Germany - Regionalliga South


Sonnenhof Großaspach


Greuther Furth II

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Date Friday 14th October 2011
Time 19:00 CEST
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Sonnenhof GroßaspachGreuther Furth II
WON in last 2 Regionalliga South's games.DRAW in last 1 Regionalliga South's games.
NOT DRAW in last 5 Regionalliga South's games.NOT LOST in last 2 Regionalliga South's games.

2.League position6.
  9pts.Last five games  8pts.
  11pts.last 5 home/away only  7pts.

4 on Sonnenhof Großaspach

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 2:1
»Head to Head matches
21st Apr 12 Germany - Regionalliga SouthGreuther Furth II : Sonnenhof Großaspach 2:1
14th Oct 11 Germany - Regionalliga SouthSonnenhof Großaspach : Greuther Furth II 2:1
23rd Apr 11 Germany - Regionalliga SouthGreuther Furth II : Sonnenhof Großaspach 3:0
16th Oct 10 Germany - Regionalliga SouthSonnenhof Großaspach : Greuther Furth II 0:1
12th May 10 Germany - Regionalliga SouthGreuther Furth II : Sonnenhof Großaspach 0:4
08th Nov 09 Germany - Regionalliga SouthSonnenhof Großaspach : Greuther Furth II 1:1
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Greuther Furth II
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
2Sonnenhof Großaspach34216778:4069
3Eintracht Frankfurt II34214969:4167
4Wormatia Worms341610857:4858
5Karlsruhe II341841256:4858
6Greuther Furth II341591050:4854
7Hoffenheim II341571269:3652
8Freiburg II341541549:4949
9Ingolstadt II341541546:5049
10Nuernberg II3411111259:5444
11Hessen Kassel341261643:5442
131860 Munchen II341081628:5238
14Bayern Munich II348101643:5434
15FC Memmingen347121537:5433
16SC Pfullendorf34891740:6533
17FSV Frankfurt II34842245:7028
18Bayern Alzenau34682039:7626
 promotion promotion  

2Sonnenhof Großaspach17114245:2237
3Eintracht Frankfurt II17121438:1837
4Greuther Furth II17105232:2035
5Wormatia Worms1796233:1833
6Freiburg II17102528:2132
7Karlsruhe II1791727:2528
8Hoffenheim II1782736:1926
9Hessen Kassel1774626:2025
10SC Pfullendorf1766522:2224
11Nuernberg II1765636:2523
121860 Munchen II1765615:1923
13Ingolstadt II1771922:3022
14Bayern Alzenau1763825:2821
15FC Memmingen1756624:2821
17FSV Frankfurt II17431026:3815
18Bayern Munich II17341023:3013
2Sonnenhof Großaspach17102533:1832
3Eintracht Frankfurt II1793531:2330
4Karlsruhe II1793529:2330
5Ingolstadt II1783624:2027
6Hoffenheim II1775533:1726
7Wormatia Worms1774624:3025
8Nuernberg II1756623:2921
9Bayern Munich II1756620:2421
10Greuther Furth II1754818:2819
12Hessen Kassel17521017:3417
13Freiburg II17521021:2817
141860 Munchen II17431013:3315
15FSV Frankfurt II17411219:3213
16FC Memmingen1726913:2612
17SC Pfullendorf17231218:439
18Bayern Alzenau17051214:485

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Karlsruhe II550013:415
3Eintracht Frankfurt II531111:610
4Sonnenhof Großaspach530214:69
5Hoffenheim II530212:79
6Bayern Alzenau522112:128
7Greuther Furth II52218:78
8Hessen Kassel52125:67
9Nuernberg II51317:76
101860 Munchen II52034:106
11Wormatia Worms51225:115
12SC Pfullendorf51225:85
14Freiburg II51134:84
15Ingolstadt II51046:73
16FC Memmingen50326:103
17FSV Frankfurt II50236:102
18Bayern Munich II50232:82

1Eintracht Frankfurt II550015:515
3Karlsruhe II540111:912
4Sonnenhof Großaspach532015:511
5Freiburg II53115:510
6Hoffenheim II530212:89
7Greuther Furth II52218:88
8SC Pfullendorf52217:68
9Bayern Alzenau52128:57
10Wormatia Worms51407:67
111860 Munchen II52124:47
12FC Memmingen51317:96
13Nuernberg II51228:65
14Ingolstadt II51133:84
15Hessen Kassel51134:64
17FSV Frankfurt II50144:151
18Bayern Munich II50144:111
1Karlsruhe II550013:615
3Nuernberg II52308:59
4Sonnenhof Großaspach530214:69
5Greuther Furth II52125:87
7Ingolstadt II52035:46
8Hoffenheim II51316:66
91860 Munchen II52035:116
10Hessen Kassel52034:66
11Freiburg II52038:86
12Wormatia Worms51227:105
13Eintracht Frankfurt II512210:105
14Bayern Munich II51223:55
15FSV Frankfurt II51136:84
16Bayern Alzenau50238:172
17FC Memmingen50233:92
18SC Pfullendorf50233:82