Bolivia - Primera Division - Clausura


The Strongest


Real Mamore

halftime (2:0)
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Date Sunday 8th April 2012
Time 17:00 CEST
Venue nameEstadio Rafael Mendoza
76'   Alejandro Chumacero
68'   Alejandro Chumacero
23'   Matias Marchesini
18'   Hector Luis Gaitan
17'   penalty Pablo Escobar
13'   Sebastian Gonzalez
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The StrongestReal Mamore
WON in last 4 Primera Division - Clausura's games.LOST in last 6 Primera Division - Clausura's games.
NOT DRAW in last 6 Primera Division - Clausura's games.NOT WON in last 11 Primera Division - Clausura's games.

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1.League position11.
  12pts.Last five games  0pts.
  13pts.last 5 home/away only  0pts.

3 on The Strongest

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 2:1
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08th Apr 12 Bolivia - Primera Division - ClausuraThe Strongest : Real Mamore 4:0
05th Feb 12 Bolivia - Primera Division - ClausuraReal Mamore : The Strongest 1:1
20th Nov 11 Bolivia - Primera Division - AperturaReal Mamore : The Strongest 1:0
11th Sep 11 Bolivia - Primera Division - AperturaThe Strongest : Real Mamore 9:1
24th Apr 11 Bolivia - Primera Division - ClausuraReal Mamore : The Strongest 6:2
06th Feb 11 Bolivia - Primera Division - ClausuraThe Strongest : Real Mamore 1:0
10th Oct 10 Bolivia - Primera Division - ClausuraReal Mamore : The Strongest 1:0
08th Aug 10 Bolivia - Primera Division - ClausuraThe Strongest : Real Mamore 3:0
27th Aug 09 Bolivia - Primera Division - ClausuraThe Strongest : Real Mamore 2:1
06th Dec 07 Bolivia - Primera Division - Clausura 2nd stageReal Mamore : The Strongest 6:1
24th Nov 07 Bolivia - Primera Division - Clausura 2nd stageThe Strongest : Real Mamore 7:0
07th Apr 07 Bolivia - Primera Division - AperturaThe Strongest : Real Mamore 5:0
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1The Strongest22115647:2838
2San Jose22115643:2738
3Oriente Petrolero22115638:3038
6Real Potosi22112936:3235
8Nacional Potosi22104833:3634
10La Paz FC22731229:3924
11Real Mamore22531416:4718

3The Strongest1173132:1224
4Real Potosi1180325:1324
5Nacional Potosi1172222:1423
6San Jose1172225:1023
8Oriente Petrolero1172221:923
10La Paz FC1141617:1813
11Real Mamore113268:1111
1San Jose1143418:1715
2Oriente Petrolero1143417:2115
4The Strongest1142515:1614
6Nacional Potosi1132611:2211
7La Paz FC1132612:2111
8Real Potosi1132611:1911
11Real Mamore112188:367

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
2The Strongest540115:512
3Real Potosi540110:412
4Oriente Petrolero53209:611
5San Jose53029:69
7Nacional Potosi521211:117
10La Paz FC51137:114
12Real Mamore50051:180

1Real Potosi550013:515
3The Strongest541019:513
4Nacional Potosi531111:610
6Oriente Petrolero531112:510
7San Jose530210:49
10La Paz FC51047:103
12Real Mamore50142:61
1The Strongest540111:612
3Oriente Petrolero52219:88
4San Jose52128:87
5Real Potosi52127:87
6Nacional Potosi52036:126
11La Paz FC50143:131
12Real Mamore50051:210