Brazil - Paraibano




Auto Esporte

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Date Sunday 12th February 2012
Time 19:00 CET
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TrezeAuto Esporte
LOST in last 1 Paraibano's games.WON in last 1 Paraibano's games.
NOT DRAW in last 9 Paraibano's games.NOT LOST in last 2 Paraibano's games.

2.League position8.
  9pts.Last five games  7pts.
  15pts.last 5 home/away only  6pts.
»Head to Head matches
08th Feb 15 Brazil - ParaibanoTreze : Auto Esporte 2:0
23rd May 14 Brazil - Paraibano 2nd group stageAuto Esporte : Treze 1:0
20th Apr 14 Brazil - Paraibano 2nd group stageTreze : Auto Esporte 1:1
18th Apr 13 Brazil - Paraibano 2nd group stageAuto Esporte : Treze 0:3
10th Mar 13 Brazil - Paraibano 2nd group stageTreze : Auto Esporte 0:1
22nd Feb 13 Brazil - ParaibanoTreze : Auto Esporte 2:0
20th Jan 13 Brazil - ParaibanoAuto Esporte : Treze 0:4
25th Mar 12 Brazil - ParaibanoAuto Esporte : Treze 0:2
12th Feb 12 Brazil - ParaibanoTreze : Auto Esporte 1:0
24th Mar 11 Brazil - ParaibanoAuto Esporte : Treze 0:4
06th Feb 11 Brazil - ParaibanoTreze : Auto Esporte 4:0
04th Apr 10 Brazil - ParaibanoTreze : Auto Esporte 2:1
21st Feb 10 Brazil - ParaibanoAuto Esporte : Treze 1:4
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
4Botafogo PB1894538:2431
5Paraiba PB1894526:1731
6Nacional de Patos1883725:3427
7Centro Sportivo Paraibano1875625:2826
8Auto Esporte1872925:2623
9Esporte de Patos18311425:5010
10Flamengo PB18121515:405
 relegation relegation  

1Paraiba PB972014:223
4Botafogo PB961223:1319
6Centro Sportivo Paraibano952212:1117
7Auto Esporte952212:1017
8Nacional de Patos952214:1517
9Esporte de Patos921615:277
10Flamengo PB90278:222
2Botafogo PB933315:1112
4Nacional de Patos931511:1910
6Centro Sportivo Paraibano923413:179
7Paraiba PB922512:158
8Auto Esporte920713:166
9Flamengo PB91087:183
10Esporte de Patos910810:233

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
2Centro Sportivo Paraibano53208:311
3Botafogo PB53029:69
6Auto Esporte52127:67
7Nacional de Patos52126:97
8Paraiba PB52036:56
9Esporte de Patos51047:143
10Flamengo PB50053:100

2Paraiba PB54107:013
3Auto Esporte54109:413
4Centro Sportivo Paraibano53207:411
5Nacional de Patos53119:810
6Botafogo PB531110:610
9Flamengo PB50054:120
10Esporte de Patos50057:180
1Botafogo PB521210:87
4Auto Esporte520311:86
5Nacional de Patos52036:126
6Centro Sportivo Paraibano51229:125
7Paraiba PB51046:93
8Flamengo PB51044:83
9Esporte de Patos51047:123