Denmark - DBU Pokalen





halftime (0:1)
»Game details
Date Wednesday 31st August 2011
Time 19:00 CEST
Venue nameSparekassen
120'  Extratime Goal Raafat El-Soussi
102'  Extratime Goal Jakob Udesen
94'  Extratime Goal Daniel Kristensen
51'   Martin Nielsen
»Head to Head matches
11th May 13 Denmark - 2. Division WestMarienlyst : Thisted 2:2
04th Nov 12 Denmark - 2. Division WestThisted : Marienlyst 2:1
05th Apr 12 Denmark - 2. Division WestMarienlyst : Thisted 3:2
04th Sep 11 Denmark - 2. Division WestThisted : Marienlyst 3:0
31st Aug 11 Denmark - DBU PokalenThisted : Marienlyst 2:3
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Main table plus home and away only tables.