Morocco - Botola Pro


Wydad Fes


JSM Laayoune

halftime (1:0)
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Date Sunday 27th May 2012
Time 21:00 CEST
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Wydad FesJSM Laayoune
WON in last 1 Botola Pro's games.LOST in last 1 Botola Pro's games.
NOT DRAW in last 2 Botola Pro's games.NOT DRAW in last 2 Botola Pro's games.

14.League position15.
  4pts.Last five games  5pts.
  11pts.last 5 home/away only  3pts.


under 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:1
»Head to Head matches
09th Jan 16 Morocco - Elite 2Wydad Fes : JSM Laayoune 0:1
26th Apr 15 Morocco - Elite 2JSM Laayoune : Wydad Fes 0:0
27th Dec 14 Morocco - Elite 2Wydad Fes : JSM Laayoune 1:0
27th May 12 Morocco - Botola ProWydad Fes : JSM Laayoune 3:0
27th Aug 11 Morocco - Botola ProJSM Laayoune : Wydad Fes 3:3
17th Apr 11 Morocco - Botola ProJSM Laayoune : Wydad Fes 2:2
04th Dec 10 Morocco - Botola ProWydad Fes : JSM Laayoune 1:2
27th Mar 10 Morocco - Botola ProWydad Fes : JSM Laayoune 0:0
22nd Nov 09 Morocco - Botola ProJSM Laayoune : Wydad Fes 1:2
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1MAT Tetouan301710341:1361
2FUS Rabat30169532:1657
3Wydad Casablanca301312532:1851
4Raja Casablanca30149734:2451
5Difaa El Jadida30139835:2748
6MAS Fes301011935:2641
7FAR Rabat301011932:2941
8Olympic Club de Safi30991234:4336
9OCK Khouribga308111127:3235
10CODM Meknes301061419:2635
11Hassania Agadir308111122:3135
12KAC Kenitra30714929:4035
13Chabab Rif Al Hoceima30891331:2733
14Wydad Fes30791426:3930
15JSM Laayoune30771624:4228
 relegation relegation  

1Raja Casablanca15112223:1035
2FUS Rabat15112220:735
3Wydad Casablanca15104123:734
4MAT Tetouan15104124:634
5Difaa El Jadida1593319:930
6CODM Meknes1585213:929
7Chabab Rif Al Hoceima1583425:1127
8Olympic Club de Safi1567218:1325
9FAR Rabat1574420:1425
10MAS Fes1566320:1124
11Wydad Fes1565418:1223
12Hassania Agadir1549212:821
13KAC Kenitra1548316:1820
14JSM Laayoune1554616:2019
15OCK Khouribga1536612:1715
1MAT Tetouan1576217:727
2FUS Rabat1557312:922
3OCK Khouribga1555515:1520
4Difaa El Jadida1546516:1818
5Wydad Casablanca153849:1117
6MAS Fes1545615:1517
7Raja Casablanca1537511:1416
8FAR Rabat1537512:1516
9KAC Kenitra1536613:2215
10Hassania Agadir1542910:2314
11Olympic Club de Safi15321016:3011
12JSM Laayoune1523108:229
14Wydad Fes1514108:277
15CODM Meknes1521126:177
16Chabab Rif Al Hoceima150696:166

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1MAT Tetouan550011:115
2Wydad Casablanca54107:213
3FUS Rabat53116:310
4FAR Rabat53119:410
5Difaa El Jadida523010:79
6OCK Khouribga52215:48
7Hassania Agadir52215:58
8MAS Fes52126:47
9Raja Casablanca520310:96
10JSM Laayoune51227:125
11CODM Meknes51223:45
12Wydad Fes51135:64
13KAC Kenitra51043:123
14Chabab Rif Al Hoceima50231:52
15Olympic Club de Safi50237:122

1Wydad Casablanca54109:313
2Difaa El Jadida54109:313
3Wydad Fes53209:311
4MAT Tetouan532010:311
5JSM Laayoune53117:610
6FAR Rabat53119:610
7CODM Meknes53114:210
8Raja Casablanca53027:59
9MAS Fes52306:29
10Hassania Agadir52306:29
11FUS Rabat53026:59
12Olympic Club de Safi52219:88
13OCK Khouribga52215:58
14Chabab Rif Al Hoceima51223:45
15KAC Kenitra51224:75
1MAT Tetouan53118:410
2OCK Khouribga52308:49
3Wydad Casablanca52213:28
4Hassania Agadir52125:67
5FAR Rabat52125:57
6Difaa El Jadida51408:77
7Olympic Club de Safi52036:76
8FUS Rabat51313:26
9KAC Kenitra51224:95
10Raja Casablanca51137:94
11JSM Laayoune50325:103
13Chabab Rif Al Hoceima50143:81
14MAS Fes50143:81
15CODM Meknes50143:71
16Wydad Fes50051:100