Zambia - Premier League


Zesco United


Roan United

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Date Sunday 6th June 2010
Time 15:00 CEST
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Zesco UnitedRoan United
WON in last 3 Premier League's games.LOST in last 1 Premier League's games.
NOT LOST in last 9 Premier League's games.NOT DRAW in last 5 Premier League's games.

1.League position11.
  13pts.Last five games  12pts.
  15pts.last 5 home/away only  9pts.

10 on Zesco United

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:0
»Head to Head matches
16th Aug 14 Zambia - Premier LeagueZesco United : Roan United 2:0
20th Apr 14 Zambia - Premier LeagueRoan United : Zesco United 1:2
22nd Sep 13 Zambia - Premier LeagueRoan United : Zesco United 0:2
04th May 13 Zambia - Premier LeagueZesco United : Roan United 0:0
18th Aug 12 Zambia - Premier LeagueRoan United : Zesco United 1:1
21st Apr 12 Zambia - Premier LeagueZesco United : Roan United 1:1
17th Sep 11 Zambia - Premier LeagueZesco United : Roan United 0:0
14th May 11 Zambia - Premier LeagueRoan United : Zesco United 1:2
27th Oct 10 Zambia - Premier LeagueRoan United : Zesco United 0:3
06th Jun 10 Zambia - Premier LeagueZesco United : Roan United 2:0
17th Oct 09 Zambia - Premier LeagueZesco United : Roan United 2:1
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Zesco United
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10.5.Nakambala Leopards0:1Roan UnitedMore details about Nakambala Leopards-<b>Roan United</b> game
03.5.Roan United1:1Power DynamosMore details about Roan United-Power Dynamos game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Zesco United29179341:1660
2Nchanga Rangers29158634:2053
3Power Dynamos301311636:2150
4Green Buffaloes28149537:1748
5Nkana FC28119827:2442
8Red Arrows28811931:3035
9Konkola Blades28811925:2935
10Kabwe Warriors288101025:2434
11Roan United27971117:2634
12Choma Eagles29614922:2432
13Forest Rangers286121021:2930
14City of Lusaka27661515:3724
15Lusaka Dynamos30581720:4323
16National Assembly284101424:3722
 relegation relegation  

1Zesco United14113024:536
2Nchanga Rangers14102218:732
3Nkana FC1594223:1331
4Power Dynamos1585224:1129
6Red Arrows1576222:1227
7Green Buffaloes1475218:726
8Konkola Blades1467119:1225
9Choma Eagles1466215:624
11Kabwe Warriors1455415:1020
12Roan United145458:1319
13Forest Rangers1445510:1117
14National Assembly1426611:1812
15City of Lusaka133375:1112
16Lusaka Dynamos1526713:1912
1Green Buffaloes1474319:1025
2Zesco United1566317:1124
3Nchanga Rangers1556416:1321
4Power Dynamos1556412:1021
5Roan United134369:1315
7Kabwe Warriors1435610:1414
8Forest Rangers1427511:1813
10City of Lusaka1433810:2612
11Nkana FC132564:1111
12Lusaka Dynamos1532107:2411
13National Assembly1424813:1910
14Konkola Blades142486:1710
15Choma Eagles150877:188
16Red Arrows131579:188

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Zesco United541014:413
2Roan United54016:412
3Red Arrows53117:510
4Power Dynamos53117:310
5Green Buffaloes53117:310
6Kabwe Warriors53025:49
7Nkana FC52215:48
8Choma Eagles52126:37
9Nchanga Rangers52125:37
11Forest Rangers51223:65
13City of Lusaka51133:74
14Konkola Blades51134:64
15Lusaka Dynamos51133:84
16National Assembly50144:101

1Zesco United550012:215
2Nkana FC54107:313
3Choma Eagles53118:110
4Nchanga Rangers53116:310
5Konkola Blades53118:510
7Red Arrows52306:49
8Forest Rangers52214:28
9Roan United52214:58
10Green Buffaloes52216:48
11Kabwe Warriors52215:38
12Power Dynamos52128:57
14City of Lusaka51132:44
15Lusaka Dynamos50234:72
16National Assembly50141:91
1Power Dynamos53207:211
2Green Buffaloes53207:211
3Zesco United53208:211
4Roan United53024:29
5Nchanga Rangers52216:28
6Kabwe Warriors52123:47
7City of Lusaka52035:96
8Forest Rangers51222:55
9Nkana FC51133:74
10Red Arrows51043:83
11Lusaka Dynamos51042:113
12Choma Eagles50233:62
13Konkola Blades50231:62
16National Assembly50053:90