Spain Tercera Division - Grp. 9 2015/2016 Spain | Tercera Division - Grp. 9 | 2015/2016

Tercera Division - Grp. 9 description

Home field is advantage for home team. Home team get average 1.65 points per game.
Draws are less common in this league. 20% of games finish as draw!
Number of goals is above the average. It's 2.87 goals per game!
Number of games with three or more goals is normal. It's 52% of all games.
Favourites usually win in this league.!

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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Atletico Mancha Real38275673:2586
2Atletico Malagueno38268496:3486
3CD Loja38249568:2681
4CD El Ejido 201238247777:3279
5EL Palo382113469:2476
8Velez CF381811955:3365
9Huetor Tajar3816111160:3759
10CD Martos381751658:5556
11UD San Pedro381461855:6748
12Los Villares CF3811111646:5744
13CD Rincon3810111748:5941
14Alhaurin de la Torre381242242:6740
15Atarfe Industrial CF38992045:7136
16UD Maracena388121848:6936
17River Melilla38952444:8832
18Comarca Marmol387102130:6231
19CD Ronda38803032:9724
20CD Espanol del Alquian38113611:1104
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1Atletico Malagueno19162156:1450
2EL Palo19154051:1049
3CD El Ejido 201219153149:1248
4CD Loja19135145:1344
5Atletico Mancha Real19142337:1144
7CD Martos19123434:1839
9UD San Pedro19105431:1835
10Huetor Tajar1996440:1833
11Velez CF1995528:1132
12Los Villares CF1976625:2027
13CD Rincon1975726:2326
14River Melilla1974827:2925
15Atarfe Industrial CF1965831:3223
16UD Maracena1956821:2921
17Comarca Marmol1955920:2720
18Alhaurin de la Torre19521225:3417
19CD Ronda19401516:4612
20CD Espanol del Alquian1910188:583
1Atletico Mancha Real19133336:1442
2CD Loja19114423:1337
3Atletico Malagueno19106340:2036
4Velez CF1996427:2233
5CD El Ejido 20121994628:2031
8EL Palo1969418:1427
9Huetor Tajar1975720:1926
10Alhaurin de la Torre19721017:3323
11Los Villares CF19451021:3717
12CD Martos19521224:3717
13CD Rincon19361022:3615
14UD Maracena19361027:4015
15Atarfe Industrial CF19341214:3913
16UD San Pedro19411424:4913
17CD Ronda19401516:5112
18Comarca Marmol19251210:3511
19River Melilla19211617:597
20CD Espanol del Alquian1901183:521

Latest results

dateround home team away team
15 May38Finished after awarded winComarca Marmol3:0CD Espanol del AlquianMore details about  -  soccer game
15 May38FTCD El Ejido 20126:0Velez CFMore details about  -  soccer game
15 May38FTCD Rincon1:1EL PaloMore details about  -  soccer game
15 May38FTCD Loja7:1Alhaurin de la TorreMore details about  -  soccer game
15 May38FTCD Martos2:3Atletico Mancha RealMore details about  -  soccer game
15 May38FTRiver Melilla1:5Atletico MalaguenoMore details about  -  soccer game
15 May38FTCD Ronda4:3UD San PedroMore details about  -  soccer game
15 May38FTUD Maracena1:2Atarfe Industrial CFMore details about  -  soccer game
15 May38FTAntequera5:0Los Villares CFMore details about  -  soccer game
12 May38FTHuetor Tajar2:3GuadixMore details about  -  soccer game
11 May37FTAtletico Malagueno2:0CD MartosMore details about  -  soccer game
8 May37FTLos Villares CF1:0CD El Ejido 2012More details about  -  soccer game
8 May37Finished after awarded winCD Espanol del Alquian0:3River MelillaMore details about  -  soccer game
8 May37FTAtarfe Industrial CF1:3CD LojaMore details about  -  soccer game
8 May37FTGuadix1:2UD MaracenaMore details about  -  soccer game
8 May37FTAtletico Mancha Real5:1CD RondaMore details about  -  soccer game

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Atletico Mancha Real550013:315
2Atletico Malagueno550018:415
3CD Loja541017:513
4CD El Ejido 2012540118:412
6Los Villares CF53029:109
7UD Maracena530212:129
8EL Palo522110:68
9Velez CF52125:107
11CD Rincon512210:105
12River Melilla51135:134
13Atarfe Industrial CF51134:104
14CD Espanol del Alquian51046:203
15UD San Pedro51049:163
16CD Martos51046:153
17Alhaurin de la Torre51046:193
18Huetor Tajar51044:93
19CD Ronda51048:183
20Comarca Marmol50145:161

1CD Loja550018:415
2Atletico Malagueno550014:115
3CD El Ejido 2012541015:313
4EL Palo541019:313
5CD Martos53117:510
6Atletico Mancha Real53118:210
7Los Villares CF53027:39
8UD San Pedro53027:79
9River Melilla52218:88
11Atarfe Industrial CF52129:67
12UD Maracena52127:97
13Huetor Tajar52125:57
15Velez CF51133:64
16CD Rincon50328:103
17CD Espanol del Alquian51048:173
18Alhaurin de la Torre51048:163
19CD Ronda51047:143
20Comarca Marmol50056:130
1Atletico Mancha Real54109:313
2CD El Ejido 201253028:59
4Atletico Malagueno530215:89
5UD Maracena52218:98
6CD Rincon52127:67
7Atarfe Industrial CF52126:97
8CD Loja52126:57
10EL Palo51317:76
11Comarca Marmol51226:145
12Los Villares CF51137:134
13Alhaurin de la Torre51133:114
14Huetor Tajar51134:84
15Velez CF51132:104
16River Melilla51044:123
17UD San Pedro51048:143
18CD Ronda51044:133
19CD Espanol del Alquian50143:121
20CD Martos50143:141

Under - Over goals statistics

 Over in % of gamesAverage # of goals
1River Melilla8367442.9543.47
2Atletico Malagueno9268493.683.163.42
3CD Ronda8364363.263.533.39
4UD San Pedro7862322.583.843.21
5CD Espanol del Alquian6962383.472.893.18
6UD Maracena8154322.633.533.08
7Atarfe Industrial CF7849323.322.793.05
9CD Martos8147332.743.212.97
10CD El Ejido 20126851383.212.532.87
11Alhaurin de la Torre7654303.112.632.87
12CD Rincon7349272.583.052.82
13Los Villares CF7054322.373.052.71
15Atletico Mancha Real7349242.532.632.58
16Huetor Tajar6736253.052.052.55
17CD Loja6843273.051.892.47
18EL Palo5938303.211.682.45
19Comarca Marmol7542172.472.372.42
20Velez CF5938222.052.582.32

Average number of goals is taken from sum Goals for and Goals against.

Team profit

If you bet on every game team plays. Each bet is 100 units.
 Total profitProfit per game
1River Melilla00
2Comarca Marmol00
3CD Rincon00
4CD El Ejido 201200
5Los Villares CF00
6CD Espanol del Alquian00
7Atarfe Industrial CF00
8UD San Pedro00
9CD Martos00
10UD Maracena00
11Alhaurin de la Torre00
12CD Loja00
13Huetor Tajar00
14CD Ronda00
15EL Palo00
16Atletico Mancha Real00
17Velez CF00
20Atletico Malagueno00

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