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PDL description

Home field is big advantage for home team. Home team get average 1.93 points per game.!
In this league draw occurance is very low. 12% of games finish as draw!!!
Number of goals is extremely high. It's 3.5 goals per game!!!
Number of games with three or more goals is above the average. It's 66% of all games.!

compare with other leagues

Predictions and upcoming games

dateround home team away teamresult prediction# goals tipscore pick 
24 May1Weston FCLakeland Tropics
25 May1Academy BradentonThe Villages SC
25 May1Orange County Blues U23Southern California Seahorsesdrawover2:2
25 May1Saint Louis FC U23WSA Winnipeg
25 May1Wilmington HammerheadsMyrtle Beach Mutiny
25 May1SIMA AguilasPalm Beach Suns
25 May1GPS Portland PhoenixA.C. Connecticut
25 May1New York Red Bulls U23Jersey Express
25 May1San Diego Zest FCFC Golden State Force
26 May1Tobacco Road FCCharlotte Eagles
26 May1North Carolina FC U23Carolina Dynamo10 on North Carolina FC U23over7:3
26 May1F.A. EuroOcean City Nor'easters
26 May1DenverFC Tucson
26 May1Mississippi BrillaBrazos Valley
27 May1FC Boulder U23FC Tucson
27 May1Western Mass. PioneersGPS Portland Phoenix
27 May1Fresno FuegoVentura County Fusion
27 May1Houston FCTexas United
27 May1Nashville SC U23Tri-Cities Otters
27 May1Chicago FC UnitedWSA Winnipeg
27 May1Victoria Highlanders FCSeattle Sounders FC U23
27 May1Lane United FCTSS FC Rovers
27 May1Michigan BucksWest Virginia Chaos
28 May1FC BostonSeacoast United Phantoms
28 May1St. Louis LionsDes Moines Menace
28 May1Charlotte EaglesMyrtle Beach Mutiny9 on Charlotte Eaglesover4:0
28 May1Dayton Dutch LionsCincinnati Dutch Lions
28 May1Weston FCTampa Bay Rowdies U23
28 May1New York Red Bulls U23Ocean City Nor'easters
28 May1Carolina DynamoTobacco Road FC
28 May1Westchester FlamesA.C. Connecticut
28 May1Reading United A.C.F.A. Euro
28 May1Lakeland TropicsPalm Beach Suns
28 May1FC CleburneOKC Energy FC U23
28 May1Mississippi BrillaBrazos Valley
28 May1Southern California SurfFC Golden State Force
28 May1Albuquerque Sol FCBYU Cougars

There have to be at least four rounds played to make predictions.
All these predictions and picks are only informative. Please use your own brain when betting.


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1FC Golden State Force330015:09
2FC Miami City Champions430113:49
3Seacoast United Phantoms33008:29
4OKC Energy FC U2333008:39
5Calgary Foothills FC43019:59
6FC Tucson42117:67
7Long Island Rough Riders220010:16
8Fresno Fuego22007:06
9Nashville SC U23220010:46
10Charlotte Eagles22009:36
11K-W United FC32017:26
12Ocean City Nor'easters22007:36
13Dayton Dutch Lions22004:16
14Southern California Surf32014:16
15SIMA Aguilas22004:26
16Western Mass. Pioneers32014:26
17San Diego Zest FC32013:26
18BYU Cougars21104:14
19Tobacco Road FC31117:54
20North Carolina FC U2321105:34
21Myrtle Beach Mutiny21104:24
22Burlingame Dragons FC41126:84
23West Virginia Chaos31113:54
24TSS FC Rovers51137:124
25San Francisco City FC41124:104
26Chicago FC United11006:03
27Victoria Highlanders FC11004:13
28Des Moines Menace11002:03
29Jersey Express11002:03
30Mississippi Brilla11002:03
31Houston FC21016:53
32Reading United A.C.21015:43
33Michigan Bucks21013:23
34New York Red Bulls U2311003:23
35GPS Portland Phoenix11002:13
36Portland Timbers U2321012:13
37SC United Bantams11001:03
38Saint Louis FC U2311001:03
39Texas United31026:63
40F.A. Euro21012:23
41Seattle Sounders FC U2321011:13
42Lakeland Tropics21014:73
43St. Louis Lions21013:63
44Ventura County Fusion31022:63
45FC Cleburne41036:123
46South Georgia Tormenta FC30215:62
47Academy Bradenton10101:11
49FC Boulder U2310100:01
50Lane United FC20113:61
51Weston FC20112:61
52Derby City Rovers30122:81
53Peachtree City MOBA30122:91
54Brazos Valley00000:00
55Palm Beach Suns00000:00
56Tampa Bay Rowdies U2300000:00
57Thunder Bay Chill00000:00
58Cincinnati Dutch Lions10010:10
59Tri-Cities Otters10010:10
60The Villages SC20024:60
61Albuquerque Sol FC10012:40
62FC Lehigh Valley United Sonic10011:30
63South Florida Surf10011:30
64A.C. Connecticut20021:40
65Evergreen FC30033:90
66Wilmington Hammerheads20023:90
67Carolina Dynamo20021:70
68FC Boston20021:70
69WSA Winnipeg30030:60
70Southern California Seahorses20020:70
71Westchester Flames30032:110
72Orange County Blues U2330030:90

1OKC Energy FC U2333008:39
2Nashville SC U23220010:46
3FC Golden State Force22009:06
4Calgary Foothills FC22007:36
5FC Miami City Champions32018:36
6Ocean City Nor'easters22007:36
7Long Island Rough Riders220010:16
8Dayton Dutch Lions22004:16
9Charlotte Eagles22009:36
10TSS FC Rovers21104:34
11North Carolina FC U2321105:34
12Tobacco Road FC21015:33
13Texas United21015:43
14Southern California Surf21013:13
15Houston FC11004:23
16Lakeland Tropics11004:33
17SIMA Aguilas11002:13
18Chicago FC United11006:03
19San Diego Zest FC21012:23
20Victoria Highlanders FC11004:13
21Burlingame Dragons FC21015:33
22Seattle Sounders FC U2321011:13
23SC United Bantams11001:03
24Seacoast United Phantoms11002:03
25St. Louis Lions11003:03
26Saint Louis FC U2311001:03
27Fresno Fuego11004:03
28Des Moines Menace11002:03
29Jersey Express11002:03
30Michigan Bucks11002:03
31Reading United A.C.11003:13
32Ventura County Fusion21012:33
33New York Red Bulls U2311003:23
34Western Mass. Pioneers11002:03
35GPS Portland Phoenix11002:13
36Portland Timbers U2311002:03
37South Georgia Tormenta FC20202:22
38FC Boulder U2310100:01
39San Francisco City FC10101:11
40FC Tucson20111:41
41Academy Bradenton10101:11
42Derby City Rovers20112:61
43Weston FC10011:50
44Tampa Bay Rowdies U2300000:00
45FC Cleburne00000:00
47Brazos Valley00000:00
48FC Boston00000:00
49Myrtle Beach Mutiny00000:00
50Orange County Blues U2320020:70
51South Florida Surf00000:00
52The Villages SC00000:00
53Tri-Cities Otters00000:00
54Peachtree City MOBA10010:20
55Evergreen FC10010:20
56Palm Beach Suns00000:00
57Southern California Seahorses00000:00
58BYU Cougars00000:00
59Albuquerque Sol FC10012:40
60Lane United FC00000:00
61Mississippi Brilla00000:00
62West Virginia Chaos10010:30
63Cincinnati Dutch Lions10010:10
64Westchester Flames10011:40
65A.C. Connecticut20021:40
66F.A. Euro00000:00
67WSA Winnipeg00000:00
68Thunder Bay Chill00000:00
69K-W United FC00000:00
70Carolina Dynamo00000:00
71FC Lehigh Valley United Sonic00000:00
72Wilmington Hammerheads00000:00
1FC Tucson22006:26
2Seacoast United Phantoms22006:26
3K-W United FC32017:26
4Myrtle Beach Mutiny21104:24
5BYU Cougars21104:14
6West Virginia Chaos21103:24
7Southern California Surf11001:03
8SIMA Aguilas11002:13
9FC Cleburne41036:123
10San Diego Zest FC11001:03
11FC Golden State Force11006:03
12San Francisco City FC31023:93
13Calgary Foothills FC21012:23
14FC Miami City Champions11005:13
15Mississippi Brilla11002:03
16F.A. Euro21012:23
17Fresno Fuego11003:03
18Western Mass. Pioneers21012:23
19Weston FC10101:11
20Tobacco Road FC10102:21
22Peachtree City MOBA20112:71
23Burlingame Dragons FC20111:51
24Lane United FC20113:61
25Texas United10011:20
26Tampa Bay Rowdies U2300000:00
27TSS FC Rovers30033:90
28Houston FC10012:30
29Lakeland Tropics10010:40
30Nashville SC U2300000:00
31North Carolina FC U2300000:00
32FC Boulder U2300000:00
33Chicago FC United00000:00
34Brazos Valley00000:00
35FC Boston20021:70
36Orange County Blues U2310010:20
37Victoria Highlanders FC00000:00
38OKC Energy FC U2300000:00
39South Florida Surf10011:30
40The Villages SC20024:60
41Tri-Cities Otters10010:10
42South Georgia Tormenta FC10013:40
43Evergreen FC20023:70
44Palm Beach Suns00000:00
45Southern California Seahorses20020:70
46Albuquerque Sol FC00000:00
47Seattle Sounders FC U2300000:00
48Academy Bradenton00000:00
49SC United Bantams00000:00
50Derby City Rovers10010:20
51Cincinnati Dutch Lions00000:00
52Westchester Flames20021:70
53A.C. Connecticut00000:00
54WSA Winnipeg30030:60
55Thunder Bay Chill00000:00
56St. Louis Lions10010:60
57Saint Louis FC U2300000:00
58Des Moines Menace00000:00
59Jersey Express00000:00
60Michigan Bucks10011:20
61Carolina Dynamo20021:70
62Reading United A.C.10012:30
63Ocean City Nor'easters00000:00
64Ventura County Fusion10010:30
65New York Red Bulls U2300000:00
66FC Lehigh Valley United Sonic10011:30
67GPS Portland Phoenix00000:00
68Long Island Rough Riders00000:00
69Dayton Dutch Lions00000:00
70Charlotte Eagles00000:00
71Wilmington Hammerheads20023:90
72Portland Timbers U2310010:10

Latest results

dateround home team away team
24 May1FTSC United Bantams1:0Tri-Cities OttersMore details about  -  soccer game
24 May1FTDayton Dutch Lions2:1Michigan BucksMore details about  -  soccer game
24 May1FTChicago FC United6:0St. Louis LionsMore details about  -  soccer game
24 May1FTSaint Louis FC U231:0WSA WinnipegMore details about  -  soccer game
23 May1FTOKC Energy FC U232:1Texas UnitedMore details about  -  soccer game
23 May1FTHouston FC4:2FC CleburneMore details about  -  soccer game
22 May1FTBurlingame Dragons FC5:0San Francisco City FCMore details about  -  soccer game
22 May1FTOcean City Nor'easters3:2Evergreen FCMore details about  -  soccer game
22 May1FTSt. Louis Lions3:0WSA WinnipegMore details about  -  soccer game
22 May1FTA.C. Connecticut1:2Seacoast United PhantomsMore details about  -  soccer game
22 May1FTCincinnati Dutch Lions0:1West Virginia ChaosMore details about  -  soccer game
21 May1FTSeattle Sounders FC U230:1Calgary Foothills FCMore details about  -  soccer game
21 May1FTWestern Mass. Pioneers2:0Westchester FlamesMore details about  -  soccer game
21 May1FTFC Golden State Force5:0Southern California SeahorsesMore details about  -  soccer game
21 May1FTAlbuquerque Sol FC2:4FC TucsonMore details about  -  soccer game
21 May1FTSouthern California Surf3:0Ventura County FusionMore details about  -  soccer game

Under - Over goals statistics

 Over in % of gamesAverage # of goals
1Tampa Bay Rowdies U23   000
2Brazos Valley   000
3Palm Beach Suns   000
4Thunder Bay Chill   000
5Nashville SC U23100100100707
6Chicago FC United100100100606
7Albuquerque Sol FC100100100606
8Charlotte Eagles100100100606
9Wilmington Hammerheads100100100066
10Houston FC100100100655.5
11Lakeland Tropics100100100745.5
12Long Island Rough Riders1001001005.505.5
13Victoria Highlanders FC100100100505
14FC Golden State Force1001001004.565
15The Villages SC10010050055
16Ocean City Nor'easters100100100505
17New York Red Bulls U23100100100505
18FC Cleburne1001005004.54.5
19Lane United FC10010010004.54.5
20St. Louis Lions10010050364.5
21Reading United A.C.100100100454.5
22Westchester Flames1006767544.33
23FC Miami City Champions100100753.6764.25
24Weston FC1005050624
25Tobacco Road FC100100100444
26Texas United100100334.534
27North Carolina FC U23100100100404
28FC Boston10010050044
29South Florida Surf100100100044
30Evergreen FC1006767254
31Carolina Dynamo100100100044
32FC Lehigh Valley United Sonic100100100044
33TSS FC Rovers10080403.543.8
34OKC Energy FC U23100100333.6703.67
35South Georgia Tormenta FC1003333273.67
36Peachtree City MOBA100333324.53.67
37San Francisco City FC1007550243.5
38Burlingame Dragons FC1007550433.5
39Calgary Foothills FC757525523.5
40Southern California Seahorses100505003.53.5
41Fresno Fuego10010050433.5
42Derby City Rovers1006767423.33
43Seacoast United Phantoms1006733243.33
44FC Tucson10050252.543.25
45SIMA Aguilas1001000333
46Myrtle Beach Mutiny1005050033
47Orange County Blues U236733333.523
48K-W United FC1006733033
49GPS Portland Phoenix1001000303
50West Virginia Chaos67673332.52.67
51Ventura County Fusion1006702.532.67
52BYU Cougars10050002.52.5
53A.C. Connecticut1005002.502.5
54Michigan Bucks100500232.5
55Dayton Dutch Lions1005002.502.5
56Academy Bradenton10000202
57Mississippi Brilla10000022
58F.A. Euro10000022
59WSA Winnipeg67330022
60Des Moines Menace10000202
61Jersey Express10000202
62Western Mass. Pioneers10000222
63Southern California Surf33330211.67
64San Diego Zest FC6700211.67
65Portland Timbers U235000211.5
66Tri-Cities Otters000011
67Seattle Sounders FC U23000101
68SC United Bantams000101
69Cincinnati Dutch Lions000101
70Saint Louis FC U23000101
71FC Boulder U23000000

Average number of goals is taken from sum Goals for and Goals against.

Team profit

If you bet on every game team plays. Each bet is 100 units.
 Total profitProfit per game
1Weston FC00
2Tobacco Road FC00
3Texas United00
4Tampa Bay Rowdies U2300
5TSS FC Rovers00
6Southern California Surf00
7Houston FC00
8Lakeland Tropics00
9Nashville SC U2300
10North Carolina FC U2300
11SIMA Aguilas00
12FC Cleburne00
13FC Boulder U2300
15Chicago FC United00
16Brazos Valley00
17FC Boston00
18Myrtle Beach Mutiny00
19San Diego Zest FC00
20Orange County Blues U2300
21Victoria Highlanders FC00
22FC Golden State Force00
23San Francisco City FC00
24OKC Energy FC U2300
25South Florida Surf00
26The Villages SC00
27Tri-Cities Otters00
28South Georgia Tormenta FC00
29Peachtree City MOBA00
30Evergreen FC00
31Burlingame Dragons FC00
32Calgary Foothills FC00
33Palm Beach Suns00
34FC Miami City Champions00
35Southern California Seahorses00
36FC Tucson00
37BYU Cougars00
38Albuquerque Sol FC00
39Seattle Sounders FC U2300
40Lane United FC00
41Academy Bradenton00
42Mississippi Brilla00
43West Virginia Chaos00
44SC United Bantams00
45Derby City Rovers00
46Cincinnati Dutch Lions00
47Westchester Flames00
48Seacoast United Phantoms00
49A.C. Connecticut00
50F.A. Euro00
51WSA Winnipeg00
52Thunder Bay Chill00
53St. Louis Lions00
54Saint Louis FC U2300
55K-W United FC00
56Fresno Fuego00
57Des Moines Menace00
58Jersey Express00
59Michigan Bucks00
60Carolina Dynamo00
61Reading United A.C.00
62Ocean City Nor'easters00
63Ventura County Fusion00
64New York Red Bulls U2300
65Western Mass. Pioneers00
66FC Lehigh Valley United Sonic00
67GPS Portland Phoenix00
68Long Island Rough Riders00
69Dayton Dutch Lions00
70Charlotte Eagles00
71Wilmington Hammerheads00
72Portland Timbers U2300

Teams with positive numbers can be undervalued by bookmakers.
Only games with odds from bookmakers included