Denmark - U19 Ligaen


Silkeborg U19


Broendby U19

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Date Saturday 11th June 2011
Time 13:00 CEST
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Silkeborg U19Broendby U19
DRAW in last 2 U19 Ligaen's games.LOST in last 1 U19 Ligaen's games.
NOT WON in last 5 U19 Ligaen's games.NOT WON in last 3 U19 Ligaen's games.

8.League position1.
  2pts.Last five games  7pts.
  10pts.last 5 home/away only  5pts.

5 on Broendby U19

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:2
»Head to Head matches
01st Jun 13 Denmark - U19 LigaenBroendby U19 : Silkeborg U19 3:3
03rd Nov 12 Denmark - U19 LigaenSilkeborg U19 : Broendby U19 0:4
11th Jun 11 Denmark - U19 LigaenSilkeborg U19 : Broendby U19 1:1
20th Nov 10 Denmark - U19 LigaenBroendby U19 : Silkeborg U19 3:1
20th Mar 10 Denmark - U19 LigaenSilkeborg U19 : Broendby U19 1:1
21st Nov 09 Denmark - U19 LigaenBroendby U19 : Silkeborg U19 4:2
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10.8.AGF U190:2Broendby U19More details about AGF U19-<b>Broendby U19</b> game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Broendby U1926184456:2258
2Lyngby U1926154753:3649
3FC Nordsjaelland U1926137660:3046
4FC Copenhagen U1926137653:3446
5FC Midtjylland U1926117856:4940
6Randers Freja U19261241047:4440
7Vejle U19261231157:5639
8Silkeborg U19261041254:6234
9OB U19261031344:5233
10FK Viborg U1926791030:4030
11Esbjerg U1926861234:4630
12AB U1926661425:4724
13AaB U1926651536:4823
14AGF U1926531827:6618

1Broendby U1913102131:932
2FC Nordsjaelland U191383229:1327
3Randers Freja U191381426:1925
4FC Copenhagen U191373331:2024
5Silkeborg U191363430:2421
6FC Midtjylland U191354427:2119
7OB U191361626:2119
8Lyngby U191361629:2419
9Esbjerg U191351716:2416
10FK Viborg U191336417:1615
11AaB U191343620:2215
12Vejle U191342727:3314
13AGF U191342718:2614
14AB U191334612:2113
1Lyngby U191393124:1230
2Broendby U191382325:1326
3Vejle U191381430:2325
4FC Copenhagen U191364322:1422
5FC Midtjylland U191363429:2821
6FC Nordsjaelland U191354431:1719
7FK Viborg U191343613:2415
8Randers Freja U191343621:2515
9OB U191342718:3114
10Esbjerg U191335518:2214
11Silkeborg U191341824:3813
12AB U191332813:2611
13AaB U191322916:268
14AGF U191311119:404

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1AaB U19531112:810
2FC Copenhagen U19531110:710
3AB U1953117:510
4Esbjerg U1953025:89
5Lyngby U19530212:89
6Randers Freja U19530211:69
7FK Viborg U1952218:68
8Broendby U19521210:77
9Vejle U1952039:126
10OB U1952038:126
11FC Nordsjaelland U19520310:86
12FC Midtjylland U1951229:105
13Silkeborg U1950236:132
14AGF U1950055:160

1Broendby U19540113:512
2FC Copenhagen U19531114:1010
3Silkeborg U19531112:610
4FC Nordsjaelland U19531115:610
5Randers Freja U19531110:310
6Lyngby U19530211:79
7FC Midtjylland U19522115:98
8AaB U1952219:88
9AB U1952215:48
10FK Viborg U1951316:56
11OB U1952038:86
12Esbjerg U1952037:126
13AGF U1952037:86
14Vejle U19510410:133
1Esbjerg U1953208:511
2FK Viborg U1953116:410
3Lyngby U19531112:810
4FC Copenhagen U1953119:410
5Vejle U1953029:89
6FC Nordsjaelland U19521210:67
7AB U1952127:127
8OB U1952037:156
9FC Midtjylland U19512210:115
10Broendby U1951229:85
11Randers Freja U1951228:85
12AaB U1951046:133
13Silkeborg U1950147:191
14AGF U1950053:160