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Thai League description

Home field is big advantage for home team. Home team get average 1.66 points per game.!
Draws are less common in this league. 20% of games finish as draw!
Number of goals is above the average. It's 3.23 goals per game!
Number of games with three or more goals is above the average. It's 64% of all games.!
Average league for betting.

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Predictions and upcoming games

dateround home team away teamresult prediction# goals tipscore pick 
27 May17Chiangrai UnitedMuang Thong Uniteddrawover2:2
27 May17Ratchaburi FCThai Honda6 on Ratchaburi FCunder2:0
27 May17Buriram UnitedBangkok United3 on Buriram Unitedover2:1
27 May17Police Tero FCChonburi2 on Chonburiover1:2
27 May17Sisaket FCPort FC4 on Port FCover1:2
28 May17Super Power Samut Prakan FCUbon UMT FC10 on Ubon UMT FCover0:3
28 May17Suphanburi FCSiam Navy FC3 on Suphanburi FCover2:1
28 May17Sukhothai FCPattaya United4 on Pattaya Unitedover1:2
28 May17Bangkok GlassNakhon Ratchasima FC7 on Bangkok Glassover3:0
1 Jun15Sukhothai FCPolice Tero FC6 on Police Tero FCover0:3

All these predictions and picks are only informative. Please use your own brain when betting.


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Muang Thong United16111437:1334
2Buriram United16104238:1534
3Chiangrai United16103335:1733
4Bangkok Glass1693431:2330
5Bangkok United1692544:2629
7Port FC1683526:3027
8Ubon UMT FC1673626:2224
9Ratchaburi FC1665528:2323
10Police Tero FC1565420:1623
11Nakhon Ratchasima FC1648416:1920
12Suphanburi FC1654724:2919
13Siam Navy FC1654719:2419
14Pattaya United1661921:3119
15Thai Honda16501117:2715
16Sisaket FC16421022:4214
17Sukhothai FC15231022:329
18Super Power Samut Prakan FC16011513:511
 relegation relegation  

1Chiangrai United961222:1019
2Bangkok Glass961220:1219
3Buriram United861122:619
4Bangkok United860227:1318
5Port FC952213:1217
6Police Tero FC952215:1017
8Muang Thong United750217:615
9Siam Navy FC842211:814
10Ubon UMT FC833215:1212
11Pattaya United840412:1412
12Nakhon Ratchasima FC82519:511
13Ratchaburi FC632110:611
14Suphanburi FC732212:711
15Sisaket FC732214:1211
16Thai Honda830511:169
17Sukhothai FC812513:175
18Super Power Samut Prakan FC70166:201
1Muang Thong United961220:719
2Buriram United843116:915
3Chiangrai United742113:714
4Ubon UMT FC840411:1012
5Ratchaburi FC1033418:1712
6Bangkok Glass732211:1111
8Bangkok United832317:1311
9Port FC731313:1810
10Nakhon Ratchasima FC82337:149
11Suphanburi FC922512:228
12Pattaya United82159:177
13Thai Honda82066:116
14Police Tero FC61325:66
15Siam Navy FC81258:165
16Sukhothai FC71159:154
17Sisaket FC91088:303
18Super Power Samut Prakan FC90097:310

Latest results

dateround home team away team
21 May16FTChonburi3:2Sukhothai FCMore details about  -  soccer game
21 May16FTPort FC5:3Super Power Samut Prakan FCMore details about  -  soccer game
21 May16FTBangkok United4:0Suphanburi FCMore details about  -  soccer game
21 May16FTPolice Tero FC2:2Buriram UnitedMore details about  -  soccer game
20 May16FTPattaya United4:2Bangkok GlassMore details about  -  soccer game
20 May16FTMuang Thong United2:3Ubon UMT FCMore details about  -  soccer game
20 May16FTSiam Navy FC1:0Ratchaburi FCMore details about  -  soccer game
20 May16FTThai Honda2:3Sisaket FCMore details about  -  soccer game
20 May16FTNakhon Ratchasima FC0:1Chiangrai UnitedMore details about  -  soccer game
17 May15FTRatchaburi FC1:2Bangkok UnitedMore details about  -  soccer game
17 May15FTSuper Power Samut Prakan FC0:1Thai HondaMore details about  -  soccer game
17 May15FTBangkok Glass3:0ChonburiMore details about  -  soccer game
17 May15FTUbon UMT FC1:3Nakhon Ratchasima FCMore details about  -  soccer game
17 May15FTSisaket FC4:2Siam Navy FCMore details about  -  soccer game
17 May15FTMuang Thong United2:3Port FCMore details about  -  soccer game
17 May15FTChiangrai United4:1Pattaya UnitedMore details about  -  soccer game

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Bangkok United540118:812
2Bangkok Glass531111:810
4Pattaya United53028:79
5Nakhon Ratchasima FC52214:28
6Chiangrai United52219:78
7Ubon UMT FC52126:77
8Ratchaburi FC521211:97
9Sisaket FC521212:167
10Port FC52129:97
11Siam Navy FC52126:97
12Buriram United521212:97
13Thai Honda52034:56
14Muang Thong United520312:96
15Suphanburi FC51226:115
16Police Tero FC51227:85
17Sukhothai FC50238:122
18Super Power Samut Prakan FC50057:170

1Buriram United540114:412
2Bangkok United540120:812
3Ratchaburi FC53119:510
4Bangkok Glass53118:410
5Police Tero FC531110:710
7Port FC53028:99
8Muang Thong United530214:69
9Suphanburi FC52219:48
10Sisaket FC522111:98
11Siam Navy FC52216:48
12Chiangrai United521210:77
13Nakhon Ratchasima FC51312:26
14Pattaya United52038:96
15Ubon UMT FC51225:75
16Thai Honda51044:103
17Sukhothai FC50238:122
18Super Power Samut Prakan FC50055:180
1Chiangrai United53119:610
2Port FC531110:710
4Bangkok United531112:610
5Bangkok Glass530210:109
6Ratchaburi FC522111:78
7Buriram United52219:78
8Muang Thong United52129:77
9Ubon UMT FC52035:66
10Thai Honda52034:56
11Pattaya United52037:116
12Nakhon Ratchasima FC51226:105
13Siam Navy FC51226:115
14Police Tero FC51224:55
15Sukhothai FC51138:114
16Suphanburi FC51135:134
17Sisaket FC51046:183
18Super Power Samut Prakan FC50055:150

Under - Over goals statistics

 Over in % of gamesAverage # of goals
1Bangkok United81756253.754.38
2Sisaket FC8781563.714.224
3Super Power Samut Prakan FC8181693.714.224
4Sukhothai FC8073603.753.433.6
5Port FC7562442.784.433.5
6Bangkok Glass8175443.563.143.38
7Suphanburi FC9475502.713.783.31
8Buriram United9475373.53.133.31
9Chiangrai United9475443.562.863.25
10Pattaya United8162443.253.253.25
11Ratchaburi FC8144312.673.53.19
12Muang Thong United8162373.2933.13
13Ubon UMT FC7562373.382.633
15Thai Honda5050373.382.132.75
16Siam Navy FC5650442.3832.69
17Police Tero FC7347202.781.832.4
18Nakhon Ratchasima FC5637371.752.632.19

Average number of goals is taken from sum Goals for and Goals against.

Team profit

If you bet on every game team plays. Each bet is 100 units.
 Total profitProfit per game
1Sukhothai FC00
2Ubon UMT FC00
3Thai Honda00
4Nakhon Ratchasima FC00
5Ratchaburi FC00
6Suphanburi FC00
7Chiangrai United00
8Sisaket FC00
9Port FC00
10Siam Navy FC00
11Muang Thong United00
12Bangkok Glass00
13Pattaya United00
14Super Power Samut Prakan FC00
15Police Tero FC00
16Buriram United00
18Bangkok United00

Teams with positive numbers can be undervalued by bookmakers.
Only games with odds from bookmakers included