


Zweigen Kanazawa


Blaublitz Akita

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Date Sunday 25th September 2011
Time 8:00 CEST
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Zweigen KanazawaBlaublitz Akita
DRAW in last 1 J. League 3's games.LOST in last 1 J. League 3's games.
NOT WON in last 6 J. League 3's games.NOT WON in last 6 J. League 3's games.

7.League position14.
  2pts.Last five games  2pts.
  4pts.last 5 home/away only  6pts.

2 on Zweigen Kanazawa

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:0
»Head to Head matches
28th Jul 13 Japan - J. League 3Zweigen Kanazawa : Blaublitz Akita 2:1
19th May 13 Japan - J. League 3Blaublitz Akita : Zweigen Kanazawa 1:4
07th Oct 12 Japan - J. League 3Blaublitz Akita : Zweigen Kanazawa 2:1
25th Mar 12 Japan - J. League 3Zweigen Kanazawa : Blaublitz Akita 1:2
25th Sep 11 Japan - J. League 3Zweigen Kanazawa : Blaublitz Akita 1:2
24th Aug 11 Japan - J. League 3Blaublitz Akita : Zweigen Kanazawa 1:3
08th Aug 10 Japan - J. League 3Blaublitz Akita : Zweigen Kanazawa 2:2
30th May 10 Japan - J. League 3Zweigen Kanazawa : Blaublitz Akita 0:3
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Zweigen Kanazawa
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15.9.Yokogawa Musashino4:2Zweigen KanazawaMore details about <b>Yokogawa Musashino</b>-Zweigen Kanazawa game
11.8.Zweigen Kanazawa4:1Fujieda MYFCMore details about <b>Zweigen Kanazawa</b>-Fujieda MYFC game
04.8.Sony Sendai1:1Zweigen KanazawaMore details about Sony Sendai-Zweigen Kanazawa game
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Blaublitz Akita
Japan - J. League 3 2014
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16.3.F.C. Ryukyu2:0Blaublitz AkitaMore details about <b>F.C. Ryukyu</b>-Blaublitz Akita game
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17.11.Blaublitz Akita2:1MIO Biwako ShigaMore details about <b>Blaublitz Akita</b>-MIO Biwako Shiga game
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26.10.Blaublitz Akita1:1Yokogawa MusashinoMore details about Blaublitz Akita-Yokogawa Musashino game
20.10.F.C. Ryukyu1:1Blaublitz AkitaMore details about F.C. Ryukyu-Blaublitz Akita game
06.10.Blaublitz Akita4:0Y.S.C.CMore details about <b>Blaublitz Akita</b>-Y.S.C.C game
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22.9.Blaublitz Akita2:1Kamatamare SanukiMore details about <b>Blaublitz Akita</b>-Kamatamare Sanuki game
15.9.Fujieda MYFC2:1Blaublitz AkitaMore details about <b>Fujieda MYFC</b>-Blaublitz Akita game
17.8.Blaublitz Akita4:0Sony SendaiMore details about <b>Blaublitz Akita</b>-Sony Sendai game
03.8.Blaublitz Akita1:0Fukushima UnitedMore details about <b>Blaublitz Akita</b>-Fukushima United game
28.7.Zweigen Kanazawa2:1Blaublitz AkitaMore details about <b>Zweigen Kanazawa</b>-Blaublitz Akita game
21.7.Blaublitz Akita1:1HOYO OitaMore details about Blaublitz Akita-HOYO Oita game
13.7.Honda Lock0:1Blaublitz AkitaMore details about Honda Lock-<b>Blaublitz Akita</b> game
07.7.Blaublitz Akita2:0Hitachi Tochigi UvaMore details about <b>Blaublitz Akita</b>-Hitachi Tochigi Uva game
30.6.SC Sagamihara1:1Blaublitz AkitaMore details about SC Sagamihara-Blaublitz Akita game
23.6.Blaublitz Akita2:2F.C. RyukyuMore details about Blaublitz Akita-F.C. Ryukyu game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Sagawa Shiga34232960:3471
2Nagano Parceiro33196851:2763
3Machida Zelvia34188861:2862
4Matsumoto Yamaga34178960:4159
5V-Varen Nagasaki341511861:4556
6Honda F.C.341581141:3753
7Zweigen Kanazawa331381249:4047
8Honda Lock3312111047:4547
9F.C. Ryukyu331441547:5146
10Hitachi Tochigi Uva331291240:4345
11Kamatamare Sanuki331171539:4940
12Sagawa Printing341161744:6239
13MIO Biwako Shiga331151743:6538
14Blaublitz Akita331071638:5237
15Yokogawa Musashino33991533:3736
16Arte Takasaki33971739:5534
17Sony Sendai23511720:2626
18JEF Reserves33472227:6319
 promotion promotion   relegation play off relegation play off   relegation relegation  

1Machida Zelvia17114236:1137
2Sagawa Shiga17121430:1637
3Nagano Parceiro1685323:1329
4Hitachi Tochigi Uva1792624:1929
5Matsumoto Yamaga1785431:2029
6Honda F.C.1784521:2128
7Kamatamare Sanuki1674523:2125
8MIO Biwako Shiga1672723:3123
9F.C. Ryukyu1763820:2621
10V-Varen Nagasaki1756628:2421
11Sagawa Printing1763823:2221
12Honda Lock1654721:2519
13Blaublitz Akita17601117:2718
14Zweigen Kanazawa1644822:2416
15Sony Sendai1227310:1313
16Yokogawa Musashino1726917:2212
17Arte Takasaki17251018:3211
18JEF Reserves16221216:308
1V-Varen Nagasaki17105233:2135
2Nagano Parceiro17111528:1434
3Sagawa Shiga17111530:1834
4Zweigen Kanazawa1794427:1631
5Matsumoto Yamaga1793529:2130
6Honda Lock1777326:2028
7F.C. Ryukyu1681727:2525
8Honda F.C.1774620:1625
9Machida Zelvia1774625:1725
10Yokogawa Musashino1673616:1524
11Arte Takasaki1672721:2323
12Blaublitz Akita1647521:2519
13Sagawa Printing1753921:4018
14Hitachi Tochigi Uva1637616:2416
15Kamatamare Sanuki17431016:2815
16MIO Biwako Shiga17431020:3415
17Sony Sendai1134410:1313
18JEF Reserves17251011:3311

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Hitachi Tochigi Uva541010:313
2Honda F.C.54109:413
3Sagawa Shiga54107:213
4Matsumoto Yamaga54018:412
5Machida Zelvia540111:312
6Nagano Parceiro530210:49
7V-Varen Nagasaki52219:118
8Sony Sendai52216:48
9Yokogawa Musashino52218:78
10MIO Biwako Shiga52129:67
11Arte Takasaki52038:96
12Honda Lock51134:94
13Sagawa Printing51137:64
14F.C. Ryukyu51044:163
15Zweigen Kanazawa50235:92
16JEF Reserves50238:112
17Blaublitz Akita50234:102
18Kamatamare Sanuki50051:100

1Sagawa Shiga550011:315
2Nagano Parceiro540110:412
3Machida Zelvia540110:412
4Hitachi Tochigi Uva53117:210
5MIO Biwako Shiga53027:99
6Matsumoto Yamaga52217:68
7Honda F.C.52216:58
8Arte Takasaki52037:96
9Kamatamare Sanuki51224:75
10V-Varen Nagasaki51228:95
11Sony Sendai51225:75
12Zweigen Kanazawa51138:84
13Yokogawa Musashino50416:74
14F.C. Ryukyu51046:153
15Blaublitz Akita51044:103
16Sagawa Printing51047:83
17Honda Lock50141:111
18JEF Reserves50054:100
1Matsumoto Yamaga540110:412
2Yokogawa Musashino53207:311
3V-Varen Nagasaki531112:710
4Machida Zelvia53115:110
5Sagawa Shiga53117:310
6Nagano Parceiro53029:59
7F.C. Ryukyu53029:89
8Arte Takasaki53028:79
9Honda Lock53028:99
10Honda F.C.53028:69
11Sony Sendai53026:79
12MIO Biwako Shiga52218:58
13Sagawa Printing52127:67
14Blaublitz Akita51318:106
15Hitachi Tochigi Uva51226:95
16Zweigen Kanazawa51228:95
17JEF Reserves50326:83
18Kamatamare Sanuki50051:100