China - Super League


Tianjin Teda


Beijing Guoan

halftime (0:0)
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Date Saturday 22nd October 2011
Time 13:30 CEST
Venue nameTEDA Football Stadium
77'   Joel Griffiths
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Tianjin TedaBeijing Guoan
LOST in last 3 Super League's games.LOST in last 2 Super League's games.
NOT WON in last 8 Super League's games.NOT DRAW in last 4 Super League's games.

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10.League position2.
  1pts.Last five games  7pts.
  2pts.last 5 home/away only  7pts.

4 on Beijing Guoan

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 0:1
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09th Jul 16 China - Super LeagueBeijing Guoan : Tianjin Teda 0:0
16th Mar 16 China - Super LeagueTianjin Teda : Beijing Guoan 0:0
25th Oct 15 China - Super LeagueTianjin Teda : Beijing Guoan 4:0
20th Jun 15 China - Super LeagueBeijing Guoan : Tianjin Teda 3:0
20th Sep 14 China - Super LeagueBeijing Guoan : Tianjin Teda 2:1
03rd May 14 China - Super LeagueTianjin Teda : Beijing Guoan 0:1
21st Sep 13 China - Super LeagueTianjin Teda : Beijing Guoan 1:0
18th May 13 China - Super LeagueBeijing Guoan : Tianjin Teda 2:2
28th Jul 12 China - Super LeagueTianjin Teda : Beijing Guoan 2:1
30th Mar 12 China - Super LeagueBeijing Guoan : Tianjin Teda 3:1
22nd Oct 11 China - Super LeagueTianjin Teda : Beijing Guoan 0:1
26th Jun 11 China - Super LeagueBeijing Guoan : Tianjin Teda 1:1
17th Oct 10 China - Super LeagueBeijing Guoan : Tianjin Teda 1:1
30th May 10 China - Super LeagueTianjin Teda : Beijing Guoan 0:0
14th Oct 09 China - Super LeagueTianjin Teda : Beijing Guoan 0:0
02nd Jul 08 China - Super LeagueTianjin Teda : Beijing Guoan 1:3
08th Apr 06 China - Super LeagueBeijing Guoan : Tianjin Teda 1:1
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Guangzhou Evergrande30208267:2368
2Beijing Guoan301411549:2153
3Liaoning Hongyun30148838:2350
4Jiangsu Suning FC301451143:2847
5Shandong Luneng30138937:3147
6Qingdao Jonoon30129937:3345
7Changchun Yatai301112733:3145
8Hangzhou Greentown301091128:3239
9Beijing Renhe301081234:4138
10Tianjin Teda30813937:4137
11Shanghai Shenhua301141531:4137
12Henan Jianye307111229:3532
13Dalian Shide307111227:4332
14Shanghai Shenxin30851720:4129
15Chengdu Tiancheng305121327:4727
16Shenzhen FC30581727:5323
 relegation relegation  

1Guangzhou Evergrande15132042:741
2Jiangsu Suning FC15112229:1135
3Liaoning Hongyun15103222:733
4Qingdao Jonoon15102323:932
5Beijing Guoan1594231:1231
6Shandong Luneng1585218:1029
7Shanghai Shenhua1592424:1829
8Hangzhou Greentown1584315:928
9Changchun Yatai1558218:1523
10Tianjin Teda1564522:1822
11Dalian Shide1556416:1921
12Beijing Renhe1556419:2121
13Henan Jianye1547415:1219
14Shenzhen FC1554620:2119
15Shanghai Shenxin1545610:1617
16Chengdu Tiancheng1527613:2213
1Guangzhou Evergrande1576225:1627
2Changchun Yatai1564515:1622
3Beijing Guoan1557318:922
4Shandong Luneng1553719:2118
5Beijing Renhe1552815:2017
6Liaoning Hongyun1545616:1617
7Tianjin Teda1529415:2315
8Chengdu Tiancheng1535714:2514
9Henan Jianye1534814:2313
10Qingdao Jonoon1527614:2413
11Shanghai Shenxin15401110:2512
12Jiangsu Suning FC1533914:1712
13Dalian Shide1525811:2411
14Hangzhou Greentown1525813:2311
15Shanghai Shenhua1522117:238
16Shenzhen FC1504117:324

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Jiangsu Suning FC53119:310
2Guangzhou Evergrande531114:810
3Shandong Luneng53117:610
4Shanghai Shenhua53115:510
5Liaoning Hongyun53118:410
6Qingdao Jonoon531110:610
7Chengdu Tiancheng52309:69
8Shanghai Shenxin52215:28
9Beijing Guoan52128:67
10Changchun Yatai52035:96
11Dalian Shide51223:65
12Hangzhou Greentown51133:84
13Henan Jianye51136:74
14Beijing Renhe51137:124
15Shenzhen FC50326:83
16Tianjin Teda50142:91

1Guangzhou Evergrande550016:115
2Jiangsu Suning FC541013:613
3Liaoning Hongyun54105:013
4Qingdao Jonoon54108:013
5Shanghai Shenhua54017:512
6Henan Jianye531110:510
7Beijing Guoan531112:510
8Chengdu Tiancheng52308:49
9Changchun Yatai53026:79
10Dalian Shide52215:68
11Hangzhou Greentown52214:28
12Shandong Luneng52214:38
13Shanghai Shenxin51313:56
14Shenzhen FC51227:105
15Beijing Renhe50235:122
16Tianjin Teda50236:102
1Qingdao Jonoon52216:68
2Guangzhou Evergrande521211:107
3Beijing Renhe52127:67
4Beijing Guoan52126:47
5Dalian Shide51315:46
6Shanghai Shenxin52035:76
7Shandong Luneng52038:106
8Jiangsu Suning FC51224:35
9Chengdu Tiancheng51226:85
10Liaoning Hongyun51226:65
11Changchun Yatai51134:94
12Henan Jianye51043:93
13Tianjin Teda50323:103
14Shenzhen FC50233:72
15Hangzhou Greentown50144:121
16Shanghai Shenhua50142:91