International - World Cup Qualification AFC 1st and 2nd round





halftime (1:0)
»Game details
Date Saturday 23rd July 2011
Time 13:00 CEST
Venue nameRajamangala Stadium
90'   Khaled Mahdi
90'   in Ashraf Nu'man
90'   Teerasil Dangda
90'   out Ismail Al Amour
86'   out Jakkraphan Kaewprom
86'   in Prat Samakrat
79'   in Surat Sukha
79'   out Keerati Keawsombat
73'   Ismail Al Amour
54'   out Mohamed Samara
54'   in Ali Khatib
54'   Majed Abusidu
51'   in Keerati Keawsombat
51'   out Chakrit Buathong
46'   in Hussam Wadi
46'   out Murad Said
46'   Suchao Nutnum
45'   Abdelatif Bahdari
33'   Mohammed Shbair
19'   Jakkraphan Kaewprom
11'   Murad Alyan
Goalkeeper: Kawin Thammasatchanon

Substitute player: Prat Samakrat
Substitute player: Surat Sukha
Substitute player: Keerati Keawsombat

Coach: Bryan Robson
Goalkeeper: Mohammed Shbair

Substitute player: Ashraf Nu'man
Substitute player: Ali Khatib
Substitute player: Hussam Wadi
»Head to Head matches
14th Nov 14 International - FriendliesThailand : Palestine 0:0
28th Jul 11 International - World Cup Qualification AFC 1st and 2nd roundPalestine : Thailand 2:2
23rd Jul 11 International - World Cup Qualification AFC 1st and 2nd roundThailand : Palestine 1:0
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