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PDL description

Home field is advantage for home team. Home team get average 1.62 points per game.
In this league draw occurance is very low. 16% of games finish as draw!!!
Number of goals is extremely high. It's 3.5 goals per game!!!
Number of games with three or more goals is above the average. It's 67% of all games.!
Favourites usually win in this league.!

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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1New York Red Bulls U2314121151:1437
2OKC Energy FC U2314121139:1037
3Reading United A.C.14120236:1036
4Seacoast United Phantoms14112144:2035
5SIMA Aguilas14111234:1334
6FC Miami City Champions14103141:1233
7FC Golden State Force14103145:1733
8Michigan Bucks14103131:933
9Myrtle Beach Mutiny14103138:1933
10Fresno Fuego14102245:1932
11FC Tucson1493234:1730
12Mississippi Brilla1493226:1030
13Thunder Bay Chill1492326:829
14Charlotte Eagles1492330:1429
15Lakeland Tropics1492327:2029
16K-W United FC1491431:1328
17Portland Timbers U231484229:1228
18Nashville SC U231484234:1828
19Long Island Rough Riders1484231:2028
20Ocean City Nor'easters1491426:1528
21Calgary Foothills FC1484220:1528
22Western Mass. Pioneers1483329:1627
23FC Boulder U231482424:2426
24South Georgia Tormenta FC1474334:1725
25San Francisco City FC1481525:2425
26The Villages SC1473448:2624
27Des Moines Menace1472519:1223
28Southern California Surf1371519:1522
29Saint Louis FC U231464416:1522
30SC United Bantams1464420:2122
31West Virginia Chaos1471622:2722
32Tobacco Road FC1463534:3121
33FC Boston1463524:2721
34Colorado Rapids U231455424:2120
35Seattle Sounders FC U231461722:2019
36Burlingame Dragons FC1454521:2219
37Brazos Valley1461730:3219
38St. Louis Lions1461719:2719
39Cincinnati Dutch Lions1453617:1618
40Academy Bradenton1453620:2418
41Chicago FC United1445520:1817
42North Carolina FC U231452722:2917
43Southern California Seahorses1452717:2417
44BYU Cougars1444622:2416
45Texas United1451827:3016
46Victoria Highlanders FC1451817:2816
47Jersey Express1450929:3715
48Dayton Dutch Lions1443710:2215
49Lane United FC1435621:2414
50GPS Portland Phoenix1441929:3013
51FC Lehigh Valley United Sonic1441919:3013
52FC Cleburne1441924:4113
53South Florida Surf1433821:2912
54TSS FC Rovers1433819:2912
55Tampa Bay Rowdies U231433825:3612
56Wilmington Hammerheads1433828:4312
57San Diego Zest FC1432913:2911
58Tri-Cities Otters1432910:2611
59Ventura County Fusion1424823:3410
60Palm Beach Suns14311017:4210
61F.A. Euro14311012:3910
62Carolina Dynamo14221019:348
63Albuquerque Sol FC14221017:328
64A.C. Connecticut14221019:358
65Peachtree City MOBA14221015:348
66Houston FC14221014:358
67WSA Winnipeg14211112:337
68Westchester Flames14211115:437
69Weston FC1421119:407
70Derby City Rovers1412118:315
71Evergreen FC14121114:425
72Orange County Blues U231311119:364

1Reading United A.C.880020:224
2New York Red Bulls U23770027:821
3SIMA Aguilas761017:419
4FC Golden State Force761024:519
5Ocean City Nor'easters761019:519
6Lakeland Tropics760116:818
7K-W United FC760119:518
8Michigan Bucks752019:617
9Colorado Rapids U23751116:816
10Nashville SC U23751121:916
11Myrtle Beach Mutiny751118:1216
12OKC Energy FC U23751118:516
13FC Miami City Champions751119:316
14Seattle Sounders FC U23751115:516
15Fresno Fuego751124:1116
16Long Island Rough Riders844020:716
17Charlotte Eagles751117:916
18Portland Timbers U23751119:616
19Calgary Foothills FC743011:615
20Seacoast United Phantoms650121:1115
21Thunder Bay Chill750218:615
22Western Mass. Pioneers750218:1015
23FC Boulder U2374219:814
24FC Tucson742114:914
25Mississippi Brilla742118:614
26Tobacco Road FC741218:1413
27North Carolina FC U23741216:1413
28Brazos Valley741218:1413
29San Francisco City FC741215:1013
30St. Louis Lions741212:713
31GPS Portland Phoenix741220:813
32TSS FC Rovers733113:1012
33The Villages SC733120:1312
34South Georgia Tormenta FC733114:812
35West Virginia Chaos74039:1012
36Des Moines Menace740310:612
37Jersey Express740319:1612
38FC Boston732213:1211
39Tri-Cities Otters73228:1011
40Saint Louis FC U2373225:411
41FC Cleburne731317:1410
42Chicago FC United724112:810
43Lane United FC731315:910
44SC United Bantams73135:1110
45Cincinnati Dutch Lions73138:710
46Victoria Highlanders FC730410:99
47Academy Bradenton723212:139
48FC Lehigh Valley United Sonic630310:99
49BYU Cougars722313:158
50Carolina Dynamo722312:148
51Dayton Dutch Lions72236:128
52Wilmington Hammerheads722312:168
53Tampa Bay Rowdies U23721415:227
54South Florida Surf721411:127
55Burlingame Dragons FC721412:147
56Southern California Seahorses72149:117
57Albuquerque Sol FC721411:167
58Westchester Flames721411:177
59Weston FC72056:196
60Texas United720510:116
61Southern California Surf62046:96
62Palm Beach Suns72059:236
63A.C. Connecticut720511:126
64WSA Winnipeg720510:156
65Ventura County Fusion713311:166
66San Diego Zest FC71157:144
67Evergreen FC71157:224
68F.A. Euro71155:184
69Houston FC71068:203
70Peachtree City MOBA71068:203
71Derby City Rovers70253:132
72Orange County Blues U2370162:191
1OKC Energy FC U23770021:521
2Seacoast United Phantoms862023:920
3Myrtle Beach Mutiny752020:717
4FC Miami City Champions752022:917
5Southern California Surf751113:616
6FC Tucson751120:816
7Mississippi Brilla75118:416
8Fresno Fuego751121:816
9Michigan Bucks751112:316
10New York Red Bulls U23751124:616
11SIMA Aguilas750217:915
12FC Golden State Force742121:1214
13Thunder Bay Chill74218:214
14South Georgia Tormenta FC741220:913
15Calgary Foothills FC74129:913
16Charlotte Eagles741213:513
17Nashville SC U23733113:912
18FC Boulder U23740315:1612
19San Francisco City FC740310:1412
20The Villages SC740328:1312
21Burlingame Dragons FC73319:812
22SC United Bantams733115:1012
23Reading United A.C.640216:812
24Western Mass. Pioneers733111:612
25Long Island Rough Riders640211:1312
26Portland Timbers U23733110:612
27Lakeland Tropics732211:1211
28Saint Louis FC U23732211:1111
29Des Moines Menace73229:611
30Texas United731317:1910
31FC Boston731311:1510
32Southern California Seahorses73138:1310
33West Virginia Chaos731313:1710
34K-W United FC731312:810
35Academy Bradenton73048:119
36Ocean City Nor'easters73047:109
37Tobacco Road FC722316:178
38BYU Cougars72239:98
39Cincinnati Dutch Lions72239:98
40Chicago FC United72148:107
41San Diego Zest FC72146:157
42Victoria Highlanders FC72147:197
43Dayton Dutch Lions72144:107
44Brazos Valley720512:186
45F.A. Euro72057:216
46St. Louis Lions72057:206
47Tampa Bay Rowdies U23712410:145
48Houston FC71246:155
49South Florida Surf712410:175
50Peachtree City MOBA71247:145
51Colorado Rapids U2370438:134
52North Carolina FC U2371156:154
53Palm Beach Suns71158:194
54Lane United FC70436:154
55Ventura County Fusion711512:184
56FC Lehigh Valley United Sonic81169:214
57Wilmington Hammerheads711516:274
58FC Cleburne71067:273
59Orange County Blues U2361057:173
60Seattle Sounders FC U2371067:153
61Derby City Rovers71065:183
62Jersey Express710610:213
63A.C. Connecticut70258:232
64Weston FC70163:211
65Evergreen FC70167:201
66Albuquerque Sol FC70166:161
67WSA Winnipeg70162:181
68TSS FC Rovers70076:190
70Tri-Cities Otters70072:160
71Westchester Flames70074:260
72Carolina Dynamo70077:200
73GPS Portland Phoenix70079:220

Latest results

dateround home team away team
17 Jul1FTAcademy Bradenton3:2Tampa Bay Rowdies U23More details about  -  soccer game
17 Jul1FTLane United FC0:3Portland Timbers U23More details about  -  soccer game
17 Jul1FTFC Golden State Force6:0San Diego Zest FCMore details about  -  soccer game
17 Jul1FTDayton Dutch Lions1:5West Virginia ChaosMore details about  -  soccer game
17 Jul1FTSeacoast United Phantoms7:4A.C. ConnecticutMore details about  -  soccer game
17 Jul1FTF.A. Euro1:1Evergreen FCMore details about  -  soccer game
16 Jul1FTCalgary Foothills FC1:1Victoria Highlanders FCMore details about  -  soccer game
16 Jul1FTLong Island Rough Riders1:1Western Mass. PioneersMore details about  -  soccer game
16 Jul1FTFC Tucson2:2Colorado Rapids U23More details about  -  soccer game
16 Jul1FTVentura County Fusion4:4Fresno FuegoMore details about  -  soccer game
16 Jul1FTAlbuquerque Sol FC1:3FC Boulder U23More details about  -  soccer game
16 Jul1FTDes Moines Menace2:0Chicago FC UnitedMore details about  -  soccer game
16 Jul1FTFC Cleburne4:1Brazos ValleyMore details about  -  soccer game
16 Jul1FTSouth Georgia Tormenta FC5:0Tri-Cities OttersMore details about  -  soccer game
16 Jul1FTTexas United0:1OKC Energy FC U23More details about  -  soccer game
16 Jul1FTMichigan Bucks4:0Derby City RoversMore details about  -  soccer game

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1FC Boulder U23550015:515
2Myrtle Beach Mutiny541013:413
3Michigan Bucks541012:313
4New York Red Bulls U23541028:613
5South Georgia Tormenta FC540117:412
6West Virginia Chaos540111:812
7Seacoast United Phantoms540118:812
8Thunder Bay Chill540110:412
9Reading United A.C.540112:212
10Portland Timbers U23540115:312
11Burlingame Dragons FC532010:511
12FC Tucson532012:711
13Mississippi Brilla532011:311
14Fresno Fuego532018:1011
15Tobacco Road FC531114:1210
16Lakeland Tropics53119:710
17Nashville SC U23531111:610
18FC Boston531110:710
19FC Golden State Force531119:1010
20OKC Energy FC U23531111:310
21SC United Bantams53118:610
22Ocean City Nor'easters53118:310
23Western Mass. Pioneers531114:610
24Long Island Rough Riders53117:610
25Colorado Rapids U23523015:99
26SIMA Aguilas530210:79
27San Francisco City FC530211:89
28The Villages SC523012:109
29FC Miami City Champions523011:89
30Saint Louis FC U2353028:89
31Charlotte Eagles53028:49
32Calgary Foothills FC52215:78
33Academy Bradenton522110:68
34Southern California Surf52129:97
35FC Cleburne521211:167
36Victoria Highlanders FC52127:107
37Palm Beach Suns521212:137
38Southern California Seahorses52128:97
39K-W United FC52129:67
40Wilmington Hammerheads521213:167
41Weston FC52035:86
42TSS FC Rovers52038:96
43Chicago FC United52035:86
44Brazos Valley520312:126
45Seattle Sounders FC U23520310:96
46Cincinnati Dutch Lions51313:16
47WSA Winnipeg520310:146
48Des Moines Menace52037:66
49Jersey Express520311:166
50Ventura County Fusion513112:116
51Texas United511310:154
52Peachtree City MOBA51136:144
53Lane United FC51138:94
54A.C. Connecticut511311:134
55F.A. Euro51137:214
56Tampa Bay Rowdies U2350327:103
57North Carolina FC U2351047:143
58South Florida Surf51048:113
59Tri-Cities Otters51043:133
60Westchester Flames51046:193
61FC Lehigh Valley United Sonic51044:113
62Houston FC50234:112
63Dayton Dutch Lions50232:92
64San Diego Zest FC50143:151
65Evergreen FC50145:201
66BYU Cougars50146:151
67Carolina Dynamo50147:121
68GPS Portland Phoenix50145:121
70Orange County Blues U2350054:180
71Albuquerque Sol FC50055:150
72Derby City Rovers50054:140
73St. Louis Lions50053:150

1Myrtle Beach Mutiny550015:715
2Reading United A.C.550014:115
3New York Red Bulls U23550022:615
4SIMA Aguilas541013:313
5FC Boulder U2354109:313
6FC Golden State Force541015:513
7FC Tucson541013:513
8Seattle Sounders FC U23541014:413
9Ocean City Nor'easters541012:213
10Colorado Rapids U23540113:612
11Lakeland Tropics540110:512
12Seacoast United Phantoms540119:1112
13Thunder Bay Chill540116:512
14K-W United FC540114:412
15Portland Timbers U23540115:412
16Michigan Bucks532011:411
17Tobacco Road FC531113:1110
18Nashville SC U23531111:510
19FC Boston531110:810
20OKC Energy FC U23531112:310
21South Georgia Tormenta FC531112:610
22FC Miami City Champions531112:210
23Cincinnati Dutch Lions53117:410
24Fresno Fuego531116:910
25Charlotte Eagles53118:610
26North Carolina FC U23530211:119
27San Francisco City FC530211:79
28The Villages SC523015:109
29Calgary Foothills FC52305:39
30West Virginia Chaos53025:69
31Jersey Express530216:149
32Western Mass. Pioneers530214:109
33Long Island Rough Riders52308:49
34TSS FC Rovers52219:78
35Mississippi Brilla522114:48
36Tampa Bay Rowdies U23521211:127
37FC Cleburne521214:127
38Brazos Valley521212:117
39Tri-Cities Otters52126:97
40Albuquerque Sol FC52129:97
41SC United Bantams52124:107
42St. Louis Lions52128:77
43GPS Portland Phoenix521212:77
44Weston FC52034:126
45Southern California Surf52036:86
46Chicago FC United51315:76
47Victoria Highlanders FC52036:76
48Palm Beach Suns52039:166
49Westchester Flames520310:136
50A.C. Connecticut520310:86
51WSA Winnipeg520310:116
52Des Moines Menace52037:66
53FC Lehigh Valley United Sonic52037:76
54BYU Cougars512210:125
55Academy Bradenton51228:115
56Saint Louis FC U2351222:45
57Wilmington Hammerheads51228:125
58South Florida Surf51139:104
59Burlingame Dragons FC51137:114
60Southern California Seahorses51137:104
61Lane United FC51138:74
62F.A. Euro51135:144
63Carolina Dynamo51139:124
64Texas United51045:73
65Peachtree City MOBA51047:163
66Evergreen FC51047:203
67Ventura County Fusion50329:133
68Dayton Dutch Lions50232:112
69San Diego Zest FC50145:121
70Orange County Blues U2350142:121
71Derby City Rovers50141:71
72Houston FC50054:170
1OKC Energy FC U23550016:415
2Myrtle Beach Mutiny541016:513
3Mississippi Brilla54106:213
4Fresno Fuego541017:613
5Michigan Bucks54109:113
6FC Boulder U23540113:812
7The Villages SC540124:712
8South Georgia Tormenta FC540116:412
9Reading United A.C.540114:512
10Burlingame Dragons FC53208:311
11FC Miami City Champions532013:811
12Seacoast United Phantoms532014:511
13Portland Timbers U2353209:411
14Southern California Surf531111:610
15FC Boston531110:810
16Calgary Foothills FC53117:710
17Southern California Seahorses53118:610
18FC Tucson531114:610
19Des Moines Menace53118:410
20New York Red Bulls U23531119:510
21SIMA Aguilas530212:89
22San Francisco City FC53027:109
23SC United Bantams523011:69
24Saint Louis FC U2353028:89
25Western Mass. Pioneers52309:49
26Long Island Rough Riders53027:129
27Lakeland Tropics52219:78
28Nashville SC U23522110:78
29FC Golden State Force522113:118
30Thunder Bay Chill52214:28
31Tobacco Road FC521213:137
32Texas United521215:177
33K-W United FC52129:67
34Dayton Dutch Lions52123:47
35Charlotte Eagles52128:47
36Chicago FC United52034:56
37Brazos Valley520310:146
38Academy Bradenton52036:86
39West Virginia Chaos520310:156
40St. Louis Lions52036:126
41Ocean City Nor'easters52035:76
42Houston FC51224:105
43Cincinnati Dutch Lions51223:45
44Victoria Highlanders FC51135:164
45Peachtree City MOBA51135:74
46Palm Beach Suns51138:154
47BYU Cougars51135:84
48Ventura County Fusion511310:114
49Wilmington Hammerheads511313:184
50Colorado Rapids U2350327:113
51North Carolina FC U2351044:113
52FC Cleburne51045:203
53Orange County Blues U2351047:153
54Lane United FC50323:93
55F.A. Euro51045:193
56Jersey Express51048:163
57Tampa Bay Rowdies U2350237:112
58South Florida Surf50236:142
59San Diego Zest FC50143:151
60Evergreen FC50144:131
61A.C. Connecticut50148:171
62WSA Winnipeg50142:131
63Weston FC50052:140
64TSS FC Rovers50053:130
66Tri-Cities Otters50052:110
67Albuquerque Sol FC50054:130
68Seattle Sounders FC U2350055:110
69Derby City Rovers50053:150
70Westchester Flames50053:190
71Carolina Dynamo50056:130
72FC Lehigh Valley United Sonic50056:180
73GPS Portland Phoenix50058:160

Under - Over goals statistics

 Over in % of gamesAverage # of goals
1Denver   000
2The Villages SC10093714.715.865.29
3Wilmington Hammerheads93867946.145.07
4Jersey Express100867154.434.71
5Tobacco Road FC8686794.574.714.64
6FC Cleburne10086644.434.864.64
7New York Red Bulls U23100795754.294.64
8Seacoast United Phantoms10086575.3344.57
9Fresno Fuego100937154.144.57
10Brazos Valley8679644.574.294.43
11FC Golden State Force9386644.144.714.43
12Tampa Bay Rowdies U239393575.293.434.36
13Palm Beach Suns9277544.573.864.21
14GPS Portland Phoenix93865044.434.21
15Westchester Flames93866444.294.14
16Texas United79795035.144.07
17Myrtle Beach Mutiny9371574.293.864.07
18Ventura County Fusion10086643.864.294.07
19Evergreen FC9371504.143.864
20A.C. Connecticut8671503.294.433.86
21FC Miami City Champions9371643.144.433.79
22Carolina Dynamo10079503.713.863.79
23Nashville SC U2310071504.293.143.71
24North Carolina FC U239371574.2933.64
25FC Boston10086503.573.713.64
26South Georgia Tormenta FC8650503.144.143.64
27FC Tucson9379503.2943.64
28F.A. Euro8650363.2943.64
29Long Island Rough Riders8679573.3843.64
30South Florida Surf9254313.293.863.57
31Weston FC8671433.573.433.5
32Houston FC867150433.5
33San Francisco City FC8671433.573.433.5
34OKC Energy FC U238679363.293.713.5
35Peachtree City MOBA865736433.5
36Albuquerque Sol FC8679433.863.143.5
37West Virginia Chaos7171502.714.293.5
38FC Lehigh Valley United Sonic8671503.173.753.5
39Orange County Blues U23855454343.46
40TSS FC Rovers9364503.293.573.43
41FC Boulder U237979572.434.433.43
42Lakeland Tropics9371433.433.293.36
43SIMA Aguilas100712933.713.36
44BYU Cougars86794342.573.29
45St. Louis Lions7964432.713.863.29
46Reading United A.C.7957432.7543.29
47Colorado Rapids U237971503.4333.21
48Victoria Highlanders FC7157432.713.713.21
49Lane United FC7964433.4333.21
50WSA Winnipeg8657363.572.863.21
51Western Mass. Pioneers100502942.433.21
52Academy Bradenton9364433.572.713.14
53K-W United FC8664363.432.863.14
54Charlotte Eagles7157433.712.573.14
55Burlingame Dragons FC8657503.712.433.07
56San Diego Zest FC794336333
57Seattle Sounders FC U237164362.863.143
58Southern California Seahorses6450432.8632.93
59SC United Bantams7950432.293.572.93
60Ocean City Nor'easters7157363.432.432.93
61Portland Timbers U238664363.572.292.93
62Michigan Bucks7150363.572.142.86
63Derby City Rovers7971292.293.292.79
64Chicago FC United7936292.862.572.71
65Southern California Surf5454382.52.712.62
66Tri-Cities Otters6457292.572.572.57
67Mississippi Brilla6436213.431.712.57
68Calgary Foothills FC7143212.432.572.5
69Thunder Bay Chill6443293.431.432.43
70Cincinnati Dutch Lions6457142.142.572.36
71Dayton Dutch Lions6436212.5722.29
72Saint Louis FC U236436211.293.142.21
73Des Moines Menace7136142.292.142.21

Average number of goals is taken from sum Goals for and Goals against.

Team profit

If you bet on every game team plays. Each bet is 100 units.
 Total profitProfit per game
1Colorado Rapids U2300
2Weston FC00
3Tobacco Road FC00
4Texas United00
5Tampa Bay Rowdies U2300
6TSS FC Rovers00
7Southern California Surf00
8Houston FC00
9Lakeland Tropics00
10Nashville SC U2300
11North Carolina FC U2300
12SIMA Aguilas00
13FC Cleburne00
14FC Boulder U2300
16Chicago FC United00
17Brazos Valley00
18FC Boston00
19Myrtle Beach Mutiny00
20San Diego Zest FC00
21Orange County Blues U2300
22Victoria Highlanders FC00
23FC Golden State Force00
24San Francisco City FC00
25OKC Energy FC U2300
26South Florida Surf00
27The Villages SC00
28Tri-Cities Otters00
29South Georgia Tormenta FC00
30Peachtree City MOBA00
31Evergreen FC00
32Burlingame Dragons FC00
33Calgary Foothills FC00
34Palm Beach Suns00
35FC Miami City Champions00
36Southern California Seahorses00
37FC Tucson00
38BYU Cougars00
39Albuquerque Sol FC00
40Seattle Sounders FC U2300
41Lane United FC00
42Academy Bradenton00
43Mississippi Brilla00
44West Virginia Chaos00
45SC United Bantams00
46Derby City Rovers00
47Cincinnati Dutch Lions00
48Westchester Flames00
49Seacoast United Phantoms00
50A.C. Connecticut00
51F.A. Euro00
52WSA Winnipeg00
53Thunder Bay Chill00
54St. Louis Lions00
55Saint Louis FC U2300
56K-W United FC00
57Fresno Fuego00
58Des Moines Menace00
59Jersey Express00
60Michigan Bucks00
61Carolina Dynamo00
62Reading United A.C.00
63Ocean City Nor'easters00
64Ventura County Fusion00
65New York Red Bulls U2300
66Western Mass. Pioneers00
67FC Lehigh Valley United Sonic00
68GPS Portland Phoenix00
69Long Island Rough Riders00
70Dayton Dutch Lions00
71Charlotte Eagles00
72Wilmington Hammerheads00
73Portland Timbers U2300

Teams with positive numbers can be undervalued by bookmakers.
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