Egypt - 2. Division Grp. 1


Telephonat Bani Sweif



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Date Tuesday 21st March 2017
Time 14:00 CET
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Telephonat Bani SweifTameh
WON in last 1 2. Division Grp. 1's games.LOST in last 2 2. Division Grp. 1's games.
NOT DRAW in last 3 2. Division Grp. 1's games.NOT DRAW in last 6 2. Division Grp. 1's games.

3.League position17.
  10pts.Last five games  3pts.
  13pts.last 5 home/away only  4pts.

10 on Telephonat Bani Sweif

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 2:0
»Head to Head matches
21st Mar 17 Egypt - 2. Division Grp. 1Telephonat Bani Sweif : Tameh 3:1
06th Dec 16 Egypt - 2. Division Grp. 1Tameh : Telephonat Bani Sweif 1:2
10th Mar 16 Egypt - 2. Division grp. 2Telephonat Bani Sweif : Tameh 2:1
10th Dec 15 Egypt - 2. Division grp. 2Tameh : Telephonat Bani Sweif 2:0
06th Apr 15 Egypt - 2. Division grp. 2Telephonat Bani Sweif : Tameh 3:1
06th Nov 14 Egypt - 2. Division grp. 2Tameh : Telephonat Bani Sweif 0:2
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Telephonat Bani Sweif
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Egypt - 2. Division Grp. 1 2016/2017
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01.1.Aluminium Naq Hammadi0:0TamehMore details about Aluminium Naq Hammadi-Tameh game
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11.12.Bani Sweef3:1TamehMore details about <b>Bani Sweef</b>-Tameh game
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18.11.El Gounah1:0TamehMore details about <b>El Gounah</b>-Tameh game
13.11.Tameh1:3Kima AswanMore details about Tameh-<b>Kima Aswan</b> game
06.11.El Minya2:2TamehMore details about El Minya-Tameh game
01.11.Tameh1:3TahtaMore details about Tameh-<b>Tahta</b> game
28.10.AL Qenah0:0TamehMore details about AL Qenah-Tameh game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Al Asyoty Sport25195155:1662
3Telephonat Bani Sweif25137537:2046
4El Gounah26129536:2545
5Aluminium Naq Hammadi25126728:2142
6Bani Sweef25108733:2438
7Kima Aswan26810828:2734
8El Minya2588925:2032
9Madina Monowara26612816:2430
11Naser Al Fekrya26512920:2227
13AL Fayoum25511916:2226
14AL Qenah25511917:2726
15El Wasty25571318:3622
16El Badri26391420:4118
 promotion play off promotion play off   relegation relegation  

2Al Asyoty Sport12102033:932
3El Gounah1393122:830
4Bani Sweef1384121:928
5Aluminium Naq Hammadi1383220:1027
6Telephonat Bani Sweif1382322:1026
7Madina Monowara1365211:823
8Kima Aswan1363416:1221
9El Minya1255213:720
11AL Qenah1246211:818
12El Wasty1252513:1917
14AL Fayoum133738:916
15Naser Al Fekrya1337310:916
17El Badri131667:179
1Al Asyoty Sport1393122:730
2Telephonat Bani Sweif1255215:1020
4El Gounah1336414:1715
5Aluminium Naq Hammadi124358:1115
6Kima Aswan1327412:1513
7El Minya1333712:1312
9Naser Al Fekrya1325610:1311
10AL Fayoum122468:1310
12Bani Sweef1224612:1510
13El Badri1323813:249
14AL Qenah131576:198
16Madina Monowara130765:167
17El Wasty130585:175

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Al Asyoty Sport53207:311
3Telephonat Bani Sweif531110:410
4Aluminium Naq Hammadi53114:210
5Bani Sweef53027:59
6Madina Monowara52213:58
7Kima Aswan52216:48
8El Gounah52219:48
9AL Qenah51316:56
10El Wasty51313:36
11Naser Al Fekrya51314:36
12El Minya51314:26
15AL Fayoum51041:63
17El Badri50233:72

2Al Asyoty Sport541012:513
3Telephonat Bani Sweif541011:313
4Aluminium Naq Hammadi54106:213
5El Wasty53207:411
6Bani Sweef53207:311
7Kima Aswan53116:310
8El Gounah53117:410
9Madina Monowara53026:69
12Naser Al Fekrya51313:36
13El Minya51314:36
14AL Qenah51224:55
15El Badri50232:62
16AL Fayoum50231:62
1Al Asyoty Sport53206:311
3Aluminium Naq Hammadi53024:29
4El Gounah52219:58
5El Minya52125:27
6Naser Al Fekrya51223:35
8El Badri51135:84
9AL Fayoum51132:44
10Kima Aswan50413:44
12AL Qenah50323:63
14Bani Sweef51045:83
15Madina Monowara50321:63
16Telephonat Bani Sweif50325:73
17El Wasty50233:62