Bulgaria - First Professional League


Slavia Sofia


Lokomotiv Plovdiv

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Date Saturday 24th February 2018
Time 18:00 CET
Venue nameVasil Levski
Coach: Zlatomir Zagorcic
Coach: Voin Voinov
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Slavia SofiaLokomotiv Plovdiv
DRAW in last 1 First Professional League's games.WON in last 2 First Professional League's games.
NOT LOST in last 5 First Professional League's games.NOT DRAW in last 9 First Professional League's games.

8.League position6.
  11pts.Last five games  6pts.
  6pts.last 5 home/away only  3pts.
»Head to Head matches
17th Sep 17 Bulgaria - First Professional LeagueLokomotiv Plovdiv : Slavia Sofia 1:2
14th Dec 16 Bulgaria - First Professional LeagueLokomotiv Plovdiv : Slavia Sofia 1:1
10th Sep 16 Bulgaria - First Professional LeagueSlavia Sofia : Lokomotiv Plovdiv 5:2
10th Apr 16 Bulgaria - A GrupaLokomotiv Plovdiv : Slavia Sofia 3:1
07th Dec 15 Bulgaria - A GrupaSlavia Sofia : Lokomotiv Plovdiv 3:0
27th Sep 15 Bulgaria - A GrupaLokomotiv Plovdiv : Slavia Sofia 2:0
17th Jul 15 Bulgaria - A GrupaSlavia Sofia : Lokomotiv Plovdiv 3:0
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Slavia Sofia
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Lokomotiv Plovdiv
Bulgaria - First Professional League 2017/2018
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28.4.Dunav Ruse2:3Lokomotiv PlovdivMore details about Dunav Ruse-<b>Lokomotiv Plovdiv</b> game
23.4.Cherno More Varna3:2Lokomotiv PlovdivMore details about <b>Cherno More Varna</b>-Lokomotiv Plovdiv game
13.4.Lokomotiv Plovdiv1:2PFC CSKA-SofiaMore details about Lokomotiv Plovdiv-<b>PFC CSKA-Sofia</b> game
09.4.Levski Sofia5:0Lokomotiv PlovdivMore details about <b>Levski Sofia</b>-Lokomotiv Plovdiv game
Bulgaria - Cup 2016/2017
05.4.Lokomotiv Plovdiv0:4Ludogorets RazgradMore details about Lokomotiv Plovdiv-<b>Ludogorets Razgrad</b> game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Ludogorets Razgrad1293027:630
2PFC CSKA-Sofia1283130:827
3Levski Sofia1273216:424
4Botev Plovdiv1363424:1821
6Lokomotiv Plovdiv1252512:1917
8Slavia Sofia1344518:2116
9Cherno More Varna1243511:1215
10Pirin Blagoevgrad1327411:1113
12Dunav Ruse132478:1910
13Septemvri Sofia123188:2010
14Vitosha Bistritsa1202107:322
 relegation play off relegation play off  

1Levski Sofia651011:016
2PFC CSKA-Sofia641116:313
3Botev Plovdiv740314:1012
4Ludogorets Razgrad53208:311
6Lokomotiv Plovdiv53117:410
7Cherno More Varna72234:78
8Dunav Ruse61414:67
9Slavia Sofia721412:147
12Pirin Blagoevgrad61237:75
13Septemvri Sofia71153:114
14Vitosha Bistritsa50235:122
1Ludogorets Razgrad761019:319
2PFC CSKA-Sofia642014:514
5Slavia Sofia62316:79
6Botev Plovdiv623110:89
7Levski Sofia62225:48
8Pirin Blagoevgrad71514:48
9Cherno More Varna52127:57
11Lokomotiv Plovdiv72145:157
12Septemvri Sofia52035:96
13Dunav Ruse71064:133
14Vitosha Bistritsa70072:200

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Ludogorets Razgrad550013:215
2Botev Plovdiv541013:213
3PFC CSKA-Sofia53209:211
4Slavia Sofia532010:211
5Levski Sofia53115:210
8Lokomotiv Plovdiv52034:116
9Pirin Blagoevgrad50411:24
10Septemvri Sofia51042:123
12Dunav Ruse50231:82
13Vitosha Bistritsa50142:121
14Cherno More Varna50140:51

1PFC CSKA-Sofia541016:213
2Levski Sofia54109:013
3Botev Plovdiv540112:312
4Ludogorets Razgrad53208:311
6Lokomotiv Plovdiv53117:410
7Dunav Ruse51313:56
8Slavia Sofia52039:106
11Pirin Blagoevgrad51227:65
12Septemvri Sofia51133:74
13Vitosha Bistritsa50235:122
14Cherno More Varna50232:72
1Ludogorets Razgrad541014:113
2PFC CSKA-Sofia541013:413
4Cherno More Varna52127:57
6Levski Sofia52125:47
8Septemvri Sofia52035:96
9Slavia Sofia51314:76
10Botev Plovdiv51317:66
11Pirin Blagoevgrad50412:34
12Lokomotiv Plovdiv51043:143
13Vitosha Bistritsa50052:170
14Dunav Ruse50052:120