Egypt - 2. Division Grp. 1


Telephonat Bani Sweif



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Date Tuesday 21st March 2017
Time 14:00 CET
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Telephonat Bani SweifTameh
LOST in last 1 2. Division Grp. 1's games.LOST in last 8 2. Division Grp. 1's games.
NOT WON in last 5 2. Division Grp. 1's games.NOT DRAW in last 12 2. Division Grp. 1's games.

5.League position17.
  2pts.Last five games  0pts.
  11pts.last 5 home/away only  3pts.

10 on Telephonat Bani Sweif

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 2:0
»Head to Head matches
21st Mar 17 Egypt - 2. Division Grp. 1Telephonat Bani Sweif : Tameh 3:1
06th Dec 16 Egypt - 2. Division Grp. 1Tameh : Telephonat Bani Sweif 1:2
10th Mar 16 Egypt - 2. Division grp. 2Telephonat Bani Sweif : Tameh 2:1
10th Dec 15 Egypt - 2. Division grp. 2Tameh : Telephonat Bani Sweif 2:0
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Telephonat Bani Sweif
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Egypt - 2. Division Grp. 1 2016/2017
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18.1.Tameh1:0SuhagMore details about <b>Tameh</b>-Suhag game
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08.1.Tameh0:3Naser Al FekryaMore details about Tameh-<b>Naser Al Fekrya</b> game
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18.12.Tameh4:1DayrotMore details about <b>Tameh</b>-Dayrot game
11.12.Bani Sweef3:1TamehMore details about <b>Bani Sweef</b>-Tameh game
06.12.Tameh1:2Telephonat Bani SweifMore details about Tameh-<b>Telephonat Bani Sweif</b> game
29.11.AL Fayoum2:0TamehMore details about <b>AL Fayoum</b>-Tameh game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
3El Gounah321610648:3158
4Aluminium Naq Hammadi321661037:2854
5Telephonat Bani Sweif32149946:3651
6Bani Sweef321310944:3649
7El Minya3211101137:3143
8AL Fayoum32914924:2541
9Madina Monowara329131023:2940
10Kima Aswan329121135:3439
12AL Qenah328131124:3337
13Naser Al Fekrya328121229:3136
15El Badri325101729:5125
16El Wasty32671923:5025
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3El Gounah16123130:1039
4Aluminium Naq Hammadi16103323:1333
5Telephonat Bani Sweif1694325:1131
6El Minya1686223:1430
7Bani Sweef1686225:1430
8Madina Monowara1686214:930
9AL Qenah1677216:1028
11Naser Al Fekrya1667319:1125
12Kima Aswan1673621:1624
14AL Fayoum1658311:1023
15El Wasty1662814:2420
16El Badri1637612:2016
2Aluminium Naq Hammadi1663714:1521
4Telephonat Bani Sweif1655621:2520
5Bani Sweef1654719:2219
6El Gounah1647518:2119
7AL Fayoum1646613:1518
8Kima Aswan1629514:1815
10El Minya1634914:1713
12Naser Al Fekrya1625910:2011
13Madina Monowara161789:2010
14AL Qenah161698:239
15El Badri16231117:319
17El Wasty1605119:265

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1El Gounah541010:313
3El Minya531112:1010
4AL Fayoum52304:29
5Aluminium Naq Hammadi53028:69
6AL Qenah52215:48
7Bani Sweef52217:88
8El Badri52129:97
10Madina Monowara52126:57
12Naser Al Fekrya52037:86
14Kima Aswan51137:74
15El Wasty51045:103
16Telephonat Bani Sweif50237:132

3Madina Monowara54106:213
4El Gounah540111:412
5AL Qenah53206:311
6Naser Al Fekrya532010:311
7El Minya532010:711
8Telephonat Bani Sweif532010:211
9Aluminium Naq Hammadi53114:310
11El Badri52216:58
13Bani Sweef52217:68
14AL Fayoum52123:47
15Kima Aswan52037:66
16El Wasty51132:64
2AL Fayoum53206:211
3Bani Sweef53028:99
4Aluminium Naq Hammadi53027:49
5El Gounah52219:58
8Madina Monowara51134:84
9Kima Aswan50414:54
12AL Qenah50233:72
13El Minya50232:52
14El Wasty50145:111
15Naser Al Fekrya50141:91
16El Badri50056:120
17Telephonat Bani Sweif50057:170

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