Romania - Liga I


Tirgu Mures


CFR Cluj




halftime (1:0)
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Date Monday 6th October 2014
Time 20:00 CEST
90'   Ionut Alin Rada
85'   Claudiu Voiculet
77'   Ousmane N'Doye
68'   Gregory Tade
55'   Mircea Axente
54'   Gabriel Muresan
50'   Marius Marcel Constantin
43'   Ioan Hora
Coach: Marius Lacatus
Coach: Vasile Miriuta
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Tirgu MuresCFR Cluj
LOST in last 2 Liga I's games.LOST in last 1 Liga I's games.
NOT DRAW in last 7 Liga I's games.NOT DRAW in last 4 Liga I's games.

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2.League position3.
  6pts.Last five games  10pts.
  12pts.last 5 home/away only  5pts.

5 on CFR Cluj

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 0:2
»Head to Head matches
17th Feb 17 Romania - Liga ICFR Cluj : Tirgu Mures 2:0
30th Sep 16 Romania - Liga ITirgu Mures : CFR Cluj 1:3
07th Sep 16 Romania - League CupCFR Cluj : Tirgu Mures 5:6
21st Apr 16 Romania - CupCFR Cluj : Tirgu Mures 2:0
02nd Mar 16 Romania - CupTirgu Mures : CFR Cluj 0:0
21st Feb 16 Romania - Liga ICFR Cluj : Tirgu Mures 1:0
25th Sep 15 Romania - Liga ITirgu Mures : CFR Cluj 0:0
17th Apr 15 Romania - Liga ICFR Cluj : Tirgu Mures 2:2
06th Oct 14 Romania - Liga ITirgu Mures : CFR Cluj 2:0
18th Jul 12 International - Club FriendliesCFR Cluj : Tirgu Mures 1:0
02nd Mar 12 Romania - Liga ICFR Cluj : Tirgu Mures 1:0
30th Jul 11 Romania - Liga ITirgu Mures : CFR Cluj 0:2
11th Apr 11 Romania - Liga ITirgu Mures : CFR Cluj 0:0
19th Sep 10 Romania - Liga ICFR Cluj : Tirgu Mures 1:2
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Tirgu Mures
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17.9.CFR Cluj5:0FC VoluntariMore details about <b>CFR Cluj</b>-FC Voluntari game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Steaua Bucuresti34225759:2371
2Tirgu Mures34208651:2568
3CFR Cluj34169946:2957
4Astra Giurgiu341512753:2757
5CS Universitatea Craiova341411940:3453
6Petrolul Ploiesti3414101042:3052
7Dinamo Bucuresti341391247:4448
10CSMS Iasi3411101331:3943
11FC Viitorul Constanta3411101344:5443
12Concordia Chiajna349141139:4441
13Gaz Metan Medias348151129:3439
14FC Brasov34991633:4636
15Universitatea Cluj348111529:4135
16Rapid Bucuresti34891721:4233
17Otelul Galati347111624:4532
18Ceahlaul Piatra-Neamt34691925:5827
 champions league qualification champions league qualification   uefa qualification uefa qualification   relegation relegation  

1Tirgu Mures17142129:744
2Astra Giurgiu17104337:1334
3CFR Cluj17102532:1732
4Steaua Bucuresti17102532:1232
5CS Universitatea Craiova1777319:1028
6CSMS Iasi1776418:1727
7Dinamo Bucuresti1776425:1927
9Concordia Chiajna1767420:1625
11Gaz Metan Medias1758416:1423
12Universitatea Cluj1757514:1822
13Petrolul Ploiesti1763819:2021
14FC Viitorul Constanta1754819:2119
15FC Brasov1754820:2419
16Otelul Galati1745816:1917
17Rapid Bucuresti1736813:2315
18Ceahlaul Piatra-Neamt1727814:2713
1Steaua Bucuresti17123227:1139
2Petrolul Ploiesti1787223:1031
3CS Universitatea Craiova1774621:2425
4CFR Cluj1767414:1225
5FC Viitorul Constanta1766525:3324
6Tirgu Mures1766522:1824
7Astra Giurgiu1758416:1423
9Dinamo Bucuresti1763822:2521
11Rapid Bucuresti175398:1918
12FC Brasov1745813:2217
13CSMS Iasi1744913:2216
14Concordia Chiajna1737719:2816
15Gaz Metan Medias1737713:2016
16Otelul Galati173688:2615
17Ceahlaul Piatra-Neamt17421111:3114
18Universitatea Cluj17341015:2313

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Astra Giurgiu541012:313
2Steaua Bucuresti532010:511
3Concordia Chiajna53118:610
4Otelul Galati531110:810
5CFR Cluj531111:610
7Gaz Metan Medias52305:29
8Dinamo Bucuresti52127:67
9CS Universitatea Craiova52036:66
10Tirgu Mures52039:76
11CSMS Iasi51223:85
13Universitatea Cluj51224:45
14FC Brasov51226:75
15Petrolul Ploiesti51134:84
16Rapid Bucuresti51133:74
17Ceahlaul Piatra-Neamt51044:113
18FC Viitorul Constanta50145:161

1Concordia Chiajna541010:513
2CFR Cluj541011:413
3Tirgu Mures540112:512
4Otelul Galati531110:510
7CSMS Iasi52213:38
8Gaz Metan Medias52214:28
9Universitatea Cluj52214:48
10CS Universitatea Craiova52126:27
11FC Viitorul Constanta52124:57
12Astra Giurgiu52128:57
13Dinamo Bucuresti51225:75
14Ceahlaul Piatra-Neamt51224:65
15Rapid Bucuresti51135:94
16Steaua Bucuresti51135:64
17Petrolul Ploiesti51043:83
18FC Brasov50235:82
1Steaua Bucuresti53209:311
2Astra Giurgiu53117:410
3Tirgu Mures52126:77
4Gaz Metan Medias51404:37
5Dinamo Bucuresti52127:47
6Rapid Bucuresti52124:57
7Otelul Galati52125:77
9FC Brasov52124:47
11CFR Cluj51226:75
12CS Universitatea Craiova51136:94
13CSMS Iasi51134:84
14FC Viitorul Constanta51137:164
15Universitatea Cluj51133:74
16Petrolul Ploiesti50324:63
17Ceahlaul Piatra-Neamt51043:103
18Concordia Chiajna50143:101