Argentina - Argentino A Zona Norte




Gimnasia y Tiro

halftime (1:1)
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Date Monday 30th January 2012
Time 0:00 CET
Venue nameEstadio Talleres
90'   penalty
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TalleresGimnasia y Tiro
WON in last 3 Argentino A Zona Norte's games.LOST in last 1 Argentino A Zona Norte's games.
NOT DRAW in last 7 Argentino A Zona Norte's games.NOT WON in last 2 Argentino A Zona Norte's games.

4.League position10.
  12pts.Last five games  7pts.
  10pts.last 5 home/away only  4pts.

3 on Talleres

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:0
»Head to Head matches
06th Sep 15 Argentina - Federal A 2nd stageTalleres : Gimnasia y Tiro 0:0
23rd Apr 13 Argentina - Argentino A 2nd stageTalleres : Gimnasia y Tiro 1:0
25th Nov 12 Argentina - Argentino A Zona NorteGimnasia y Tiro : Talleres 2:4
02nd Sep 12 Argentina - Argentino A Zona NorteTalleres : Gimnasia y Tiro 0:0
30th Jan 12 Argentina - Argentino A Zona NorteTalleres : Gimnasia y Tiro 2:4
02nd Oct 11 Argentina - Argentino A Zona NorteGimnasia y Tiro : Talleres 3:2
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Crucero del Norte24118531:2141
2San Martin de Tucuman24813327:2137
3Sportivo Belgrano24107732:2737
5Racing de Cordoba241041029:2834
6Central Cordoba de Santiago24711621:2032
7Tiro Federal Rosario2488826:2832
8CD Libertad24710730:2531
9Central Norte24710724:2531
10Gimnasia y Tiro2487927:3031
11Juventud Antoniana2479828:2730
12Alumni de Villa Maria24561323:3221
13Union de Sunchales24481216:3420
 promotion play off promotion play off  

1Crucero del Norte1283120:827
2Sportivo Belgrano1265117:923
3Racing de Cordoba1272316:823
4Gimnasia y Tiro1263318:1321
5Tiro Federal Rosario1263313:1121
6Central Cordoba de Santiago1255214:920
8Central Norte1247114:1019
9CD Libertad1246216:1218
10Juventud Antoniana1253415:1218
11San Martin de Tucuman1246214:1218
12Alumni de Villa Maria1244413:1316
13Union de Sunchales1234511:1713
1San Martin de Tucuman1247113:919
3Crucero del Norte1235411:1314
4Sportivo Belgrano1242615:1814
5CD Libertad1234514:1313
6Juventud Antoniana1226413:1512
7Central Norte1233610:1512
8Central Cordoba de Santiago122647:1112
9Racing de Cordoba1232713:2011
10Tiro Federal Rosario1225513:1711
11Gimnasia y Tiro122469:1710
12Union de Sunchales121475:177
13Alumni de Villa Maria1212910:195

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Sportivo Belgrano54016:312
3Racing de Cordoba53026:39
4San Martin de Tucuman52307:49
5CD Libertad52218:58
6Crucero del Norte52215:48
7Gimnasia y Tiro52126:67
8Central Norte52126:47
9Central Cordoba de Santiago51315:56
10Union de Sunchales51226:95
11Alumni de Villa Maria51226:65
12Tiro Federal Rosario51133:74
13Juventud Antoniana50145:111

1Crucero del Norte541012:413
2Sportivo Belgrano54109:413
3Alumni de Villa Maria53207:311
4Racing de Cordoba53117:310
6Central Norte52308:39
7San Martin de Tucuman52307:49
8Gimnasia y Tiro52127:57
9Tiro Federal Rosario52123:57
10Union de Sunchales51318:96
11CD Libertad51317:66
12Juventud Antoniana52037:76
13Central Cordoba de Santiago51316:66
1San Martin de Tucuman52306:39
3CD Libertad52127:57
4Sportivo Belgrano52037:96
5Tiro Federal Rosario51226:75
6Gimnasia y Tiro51136:104
7Central Norte51135:84
8Central Cordoba de Santiago50414:54
9Juventud Antoniana50325:83
10Crucero del Norte50322:73
11Racing de Cordoba51043:103
12Union de Sunchales50232:82
13Alumni de Villa Maria50234:72