Indonesia - Super Liga


Sriwijaya FC


Persela Lamongan

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Date Wednesday 20th June 2012
Time 10:30 CEST
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Sriwijaya FCPersela Lamongan
WON in last 2 Super Liga's games.WON in last 3 Super Liga's games.
NOT DRAW in last 11 Super Liga's games.NOT DRAW in last 5 Super Liga's games.

1.League position4.
  9pts.Last five games  12pts.
  15pts.last 5 home/away only  5pts.

10 on Sriwijaya FC

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 3:0
»Head to Head matches
12th Sep 15 Indonesia - Super LeagueSriwijaya FC : Persela Lamongan 0:0
09th Jul 15 Indonesia - Super LeaguePersela Lamongan : Sriwijaya FC 0:0
11th Jul 13 Indonesia - Super LigaSriwijaya FC : Persela Lamongan 2:2
31st Mar 13 Indonesia - Super LigaPersela Lamongan : Sriwijaya FC 1:2
20th Jun 12 Indonesia - Super LigaSriwijaya FC : Persela Lamongan 3:0
04th Jan 12 Indonesia - Super LigaPersela Lamongan : Sriwijaya FC 1:1
19th Jun 11 Indonesia - Super LigaSriwijaya FC : Persela Lamongan 0:0
02nd Oct 10 Indonesia - Super LigaPersela Lamongan : Sriwijaya FC 1:0
10th Apr 10 Indonesia - Super LigaPersela Lamongan : Sriwijaya FC 3:1
09th Dec 09 Indonesia - Super LigaSriwijaya FC : Persela Lamongan 2:1
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27.5.Persiram2:0Persela LamonganMore details about <b>Persiram</b>-Persela Lamongan game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Sriwijaya FC34254571:3179
2Persipura Jayapura34208665:3568
3Persiwa Wamena341941160:4261
4Persela Lamongan341511858:4356
5Persija Jakarta3414101053:3652
6Pelita Bandung Raya341561368:5151
7Persiba Balikpapan341491160:5551
8Persib Bandung341471349:4949
9Mitra Kukar341451557:5647
11Bali United Pusam341271544:4243
13PSPS Pekanbaru341151840:5438
15Gresik United341151836:6938
17Delta Putra Sidoarjo34981734:4835
18Psap Sigli34691933:6627
 relegation play off relegation play off   relegation relegation  

1Sriwijaya FC17170045:1351
2Persiwa Wamena17160142:1048
3Persipura Jayapura17142148:1844
4Persib Bandung17123234:1539
5Persela Lamongan17116039:1839
7Mitra Kukar17112434:1335
8Pelita Bandung Raya17112439:2235
9Persija Jakarta17105230:1035
10Persiba Balikpapan17104341:2334
12Gresik United17102525:2532
13PSPS Pekanbaru1795325:1332
15Bali United Pusam1793531:1930
17Psap Sigli1766518:1624
18Delta Putra Sidoarjo1766518:1624
1Sriwijaya FC1784526:1828
2Persipura Jayapura1766517:1724
3Persiba Balikpapan1745819:3217
4Persela Lamongan1745819:2517
5Persija Jakarta1745823:2617
6Pelita Bandung Raya1744929:2916
7Bali United Pusam17341013:2313
8Persiwa Wamena17341018:3213
9Mitra Kukar17331123:4312
11Delta Putra Sidoarjo17321216:3211
12Persib Bandung17241115:3410
14Gresik United17131311:446
15PSPS Pekanbaru17201515:416
18Psap Sigli17031415:503

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Persela Lamongan540113:812
3Persipura Jayapura531110:610
5Persib Bandung53028:89
6Sriwijaya FC53026:59
7Gresik United52216:88
8Delta Putra Sidoarjo52124:77
10Pelita Bandung Raya52128:67
11Mitra Kukar520310:116
12Bali United Pusam52039:96
13PSPS Pekanbaru52034:86
15Persiwa Wamena52036:76
16Persija Jakarta52039:66
17Psap Sigli51046:103
18Persiba Balikpapan51046:103

1Persiwa Wamena550015:415
2Persipura Jayapura550021:515
3Sriwijaya FC55009:215
5Mitra Kukar541012:313
6Bali United Pusam541014:513
8Pelita Bandung Raya541013:213
9Persib Bandung541014:513
10Persela Lamongan541014:613
11Delta Putra Sidoarjo53207:311
14Persija Jakarta531112:510
15Gresik United53025:89
16Psap Sigli52216:48
17PSPS Pekanbaru52214:48
18Persiba Balikpapan521212:87
1Sriwijaya FC530210:89
2Pelita Bandung Raya52127:67
3Persela Lamongan51226:85
4Persipura Jayapura51224:55
7Delta Putra Sidoarjo51134:104
8Persiba Balikpapan51134:74
9Persib Bandung51136:104
10Persiwa Wamena51046:103
11Gresik United50234:152
13Bali United Pusam50142:91
15Persija Jakarta50143:121
16Psap Sigli50055:190
17Mitra Kukar50054:180
18PSPS Pekanbaru50053:120