Germany - Oberliga Bayern


TSV Buchbach


Eintracht Bamberg

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Date Saturday 18th September 2010
Time 17:00 CEST
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TSV BuchbachEintracht Bamberg
WON in last 2 Oberliga Bayern's games.LOST in last 3 Oberliga Bayern's games.
NOT LOST in last 4 Oberliga Bayern's games.NOT DRAW in last 4 Oberliga Bayern's games.

4.League position8.
  10pts.Last five games  4pts.
  15pts.last 5 home/away only  6pts.

7 on Eintracht Bamberg

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 0:3
»Head to Head matches
25th Oct 14 Germany - Regionalliga BayernTSV Buchbach : Eintracht Bamberg 0:0
23rd Nov 13 Germany - Regionalliga BayernTSV Buchbach : Eintracht Bamberg 2:1
30th Jul 13 Germany - Regionalliga BayernEintracht Bamberg : TSV Buchbach 2:0
16th Mar 13 Germany - Regionalliga BayernTSV Buchbach : Eintracht Bamberg 4:1
25th Aug 12 Germany - Regionalliga BayernEintracht Bamberg : TSV Buchbach 0:4
05th May 12 Germany - Oberliga BayernTSV Buchbach : Eintracht Bamberg 5:2
08th Oct 11 Germany - Oberliga BayernEintracht Bamberg : TSV Buchbach 5:2
16th Apr 11 Germany - Oberliga BayernEintracht Bamberg : TSV Buchbach 3:0
18th Sep 10 Germany - Oberliga BayernTSV Buchbach : Eintracht Bamberg 2:2
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TSV Buchbach
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1FC Ismaning341812472:4866
2Ingolstadt II34196975:4863
31860 Rosenheim341721558:3953
4TSV Buchbach341581158:5153
6SV Seligenporten3414101059:5652
7Unterhaching II341561353:4451
8Eintracht Bamberg341561354:6151
9FC Schweinfurt341481248:5050
10TSV Grossbardorf3411121153:5445
11FSV Erlangen-Bruck341291359:7045
12TSV Rain/Lech341281452:4744
14SV Heimstetten341271553:5343
15SpVgg Bayern Hof3410111350:5641
16SpVgg Bayreuth341181545:6341
17SV Schalding-Heining34881847:6632
18Jahn Regensburg II34582138:7423
 promotion promotion   relegation relegation  

1Ingolstadt II17131340:1740
2TSV Rain/Lech17113333:1436
3TSV Buchbach17105242:1935
4FC Ismaning1797138:2334
6Unterhaching II17102530:1432
7SpVgg Bayern Hof1786330:1630
8FC Schweinfurt1792629:2529
9SpVgg Bayreuth1784528:2528
10Eintracht Bamberg1783623:2827
11TSV Grossbardorf1776432:2727
12SV Seligenporten1774632:3025
13FSV Erlangen-Bruck1765634:2923
14SV Heimstetten1765629:2623
151860 Rosenheim1772825:2023
17SV Schalding-Heining1754829:3019
18Jahn Regensburg II17241123:3710
1FC Ismaning1795334:2532
21860 Rosenheim17100733:1930
3SV Seligenporten1776427:2627
4Eintracht Bamberg1773731:3324
5Ingolstadt II1765635:3123
6FSV Erlangen-Bruck1764725:4122
7FC Schweinfurt1756619:2521
9SV Heimstetten1762924:2720
10Unterhaching II1754823:3019
12TSV Buchbach1753916:3218
13TSV Grossbardorf1746721:2718
14SV Schalding-Heining17341018:3613
15SpVgg Bayreuth17341017:3813
16Jahn Regensburg II17341015:3713
17SpVgg Bayern Hof17251020:4011
18TSV Rain/Lech17151119:338

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1SV Heimstetten540113:812
21860 Rosenheim540118:412
3TSV Buchbach531114:610
4FC Ismaning531112:810
5Unterhaching II53029:89
6TSV Grossbardorf523010:89
7FC Schweinfurt53026:59
8Ingolstadt II52219:58
9SpVgg Bayern Hof522110:58
12SV Seligenporten51225:75
13Eintracht Bamberg51136:164
14SpVgg Bayreuth51137:134
15TSV Rain/Lech51048:123
16Jahn Regensburg II51047:163
17SV Schalding-Heining50236:122
18FSV Erlangen-Bruck50145:181

1TSV Buchbach550017:315
2SV Heimstetten540112:512
3SpVgg Bayern Hof532011:411
4Ingolstadt II53118:310
5Eintracht Bamberg53119:810
61860 Rosenheim531110:210
8FC Schweinfurt53029:89
9FC Ismaning522111:88
10TSV Rain/Lech52126:67
11TSV Grossbardorf52129:97
13Unterhaching II52037:76
14SV Seligenporten51227:65
15SV Schalding-Heining51137:84
16SpVgg Bayreuth51136:84
17Jahn Regensburg II51137:114
18FSV Erlangen-Bruck50238:122
11860 Rosenheim550017:215
2FC Ismaning540110:712
3SV Seligenporten53117:410
6SpVgg Bayern Hof52218:68
7SV Heimstetten521211:107
8Ingolstadt II51318:86
9Eintracht Bamberg52037:116
10Unterhaching II52035:106
11FC Schweinfurt52033:96
12SV Schalding-Heining51135:114
13FSV Erlangen-Bruck51132:154
14TSV Buchbach51134:84
15TSV Grossbardorf50415:74
16SpVgg Bayreuth51135:124
17Jahn Regensburg II51137:154
18TSV Rain/Lech50144:101