Romania - Liga I


Vointa Sibiu


CFR Cluj

halftime (0:0)
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Date Sunday 27th November 2011
Time 13:00 CET
Venue nameStadionul Municipal, Sibiu
91'   Felice Piccolo
86'   Nicolae Grigore
83'   Renan
79'   Ioan Hora
76'    Camora
67'   Cristian Panin
54'   Iulian Popa
45'    Eugen Beza
43'   Sixto Peralta
33'   Eugen Beza
14'   Camora
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Vointa SibiuCFR Cluj
WON in last 1 Liga I's games.DRAW in last 1 Liga I's games.
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16.League position1.
  3pts.Last five games  13pts.
  7pts.last 5 home/away only  13pts.

9 on CFR Cluj

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 0:2
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11th May 12 Romania - Liga ICFR Cluj : Vointa Sibiu 2:1
27th Nov 11 Romania - Liga IVointa Sibiu : CFR Cluj 0:1
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1CFR Cluj34218563:3171
2FC Vaslui34224858:2970
3FC FCSB34199647:2666
4Rapid Bucuresti341810654:2964
5Dinamo Bucuresti34188857:3262
6Otelul Galati341571234:2952
8Universitatea Cluj341114946:3747
9Concordia Chiajna341361542:5245
10FC Brasov341361539:3445
11Ceahlaul Piatra-Neamt341191436:4642
12Astra Giurgiu341181536:4341
13Gaz Metan Medias341181539:5441
14Petrolul Ploiesti341091542:4539
15Tirgu Mures348111534:4735
16Vointa Sibiu34881824:4532
17Sportul Studentesc346121633:5530
18CS Mioveni34262620:7712
 champions league qualification champions league qualification   uefa qualification uefa qualification   relegation relegation  

1FC FCSB17123228:1239
2FC Vaslui17113332:1136
3CFR Cluj17112432:2035
4Rapid Bucuresti1797133:1434
6FC Brasov17102527:1632
7Gaz Metan Medias1786327:2230
8Dinamo Bucuresti1793525:1730
9Otelul Galati1786317:1130
10Universitatea Cluj1785426:1629
11Concordia Chiajna1782720:2126
12Vointa Sibiu1765615:1323
13Tirgu Mures1765623:2223
14Astra Giurgiu1765617:1723
15Ceahlaul Piatra-Neamt1764717:2322
16Petrolul Ploiesti1763826:2721
17Sportul Studentesc1729614:2515
18CS Mioveni17221311:318
1CFR Cluj17106131:1136
2FC Vaslui17111526:1834
3Dinamo Bucuresti1795332:1532
4Rapid Bucuresti1793521:1530
5FC FCSB1776419:1427
6Otelul Galati1771917:1822
7Ceahlaul Piatra-Neamt1755719:2320
8Concordia Chiajna1754822:3119
9Petrolul Ploiesti1746716:1818
10Universitatea Cluj1739520:2118
11Astra Giurgiu1753919:2618
12Sportul Studentesc17431019:3015
14FC Brasov17341012:1813
15Tirgu Mures1726911:2512
16Gaz Metan Medias17321212:3211
17Vointa Sibiu1723129:329
18CS Mioveni1704139:464

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1FC Vaslui550010:215
2CFR Cluj541012:413
3FC FCSB54109:413
4FC Brasov540111:412
5Petrolul Ploiesti53029:69
6Concordia Chiajna53029:59
7Dinamo Bucuresti530210:59
8Rapid Bucuresti52308:59
9Otelul Galati53027:49
10Ceahlaul Piatra-Neamt52038:76
11Tirgu Mures51138:124
12Gaz Metan Medias51133:124
13Universitatea Cluj51136:84
14Sportul Studentesc51134:64
16Vointa Sibiu51045:103
17Astra Giurgiu51044:133
18CS Mioveni50052:150

1FC Vaslui550011:115
2FC FCSB540110:512
3Gaz Metan Medias53207:411
4Petrolul Ploiesti531111:610
5Dinamo Bucuresti531112:610
6FC Brasov53119:410
7Tirgu Mures530210:99
8Concordia Chiajna530210:79
9Rapid Bucuresti52308:49
10Ceahlaul Piatra-Neamt53026:49
12Vointa Sibiu52128:57
13Universitatea Cluj52129:67
14Otelul Galati52126:57
15CFR Cluj52126:117
16Astra Giurgiu52036:86
17Sportul Studentesc50141:101
18CS Mioveni50053:130
1Rapid Bucuresti541012:313
2CFR Cluj541012:313
3Concordia Chiajna540112:612
4FC Vaslui54018:712
5FC FCSB53208:411
6Petrolul Ploiesti52127:67
7Dinamo Bucuresti52126:67
8Otelul Galati52035:66
9Astra Giurgiu52038:96
10FC Brasov52035:56
11Sportul Studentesc51226:55
13Gaz Metan Medias51042:143
14Universitatea Cluj50324:73
15Ceahlaul Piatra-Neamt51047:113
16Tirgu Mures50233:92
17Vointa Sibiu50052:130
18CS Mioveni50053:150