Greece - Football League 2 North


Vataniakos FC


Ethnikos Gazoros F.C.

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Date Sunday 15th January 2012
Time 14:00 CET
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Vataniakos FCEthnikos Gazoros F.C.
WON in last 1 Football League 2 North's games.LOST in last 1 Football League 2 North's games.
NOT DRAW in last 9 Football League 2 North's games.NOT DRAW in last 7 Football League 2 North's games.

8.League position1.
  9pts.Last five games  6pts.
  10pts.last 5 home/away only  7pts.
»Head to Head matches
21st Feb 14 Greece - Football League NorthVataniakos FC : Ethnikos Gazoros F.C. 0:0
17th Nov 13 Greece - Football League NorthEthnikos Gazoros F.C. : Vataniakos FC 1:0
22nd Apr 12 Greece - Football League 2 NorthEthnikos Gazoros F.C. : Vataniakos FC 3:1
15th Jan 12 Greece - Football League 2 NorthVataniakos FC : Ethnikos Gazoros F.C. 1:2
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Vataniakos FC
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19.4.Oikonomos Tsaritsani2:0Vataniakos FCMore details about <b>Oikonomos Tsaritsani</b>-Vataniakos FC game
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18.1.Ethnikos Filippiadas2:0Vataniakos FCMore details about <b>Ethnikos Filippiadas</b>-Vataniakos FC game
11.1.Vataniakos FC4:1Pyrsos GrevenaMore details about <b>Vataniakos FC</b>-Pyrsos Grevena game
21.12.Dotieas Agias1:0Vataniakos FCMore details about <b>Dotieas Agias</b>-Vataniakos FC game
17.12.Vataniakos FC1:2Oikonomos TsaritsaniMore details about Vataniakos FC-<b>Oikonomos Tsaritsani</b> game
14.12.Vataniakos FC1:3Thesprotos FCMore details about Vataniakos FC-<b>Thesprotos FC</b> game
07.12.AE Karaiskakis2:0Vataniakos FCMore details about <b>AE Karaiskakis</b>-Vataniakos FC game
30.11.Vataniakos FC0:5Rigas FeraiosMore details about Vataniakos FC-<b>Rigas Feraios</b> game
17.11.Achilleas Neokaisareias2:0Vataniakos FCMore details about <b>Achilleas Neokaisareias</b>-Vataniakos FC game
Ethnikos Gazoros F.C.
Greece - Gamma Ethniki Group 1 2015/2016
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24.4.Nestos Chrisoupolis3:0Ethnikos Gazoros F.C.More details about <b>Nestos Chrisoupolis</b>-Ethnikos Gazoros F.C. game
17.4.Ethnikos Gazoros F.C.0:3LangadasMore details about Ethnikos Gazoros F.C.-<b>Langadas</b> game
10.4.Ethnikos Agioneri3:0Ethnikos Gazoros F.C.More details about <b>Ethnikos Agioneri</b>-Ethnikos Gazoros F.C. game
03.4.Ethnikos Gazoros F.C.0:3Iraklis AmpelokipoiMore details about Ethnikos Gazoros F.C.-<b>Iraklis Ampelokipoi</b> game
27.3.Kavala3:0Ethnikos Gazoros F.C.More details about <b>Kavala</b>-Ethnikos Gazoros F.C. game
20.3.Aris Thessaloniki FC3:0Ethnikos Gazoros F.C.More details about <b>Aris Thessaloniki FC</b>-Ethnikos Gazoros F.C. game
12.3.Evros Soufliou3:0Ethnikos Gazoros F.C.More details about <b>Evros Soufliou</b>-Ethnikos Gazoros F.C. game
06.3.Ethnikos Gazoros F.C.0:3Doxa DramasMore details about Ethnikos Gazoros F.C.-<b>Doxa Dramas</b> game
28.2.Thyella Filotas3:0Ethnikos Gazoros F.C.More details about <b>Thyella Filotas</b>-Ethnikos Gazoros F.C. game
21.2.Ethnikos Gazoros F.C.0:3Byzantio KokkinokhomaMore details about Ethnikos Gazoros F.C.-<b>Byzantio Kokkinokhoma</b> game
14.2.Kampaniakos Chalastras3:0Ethnikos Gazoros F.C.More details about <b>Kampaniakos Chalastras</b>-Ethnikos Gazoros F.C. game
24.1.Ethnikos Gazoros F.C.0:3EordaikosMore details about Ethnikos Gazoros F.C.-<b>Eordaikos</b> game
17.1.Ethnikos Alexandroupoli3:0Ethnikos Gazoros F.C.More details about <b>Ethnikos Alexandroupoli</b>-Ethnikos Gazoros F.C. game
10.1.Ethnikos Gazoros F.C.0:3Apollon Krya VrysiMore details about Ethnikos Gazoros F.C.-<b>Apollon Krya Vrysi</b> game
20.12.Ethnikos Gazoros F.C.1:2Kozani FCMore details about Ethnikos Gazoros F.C.-<b>Kozani FC</b> game
16.12.Apollon Kalamaria3:0Ethnikos Gazoros F.C.More details about <b>Apollon Kalamaria</b>-Ethnikos Gazoros F.C. game
13.12.Ethnikos Gazoros F.C.0:3Nestos ChrisoupolisMore details about Ethnikos Gazoros F.C.-<b>Nestos Chrisoupolis</b> game
07.12.Langadas1:0Ethnikos Gazoros F.C.More details about <b>Langadas</b>-Ethnikos Gazoros F.C. game
29.11.Ethnikos Gazoros F.C.0:1Ethnikos AgioneriMore details about Ethnikos Gazoros F.C.-<b>Ethnikos Agioneri</b> game
25.11.Iraklis Ampelokipoi3:2Ethnikos Gazoros F.C.More details about <b>Iraklis Ampelokipoi</b>-Ethnikos Gazoros F.C. game
22.11.Ethnikos Gazoros F.C.0:0KavalaMore details about Ethnikos Gazoros F.C.-Kavala game
15.11.Ethnikos Gazoros F.C.2:3Aris Thessaloniki FCMore details about Ethnikos Gazoros F.C.-<b>Aris Thessaloniki FC</b> game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Ethnikos Gazoros F.C.22134537:1743
2Niki Volou22117431:1140
3Oikonomos Tsaritsani22116527:1639
4Apollon Kalamaria22108425:1538
5Pontioi Katerini2299431:1436
6Tylikratis FC22105722:1535
7Tyrnavos 20052298522:1735
8Vataniakos FC22661016:2624
9Doxa Kranoula22571017:2622
10Odysseas Anagennisi22481015:3020
11Megas Alexandros Irakleia22551221:4320
12Aetos Skydra22211914:48-4
 promotion promotion   promotion play off promotion play off   relegation play off relegation play off   relegation relegation  

1Oikonomos Tsaritsani1182116:526
2Ethnikos Gazoros F.C.1181223:725
3Niki Volou1174022:325
4Apollon Kalamaria1164116:722
5Tylikratis FC1163214:421
6Pontioi Katerini1163222:821
7Tyrnavos 20051163212:621
8Vataniakos FC1154211:519
9Doxa Kranoula1144313:1116
10Odysseas Anagennisi113628:615
11Megas Alexandros Irakleia1133515:2012
12Aetos Skydra1110106:183
1Ethnikos Gazoros F.C.1153314:1018
2Apollon Kalamaria114439:816
3Pontioi Katerini113629:615
4Niki Volou114349:815
5Tylikratis FC114258:1114
6Tyrnavos 20051135310:1114
7Oikonomos Tsaritsani1134411:1113
8Megas Alexandros Irakleia112276:238
9Doxa Kranoula111374:156
10Vataniakos FC111285:215
11Odysseas Anagennisi111287:245
12Aetos Skydra111198:304

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Oikonomos Tsaritsani54109:413
2Niki Volou540113:212
3Pontioi Katerini53207:311
4Vataniakos FC53027:89
5Apollon Kalamaria52216:48
6Tyrnavos 200552127:87
7Odysseas Anagennisi52127:97
8Ethnikos Gazoros F.C.52037:76
9Tylikratis FC51227:55
10Aetos Skydra51048:123
11Doxa Kranoula51046:93
12Megas Alexandros Irakleia50147:201

1Oikonomos Tsaritsani54107:313
2Niki Volou541014:113
3Pontioi Katerini540112:212
4Tylikratis FC532010:111
5Tyrnavos 200553207:311
6Ethnikos Gazoros F.C.531110:610
7Vataniakos FC53116:110
8Apollon Kalamaria52308:39
9Doxa Kranoula52127:77
10Odysseas Anagennisi51313:26
11Megas Alexandros Irakleia51229:115
12Aetos Skydra51044:83
1Pontioi Katerini52305:29
2Ethnikos Gazoros F.C.52126:67
3Niki Volou52124:37
4Oikonomos Tsaritsani51315:56
5Tyrnavos 200551223:65
6Apollon Kalamaria51224:55
7Megas Alexandros Irakleia51133:144
8Aetos Skydra51137:144
9Odysseas Anagennisi51135:124
10Tylikratis FC50232:62
11Vataniakos FC50052:150
12Doxa Kranoula50052:100