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Algeria - Ligue 1


USM El Harrach


USM Blida




halftime (2:0)
»Game details
Date Friday 20th October 2017
Time 17:00 CEST
30'   Hamza Banouh
21'   Hadj Bougueche
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USM El HarrachUSM Blida
LOST in last 1 Ligue 1's games.DRAW in last 2 Ligue 1's games.
NOT WON in last 3 Ligue 1's games.NOT WON in last 12 Ligue 1's games.

15.League position16.
  5pts.Last five games  2pts.
  5pts.last 5 home/away only  1pts.

2 on USM El Harrach

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:0
»Head to Head matches
20th Oct 17 Algeria - Ligue 1USM El Harrach : USM Blida 2:0
23rd Jan 16 Algeria - Ligue 1USM El Harrach : USM Blida 2:0
22nd Aug 15 Algeria - Ligue 1USM Blida : USM El Harrach 0:1
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1CS Constantine1283119:1027
2JS Saoura1272318:1223
3ES Setif1155111:620
4MC Alger1153310:818
5MC Oran1245313:917
6CR Belouizdad1238111:1017
7Paradou AC1252512:1317
8USM Bel Abbes1244415:1316
9JS Kabylie1236312:1515
10NA Hussein Dey1228210:1114
11Olympique de Medea122739:1013
12USM Alger933312:1012
13DRB Tadjenanet1225511:1511
14US Biskra112457:1010
15USM El Harrach1223713:189
16USM Blida120488:214
 relegation relegation  

1CS Constantine761013:519
2JS Saoura660012:218
3ES Setif64207:214
4Paradou AC54016:312
5CR Belouizdad72506:211
6MC Alger53207:311
7Olympique de Medea72417:510
8USM Bel Abbes53119:410
9JS Kabylie62407:510
10USM Alger631210:610
11NA Hussein Dey52306:49
12MC Oran62317:39
13DRB Tadjenanet52215:48
14US Biskra61325:56
15USM El Harrach61237:85
16USM Blida50327:93
1CS Constantine52216:58
2MC Oran62226:68
3MC Alger62133:57
4USM Bel Abbes71336:96
5CR Belouizdad51315:86
6ES Setif51314:46
7Paradou AC71246:105
8JS Saoura61236:105
9NA Hussein Dey70524:75
10JS Kabylie61235:105
11US Biskra51132:54
12USM El Harrach61146:104
13DRB Tadjenanet70346:113
14Olympique de Medea50322:53
15USM Alger30212:42
16USM Blida70161:121

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1MC Alger54018:412
2CS Constantine53208:411
3JS Saoura53029:89
4ES Setif52215:48
5NA Hussein Dey51403:27
6USM Alger52128:57
7US Biskra51314:36
8Paradou AC52036:76
9Olympique de Medea51314:46
10USM Bel Abbes51224:55
11USM El Harrach51225:75
12MC Oran51225:55
13CR Belouizdad50413:74
14JS Kabylie50412:44
15DRB Tadjenanet50326:93
16USM Blida50232:72

1JS Saoura550010:215
2CS Constantine54109:413
3Paradou AC54016:312
4ES Setif53205:111
5MC Alger53207:311
6USM Bel Abbes53119:410
7NA Hussein Dey52306:49
8JS Kabylie52306:49
9DRB Tadjenanet52215:48
10USM Alger52128:57
11US Biskra51315:46
12Olympique de Medea51315:46
13MC Oran51314:36
14USM El Harrach51226:65
15CR Belouizdad50502:25
16USM Blida50327:93
1CS Constantine52216:58
2MC Oran52216:58
3USM Bel Abbes51316:66
4CR Belouizdad51315:86
5ES Setif51314:46
6US Biskra51132:54
7Paradou AC51134:74
8JS Saoura51135:94
9USM El Harrach51135:84
10NA Hussein Dey50413:44
11MC Alger51132:54
12Olympique de Medea50322:53
13JS Kabylie50232:82
14USM Alger30212:42
15DRB Tadjenanet50144:91
16USM Blida50141:71

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