Sweden - 1. Division North


Syrianska IF Kerburan



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Date Sunday 4th September 2011
Time 18:00 CEST
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Syrianska IF KerburanSirius
LOST in last 1 1. Division North's games.WON in last 5 1. Division North's games.
NOT DRAW in last 6 1. Division North's games.NOT LOST in last 6 1. Division North's games.

9.League position3.
  3pts.Last five games  15pts.
  12pts.last 5 home/away only  8pts.

5 on Sirius

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 0:3
»Head to Head matches
15th Jul 12 Sweden - 1. Division NorthSirius : Syrianska IF Kerburan 7:0
09th Jul 12 Sweden - 1. Division NorthSyrianska IF Kerburan : Sirius 3:2
04th Sep 11 Sweden - 1. Division NorthSyrianska IF Kerburan : Sirius 1:0
23rd May 11 Sweden - 1. Division NorthSirius : Syrianska IF Kerburan 2:0
15th Aug 10 Sweden - 1. Division NorthSyrianska IF Kerburan : Sirius 0:2
04th Jul 10 Sweden - 1. Division NorthSirius : Syrianska IF Kerburan 2:2
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
2AFC Eskilstuna26155651:2650
4Dalkurd FF26147551:3549
5BK Forward26911645:3738
6Vasalunds IF26910744:3637
7Karlstad BK26961136:3933
8IK Frej Taeby26881036:2932
9Syrianska IF Kerburan26951235:5132
10IFK Luleaa26791026:3830
11Akropolis IF26781132:3629
12Valsta Syrianska26841437:4728
13Bodens BK26481429:5420
14Boo FK26531827:6118
 promotion promotion   promotion play off promotion play off   relegation relegation  

2Dalkurd FF1383225:1327
3AFC Eskilstuna1375124:1126
5BK Forward1365226:1623
6Syrianska IF Kerburan1372422:1723
7Vasalunds IF1372427:2023
8Akropolis IF1355322:1820
9Karlstad BK1352616:1917
10IK Frej Taeby1345418:1217
11Valsta Syrianska1352624:2317
12IFK Luleaa1345412:1517
13Boo FK1343622:2615
14Bodens BK1335517:2514
2AFC Eskilstuna1380527:1524
3Dalkurd FF1364326:2222
5Karlstad BK1344520:2016
6BK Forward1336419:2115
7IK Frej Taeby1343618:1715
8Vasalunds IF1328317:1614
9IFK Luleaa1334614:2313
10Valsta Syrianska1332813:2411
11Akropolis IF1323810:189
12Syrianska IF Kerburan1323813:349
13Bodens BK1313912:296
14Boo FK1310125:353

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
3AFC Eskilstuna53028:29
4Boo FK530214:99
5Valsta Syrianska53028:79
6Dalkurd FF522112:118
7Akropolis IF521210:127
8Karlstad BK52038:86
9IFK Luleaa52036:96
10IK Frej Taeby51224:55
11Vasalunds IF51137:104
12Bodens BK51046:133
13BK Forward51045:113
14Syrianska IF Kerburan51047:193

3Syrianska IF Kerburan54019:512
4Dalkurd FF532011:611
5Valsta Syrianska530210:89
6Akropolis IF522110:108
7AFC Eskilstuna52217:38
8IFK Luleaa52215:58
9BK Forward52128:77
10Boo FK521212:127
11Karlstad BK52034:86
12IK Frej Taeby51313:36
13Vasalunds IF520313:126
14Bodens BK51135:104
1AFC Eskilstuna540113:212
2Dalkurd FF531113:1210
3IK Frej Taeby531112:510
6Vasalunds IF51227:75
7Karlstad BK51138:94
8Akropolis IF51133:54
9Bodens BK51136:94
10Valsta Syrianska51133:64
11IFK Luleaa51135:104
12Boo FK51044:163
13Syrianska IF Kerburan50233:152
14BK Forward50146:131