Sweden 2. Division Oestra Goetaland 2018 Sweden | 2. Division Oestra Goetaland | 2018

2. Division Oestra Goetaland description

Home field is big advantage for home team. Home team get average 1.66 points per game.!
Number of draws is on average level. 26% of games finish as draw
Number of goals per game is normal. It's 2.62 goals per game
Number of games with three or more goals is very low. It's 31% of all games.!!!
Bet very carefuly here. Outsiders are winning lot of games.!

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Predictions and upcoming games

dateround home team away teamresult prediction# goals tipscore pick 
20 Jun12Haessleholms IFOesterlen FFdrawunder1:1
20 Jun12Nosaby IFIFK Haessleholm6 on Nosaby IFunder2:0
21 Jun12Soelvesborgs GOIFLindsdals IF5 on Soelvesborgs GOIFunder2:0
21 Jun12Assyriska IKDalstorps IF8 on Assyriska IKunder2:0
21 Jun12IFK BergaRaeppe GOIFdrawunder1:1
21 Jun12Asarums IF FKIfoe Bromoella IF8 on Ifoe Bromoella IFunder0:2
24 Jun12Raaslaetts SKNaessjoe FF4 on Raaslaetts SKunder1:0
26 Jun14Assyriska IKHaessleholms IF10 on Assyriska IKunder2:0
28 Jun13Ifoe Bromoella IFIFK Haessleholm9 on Ifoe Bromoella IFunder2:0
30 Jun13Naessjoe FFSoelvesborgs GOIF6 on Naessjoe FFunder2:0
30 Jun13Oesterlen FFIFK Bergadrawunder1:1
30 Jun13Haessleholms IFNosaby IF3 on Nosaby IFunder0:1
30 Jun13Raeppe GOIFAssyriska IK3 on Assyriska IKunder0:1
30 Jun13Dalstorps IFRaaslaetts SKdrawunder1:1
30 Jun13Lindsdals IFAsarums IF FK8 on Asarums IF FKunder0:2

All these predictions and picks are only informative. Please use your own brain when betting.


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Assyriska IK1173126:1224
2Ifoe Bromoella IF1173118:524
3Nosaby IF1162312:920
4Raaslaetts SK1153317:1018
5Naessjoe FF1153317:1418
6Dalstorps IF1144310:1016
7IFK Berga1151516:1816
8Asarums IF FK1143420:2115
9IFK Haessleholm1142513:1214
10Raeppe GOIF1134413:1113
11Oesterlen FF1134412:1013
12Haessleholms IF1124515:1810
13Soelvesborgs GOIF112368:179
14Lindsdals IF1101105:351
 promotion promotion   promotion play off promotion play off   relegation relegation  

1Assyriska IK550016:315
2Naessjoe FF642012:414
3Ifoe Bromoella IF641110:313
4IFK Haessleholm640210:312
5Dalstorps IF63216:311
6Raeppe GOIF63128:310
7Nosaby IF53116:610
8Raaslaetts SK53119:510
9Oesterlen FF62316:49
10Haessleholms IF522110:68
11IFK Berga52127:107
12Asarums IF FK512210:125
13Soelvesborgs GOIF50323:53
14Lindsdals IF60153:191
1Ifoe Bromoella IF53208:211
2Asarums IF FK631210:910
3Nosaby IF63126:310
4Assyriska IK623110:99
5IFK Berga63039:89
6Raaslaetts SK62228:58
7Soelvesborgs GOIF62045:126
8Dalstorps IF51224:75
9Oesterlen FF51136:64
10Naessjoe FF51135:104
11Raeppe GOIF50325:83
12Haessleholms IF60245:122
13IFK Haessleholm50233:92
14Lindsdals IF50052:160

Latest results

dateround home team away team
16 Jun11FTLindsdals IF0:4Raaslaetts SKMore details about  -  soccer game
16 Jun11FTRaeppe GOIF2:0Haessleholms IFMore details about  -  soccer game
16 Jun11FTDalstorps IF2:0IFK BergaMore details about  -  soccer game
16 Jun11FTIFK Haessleholm1:2Asarums IF FKMore details about  -  soccer game
16 Jun11FTIfoe Bromoella IF3:0Soelvesborgs GOIFMore details about  -  soccer game
16 Jun11FTOesterlen FF1:0Nosaby IFMore details about  -  soccer game
15 Jun11FTNaessjoe FF4:2Assyriska IKMore details about  -  soccer game
10 Jun10FTOesterlen FF1:1Raeppe GOIFMore details about  -  soccer game
9 Jun10FTAssyriska IK4:1Lindsdals IFMore details about  -  soccer game
9 Jun10FTNosaby IF0:3Asarums IF FKMore details about  -  soccer game
9 Jun10FTRaaslaetts SK0:0Ifoe Bromoella IFMore details about  -  soccer game
9 Jun10FTIFK Berga3:1Naessjoe FFMore details about  -  soccer game
6 Jun10FTHaessleholms IF3:0Dalstorps IFMore details about  -  soccer game
6 Jun10FTSoelvesborgs GOIF1:1IFK HaessleholmMore details about  -  soccer game
4 Jun9FTLindsdals IF1:4IFK BergaMore details about  -  soccer game
2 Jun9FTDalstorps IF1:0Oesterlen FFMore details about  -  soccer game

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Oesterlen FF52307:09
2Assyriska IK52305:19
3Ifoe Bromoella IF52305:09
4Raeppe GOIF51404:27
5Dalstorps IF51402:17
6Raaslaetts SK51404:27
7IFK Berga51311:46
8Nosaby IF51311:16
9Haessleholms IF51223:45
10Naessjoe FF50411:34
11Soelvesborgs GOIF50410:14
12Asarums IF FK50323:73
13Lindsdals IF50321:83
14IFK Haessleholm50320:33

1Assyriska IK541012:213
2Raeppe GOIF53208:111
3Nosaby IF53206:311
4Ifoe Bromoella IF53206:111
5Raaslaetts SK53119:510
6IFK Haessleholm52212:18
7Dalstorps IF51403:27
8Naessjoe FF51404:17
9Oesterlen FF51314:36
10Haessleholms IF51317:66
11IFK Berga51224:95
12Asarums IF FK50326:93
13Lindsdals IF50322:103
14Soelvesborgs GOIF50322:43
1Ifoe Bromoella IF53208:211
2Assyriska IK52305:29
3IFK Berga52214:38
4Nosaby IF51314:26
5Dalstorps IF51314:46
6Raaslaetts SK51314:26
7Oesterlen FF51226:55
8Naessjoe FF51224:75
9Soelvesborgs GOIF51221:55
10Raeppe GOIF50324:73
11Asarums IF FK50324:83
12Haessleholms IF50233:82
13IFK Haessleholm50232:82
14Lindsdals IF50141:121

Under - Over goals statistics

 Over in % of gamesAverage # of goals
1Asarums IF FK6445364.43.173.73
2Lindsdals IF6445363.673.63.64
3Assyriska IK6445363.83.173.45
4IFK Berga5545273.42.833.09
5Haessleholms IF6436363.22.833
6Naessjoe FF552792.6732.82
7Raaslaetts SK4536182.82.172.45
8IFK Haessleholm3627182.172.42.27
9Soelvesborgs GOIF271891.62.832.27
10Raeppe GOIF731891.832.62.18
11Ifoe Bromoella IF4527182.1722.09
12Oesterlen FF552791.672.42
13Nosaby IF362792.41.51.91
14Dalstorps IF45901.52.21.82

Average number of goals is taken from sum Goals for and Goals against.

Team profit

If you bet on every game team plays. Each bet is 100 units.
 Total profitProfit per game
1Raeppe GOIF00
2Oesterlen FF00
3Assyriska IK00
4Asarums IF FK00
5IFK Berga00
6Nosaby IF00
7Haessleholms IF00
8Dalstorps IF00
9Ifoe Bromoella IF00
10Naessjoe FF00
11Raaslaetts SK00
12Lindsdals IF00
13IFK Haessleholm00
14Soelvesborgs GOIF00

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