Burkina Faso - Championnat National


US Yatenga


Sourou Sport

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Date Sunday 30th January 2011
Time 15:00 CET
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US YatengaSourou Sport
LOST in last 2 Championnat National's games.DRAW in last 5 Championnat National's games.
NOT WON in last 3 Championnat National's games.NOT WON in last 18 Championnat National's games.

10.League position12.
  5pts.Last five games  5pts.
  5pts.last 5 home/away only  2pts.
»Head to Head matches
10th Jun 12 Burkina Faso - Championnat National Grp. BUS Yatenga : Sourou Sport 2:0
08th Apr 12 Burkina Faso - Championnat National Grp. BSourou Sport : US Yatenga 1:1
11th Jun 11 Burkina Faso - Championnat NationalSourou Sport : US Yatenga 0:0
30th Jan 11 Burkina Faso - Championnat NationalUS Yatenga : Sourou Sport 0:0
30th May 10 Burkina Faso - Championnat NationalUS Yatenga : Sourou Sport 2:0
13th Feb 10 Burkina Faso - Championnat NationalSourou Sport : US Yatenga 2:1
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1AS Faso/Yennenga26193446:1560
2US Ouagadougou26157443:1252
4US Forces Armees26146629:1748
5Etoile Filante261211333:1147
6Racing Club Bobo26125924:1841
7Bouloumpoukou FC26125923:2041
8Bobo Sport2699817:1736
9AS Kouritenga26515616:1530
10US Yatenga265111017:3126
11AS Maya26591211:2224
12Sourou Sport262111313:3317
13US Comoe26371612:4916
14Sanmatinga Kaya2605216:515
 relegation relegation  

1AS Faso/Yennenga13102127:932
2US Ouagadougou1394031:531
4Racing Club Bobo1382316:526
5US Forces Armees1373317:924
6Etoile Filante1366116:324
7Bouloumpoukou FC1363415:1021
8Bobo Sport135539:820
9US Yatenga134547:1117
10AS Kouritenga133827:617
11AS Maya134458:1216
12US Comoe133377:1612
13Sourou Sport131664:139
14Sanmatinga Kaya1302110:232
1AS Faso/Yennenga1391319:628
2US Forces Armees1373312:824
3Etoile Filante1365217:823
4US Ouagadougou1363412:721
5Bouloumpoukou FC136258:1020
7Bobo Sport134458:916
8Racing Club Bobo134368:1315
9AS Kouritenga132749:913
10US Yatenga1316610:209
11AS Maya131573:108
12Sourou Sport131579:208
13US Comoe130495:334
14Sanmatinga Kaya1303106:283

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1AS Faso/Yennenga55008:115
2Etoile Filante532011:111
3Bouloumpoukou FC53118:310
5Bobo Sport51401:07
6AS Kouritenga51316:16
7US Ouagadougou51318:26
8AS Maya51222:35
9US Yatenga51225:75
10Sourou Sport50503:35
11US Forces Armees51223:35
12Racing Club Bobo51133:64
13Sanmatinga Kaya50143:191
14US Comoe50141:161

1Etoile Filante541011:013
3AS Faso/Yennenga54017:312
4Bouloumpoukou FC53209:311
5US Ouagadougou532015:211
6Bobo Sport52304:19
7US Comoe52033:86
8AS Maya51221:25
9US Yatenga51223:65
10AS Kouritenga51222:35
11Sourou Sport50412:34
12US Forces Armees51131:44
13Racing Club Bobo51132:44
14Sanmatinga Kaya50050:150
1Bouloumpoukou FC54015:212
2US Forces Armees53115:210
4AS Faso/Yennenga53029:39
5US Ouagadougou52215:38
6Etoile Filante52217:48
7Racing Club Bobo52124:47
8US Yatenga51315:46
9AS Kouritenga51316:26
10Bobo Sport51221:35
11AS Maya50231:42
12US Comoe50232:162
13Sourou Sport50235:132
14Sanmatinga Kaya50143:141