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Uzbek League description

Home field is big advantage for home team. Home team get average 1.82 points per game.!
Draws are less common in this league. 18% of games finish as draw!
Number of goals is very low. It's 1.95 goals per game!!!
Number of games with three or more goals is lower than typical. It's 36% of all games.!

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Predictions and upcoming games

dateround home team away teamresult prediction# goals tipscore pick 
30 Mar4ObodBunyodkor Tashkent
30 Mar4Nasaf QarshiSogdiyona Jizzax
31 Mar4Lokomotiv TashkentOTMK Olmaliq
31 Mar4Metallurg BekobodShortan Guzor
31 Mar4Mashal MuborakPakhtakor Tashkent
31 Mar4Qizilqum ZarafshonBuxoro
31 Mar4Neftchi FargonaKokand 1912
31 Mar4Dinamo SamarkandNavbahor Namangan
5 Apr5OTMK OlmaliqNasaf Qarshi
6 Apr5Bunyodkor TashkentQizilqum Zarafshon
6 Apr5Shortan GuzorLokomotiv Tashkent

There have to be at least four rounds played to make predictions.
All these predictions and picks are only informative. Please use your own brain when betting.


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Dinamo Samarkand33006:09
2Lokomotiv Tashkent22004:06
3Nasaf Qarshi22004:26
4Mashal Muborak32013:16
5Pakhtakor Tashkent31113:24
6Bunyodkor Tashkent21101:04
7Navbahor Namangan31114:44
8Kokand 191231113:34
11Qizilqum Zarafshon31023:53
12Sogdiyona Jizzax31023:63
13Shortan Guzor31021:53
14Neftchi Fargona30211:22
15OTMK Olmaliq30122:41
16Metallurg Bekobod20020:30
 relegation play off relegation play off   relegation relegation  

1Navbahor Namangan21103:24
2Kokand 191221012:23
3Sogdiyona Jizzax11003:23
4Lokomotiv Tashkent11003:03
5Shortan Guzor21011:23
7Nasaf Qarshi11002:13
8Dinamo Samarkand11003:03
9Qizilqum Zarafshon11002:13
10Mashal Muborak21011:13
11Bunyodkor Tashkent11001:03
12Pakhtakor Tashkent21013:23
14OTMK Olmaliq10100:01
15Neftchi Fargona10100:01
16Metallurg Bekobod10010:20
1Dinamo Samarkand22003:06
3Lokomotiv Tashkent11001:03
4Nasaf Qarshi11002:13
5Mashal Muborak11002:03
6Kokand 191210101:11
7Neftchi Fargona20111:21
8Bunyodkor Tashkent10100:01
9Pakhtakor Tashkent10100:01
10Sogdiyona Jizzax20020:40
11OTMK Olmaliq20022:40
12Metallurg Bekobod10010:10
13Shortan Guzor10010:30
15Navbahor Namangan10011:20
16Qizilqum Zarafshon20021:40

Latest results

dateround home team away team
18 Mar3FTSogdiyona Jizzax3:2OTMK OlmaliqMore details about  -  soccer game
18 Mar3FTBuxoro0:1ObodMore details about  -  soccer game
18 Mar3FTShortan Guzor0:2Mashal MuborakMore details about  -  soccer game
18 Mar3FTKokand 19121:0Qizilqum ZarafshonMore details about  -  soccer game
16 Mar3FTNavbahor Namangan1:1Neftchi FargonaMore details about  -  soccer game
12 Mar3FTPakhtakor Tashkent0:1Dinamo SamarkandMore details about  -  soccer game
10 Mar2FTQizilqum Zarafshon2:1Navbahor NamanganMore details about  -  soccer game
10 Mar2FTObod1:1Kokand 1912More details about  -  soccer game
10 Mar2FTMashal Muborak1:0Metallurg BekobodMore details about  -  soccer game
9 Mar2FTOTMK Olmaliq0:0Bunyodkor TashkentMore details about  -  soccer game
9 Mar2FTNasaf Qarshi2:1BuxoroMore details about  -  soccer game
8 Mar2FTLokomotiv Tashkent3:0Sogdiyona JizzaxMore details about  -  soccer game
8 Mar2FTDinamo Samarkand3:0Shortan GuzorMore details about  -  soccer game
8 Mar2FTNeftchi Fargona0:0Pakhtakor TashkentMore details about  -  soccer game
4 Mar1FTBunyodkor Tashkent1:0Sogdiyona JizzaxMore details about  -  soccer game
4 Mar1FTBuxoro1:0OTMK OlmaliqMore details about  -  soccer game

Under - Over goals statistics

 Over in % of gamesAverage # of goals
1Bunyodkor Tashkent000100.5
2Nasaf Qarshi1001000333
3Sogdiyona Jizzax676733523
4Navbahor Namangan1006702.532.67
5Qizilqum Zarafshon67673332.52.67
6Dinamo Samarkand6733031.52
7OTMK Olmaliq333333032
8Shortan Guzor673301.532
10Kokand 191267330222
11Lokomotiv Tashkent50500312
13Pakhtakor Tashkent3333332.501.67
14Metallurg Bekobod5000211.5
15Mashal Muborak3300121.33
16Neftchi Fargona330001.51

Average number of goals is taken from sum Goals for and Goals against.