Estonia - Meistriliiga




Talinna Kalev

halftime (0:1)
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Date Saturday 28th July 2012
Time 16:00 CEST
52'   Olari Perlin
13'   penalty
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TammekaTalinna Kalev
LOST in last 1 Meistriliiga's games.LOST in last 5 Meistriliiga's games.
NOT WON in last 2 Meistriliiga's games.NOT WON in last 24 Meistriliiga's games.

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10.League position9.
  5pts.Last five games  0pts.
  8pts.last 5 home/away only  2pts.

4 on Talinna Kalev

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:2
»Head to Head matches
21st Nov 15 Estonia - Meistriliiga QualificationTalinna Kalev : Tammeka 1:0
18th Nov 15 Estonia - Meistriliiga QualificationTammeka : Talinna Kalev 4:1
03rd Oct 14 Estonia - Premium liigaTammeka : Talinna Kalev 2:1
08th Aug 14 Estonia - Premium liigaTammeka : Talinna Kalev 2:0
24th May 14 Estonia - Premium liigaTalinna Kalev : Tammeka 1:1
29th Mar 14 Estonia - Premium liigaTalinna Kalev : Tammeka 1:6
28th Sep 13 Estonia - Premium liigaTalinna Kalev : Tammeka 2:1
23rd Aug 13 Estonia - Premium liigaTammeka : Talinna Kalev 0:1
18th Jun 13 Estonia - Premium liigaTalinna Kalev : Tammeka 0:2
08th Jun 13 Estonia - Premium liigaTammeka : Talinna Kalev 3:0
20th Oct 12 Estonia - MeistriliigaTalinna Kalev : Tammeka 1:4
28th Jul 12 Estonia - MeistriliigaTammeka : Talinna Kalev 1:1
12th May 12 Estonia - MeistriliigaTalinna Kalev : Tammeka 1:0
10th Apr 12 Estonia - MeistriliigaTammeka : Talinna Kalev 2:1
19th Sep 09 Estonia - MeistriliigaTalinna Kalev : Tammeka 1:6
12th Sep 09 Estonia - MeistriliigaTammeka : Talinna Kalev 1:0
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Nomme JK Kalju362952106:1792
2Levadia Tallinn36258385:2283
2Levadia Tallinn36258385:2283
3Flora Tallinn36263787:2481
4Trans Narva361671352:4455
5JK Sillamae Kalev3615101151:4355
6Paide Linnameeskond361191634:5242
7FC Viljandi36682233:8826
8FC Kuressaare365112031:8026
9Talinna Kalev36492327:8721
 champions league qualification champions league qualification   uefa qualification uefa qualification   relegation play off relegation play off   relegation relegation  

1Nomme JK Kalju18144053:946
2Flora Tallinn18140445:842
3Levadia Tallinn18114341:1437
4Levadia Tallinn18114341:1437
5Trans Narva1974827:2525
6JK Sillamae Kalev1765622:2023
7Paide Linnameeskond1854918:3319
8Talinna Kalev18431113:4015
10FC Viljandi18421218:4714
11FC Kuressaare1827917:3713
1Nomme JK Kalju18151253:846
2Levadia Tallinn18144044:846
3Levadia Tallinn18144044:846
4Flora Tallinn18123342:1639
5JK Sillamae Kalev1995529:2332
6Trans Narva1793525:1930
7Paide Linnameeskond1865716:1923
8FC Kuressaare18341114:4313
9FC Viljandi18261015:4112
10Talinna Kalev18061214:476

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Levadia Tallinn550012:315
2Levadia Tallinn550012:315
3Nomme JK Kalju531110:410
4Flora Tallinn531112:410
5Trans Narva531111:610
6JK Sillamae Kalev521211:77
8FC Kuressaare51228:75
9Paide Linnameeskond51136:134
10FC Viljandi50147:241
11Talinna Kalev50053:170

1Nomme JK Kalju532021:511
2Levadia Tallinn53029:59
3Flora Tallinn530210:49
4Levadia Tallinn53029:59
6JK Sillamae Kalev52037:96
7FC Viljandi51045:223
8Paide Linnameeskond50234:122
9Trans Narva50234:132
10Talinna Kalev50144:151
11FC Kuressaare50143:101
1Trans Narva550015:415
2Levadia Tallinn541013:413
3Flora Tallinn541015:313
4Levadia Tallinn541013:413
5Nomme JK Kalju540115:312
6JK Sillamae Kalev531112:610
7Paide Linnameeskond52307:49
8FC Kuressaare52129:117
10FC Viljandi50236:162
11Talinna Kalev50234:102