Netherlands - Jupiler League




Fortuna Sittard

halftime (3:0)
»Game details
Date Friday 14th August 2009
Time 20:00 CEST
85'   Demba Traore
83'   Alair Cruz Vicente
76'   in Gerard Wiekens
76'   out Erwin Buurmeijer
68'   Tjeerd Korf
64'   in Lars Lambooij
64'   out Anco Jansen
64'   in Michiel Hemmen
64'   out Gersom Klok
46'   in Abdul Ocal
46'   out Gino Facenna
31'   out Angelo Simone
31'   in Marcus Rychlik
13'   Marnix Kolder
11'   penalty Marnix Kolder
8'   Gersom Klok
Goalkeeper: Peter van der Vlag

Defence: Angelo Cijntje
Defence: Alair Cruz Vicente
Defence: Niek Loohuis
Defence: Mitch Apau

Midfield: Paul Matthijs
Midfield: Erwin Buurmeijer
Midfield: Gersom Klok
Midfield: Anco Jansen

Forward: Tjeerd Korf
Forward: Marnix Kolder

Substitute player: Ewald Koster
Substitute player: Michiel Hemmen
Substitute player: Jeroen Lambers
Substitute player: Lars Lambooij
Substitute player: Haaije Feenstra
Substitute player: Ferhat Gorgulu
Substitute player: Gerard Wiekens
Goalkeeper: Tom Grootaers

Defence: Rick Geenen
Defence: Nico Vanek
Defence: Zarko Grabovac
Defence: Gino Facenna

Midfield: Taner Taktak
Midfield: Ramon Voorn
Midfield: Angelo Simone
Midfield: Charlie van den Ouweland

Forward: Anthony Di Lallo
Forward: Demba Traore

Substitute player: Abdul Ocal
Substitute player: Sebastiano Garlisi
Substitute player: Danny Wintjens
Substitute player: Yassine Halim
Substitute player: Marcus Rychlik
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VeendamFortuna Sittard
DRAW in last 1 Jupiler League's games.LOST in last 2 Jupiler League's games.
NOT LOST in last 4 Jupiler League's games.NOT DRAW in last 3 Jupiler League's games.

9.League position17.
  8pts.Last five games  4pts.
  10pts.last 5 home/away only  2pts.
»Head to Head matches
19th Apr 13 Netherlands - Jupiler LeagueFortuna Sittard : Veendam 0:0
09th Nov 12 Netherlands - Jupiler LeagueVeendam : Fortuna Sittard 1:3
30th Mar 12 Netherlands - Jupiler LeagueFortuna Sittard : Veendam 1:0
02nd Dec 11 Netherlands - Jupiler LeagueVeendam : Fortuna Sittard 2:2
04th Mar 11 Netherlands - Jupiler LeagueVeendam : Fortuna Sittard 4:1
30th Oct 10 Netherlands - Jupiler LeagueFortuna Sittard : Veendam 3:3
16th Apr 10 Netherlands - Jupiler LeagueFortuna Sittard : Veendam 0:1
14th Aug 09 Netherlands - Jupiler LeagueVeendam : Fortuna Sittard 5:1
03rd Apr 09 Netherlands - Jupiler LeagueFortuna Sittard : Veendam 1:2
05th Sep 08 Netherlands - Jupiler LeagueVeendam : Fortuna Sittard 0:0
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
0De Graafschap36256585:3481
4PEC Zwolle36198959:3765
5Go Ahead Eagles36189953:3363
6AGOVV Apeldoorn361691163:5255
7FC Den Bosch3614121066:5454
8Helmond Sport361661463:5354
10MVV Maastricht361471559:6748
12FC Eindhoven361371663:8146
13FC Dordrecht361341954:5943
14Almere City FC361171840:6540
15FC Emmen361081851:7938
16FC Volendam368111761:8135
17Fortuna Sittard36792031:5730
19FC Oss366111942:7929
 promotion promotion   promotion play off promotion play off  

2De Graafschap18132346:1941
3MVV Maastricht18124237:2140
5Go Ahead Eagles18122433:1538
6PEC Zwolle18115035:1838
8AGOVV Apeldoorn1894535:2331
9Helmond Sport1894537:2631
10FC Den Bosch1886439:2730
11FC Volendam1866635:3124
12Fortuna Sittard1873821:2624
13FC Eindhoven1873837:4324
14Almere City FC1865723:3123
16FC Emmen1855829:3720
17FC Dordrecht18601221:3018
18FC Oss1836920:3215
1De Graafschap18120039:1536
3AGOVV Apeldoorn1875628:2926
4FC Dordrecht1874733:2925
5Go Ahead Eagles1867520:1825
7FC Den Bosch1866627:2724
8PEC Zwolle1880724:1924
9FC Eindhoven1864826:3822
11Helmond Sport1870926:2721
13FC Emmen18531022:4218
14Almere City FC18521117:3417
16FC Oss18351022:4714
17FC Volendam18251126:5011
18Fortuna Sittard18061210:316
19MVV Maastricht18031322:463

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1PEC Zwolle541013:213
2De Graafschap540120:1012
4MVV Maastricht530210:69
6Helmond Sport53025:49
8FC Emmen52128:107
9FC Dordrecht52126:77
10FC Eindhoven52128:127
11AGOVV Apeldoorn52037:96
13FC Den Bosch51229:115
14FC Oss51224:145
16Go Ahead Eagles51136:94
17Fortuna Sittard51135:84
18Almere City FC51134:144
19FC Volendam51047:123

2MVV Maastricht541013:613
3De Graafschap540116:912
5FC Den Bosch531110:810
7AGOVV Apeldoorn530212:89
8Go Ahead Eagles53029:69
9PEC Zwolle523010:59
11FC Emmen522110:118
12FC Volendam522112:108
13Fortuna Sittard52126:57
14Helmond Sport52127:47
15FC Oss51225:85
16FC Eindhoven51137:124
17Almere City FC51135:124
18FC Dordrecht51043:83
1De Graafschap550018:415
2Almere City FC53117:610
4PEC Zwolle53027:49
5FC Den Bosch52128:97
6FC Dordrecht52126:77
7FC Eindhoven52127:117
8AGOVV Apeldoorn52037:86
10Helmond Sport52036:86
12FC Emmen51228:105
13FC Oss51134:174
14Go Ahead Eagles51134:84
17Fortuna Sittard50233:82
18MVV Maastricht50144:131
19FC Volendam50055:170